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  1. Rogue Angel

    United Nations Announcement; Bravo Hotel [Open Frequency]

    "*Sigh* "This is... uh... Borden again... To any peacekeepers within the area, I managed to find your encampment, thank god for that yellow crane or I'd have been driving all over... *sounds of rustling papers* Bearenzito all fucking night. Anyway the sedan I wanted to donate near the tents-trust me you can't miss it. I put the battery and S. plug somewhere inside the hospital. I got some more shit I need to get rid of so I suppose I'll stop by again tomorrow..." *silence*
  2. Rogue Angel

    United Nations Announcement; Bravo Hotel [Open Frequency]

    *Borden reclines the sedan car seat to more comfortable position before picking up the radio off of the passenger seat* "This is... Borden Sartoris. To any U.N. Peacekeepers in the Barrenzine... uh... Berine-zino area, I would like to donate my fully functioning sedan to your... cause. I can't seem to find any hospital or 'refugee camp' so I'm parked in a parking lot near what looks like a prep school and a grocery store. If you want it come and find me, or radio me some directions." *I hope they bite*
  3. Growing up under his abusive father, Abner Sartoris (a career criminal), he subconsciously developed a mental connection between unlawful activity and his father, whom he hated. When Borden reached the age of 18, he signed on with the army in order to escape his dreadful household life. After serving one term, he returned to find his home burned down, with no sign of his brother (Seth Sartoris) or his father abner. Through a period of four years, Borden managed achieve a career as a deputy US Marshal in his home state of West Virginia. While hunting down fugitives somewhat sedates his guilt for never standing up to his father as a child, Borden's greatest desire is to either imprison his father or put Abner down himself. After serving five years as a deputy marshal, he received a call from his brother, informing him that his father was raising hell in Chernarus. Taking some time of work, Borden booked a flight to Novigrad.
  4. Does anyone have a list or know all of the factions in Dayzrp?