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  1. Caleb was born in the sunken streets of New York with four sisters and a mother. He has never met his father, all he heard from his mother was that his dad was a troublemaker. Caleb would follow in his father's footsteps, getting into many fights during his childhood and early teens. Back then, he didn't have much. His family scrambled to get by, all four of his sisters working three jobs each to cover the bills. Caleb's mother was very weak from years of exhaustion and hard work. She was the woman that every kid around the block knew about, the type of woman who would feed you before herself. Caleb loved his mother, up until the end. She died when Caleb was only 16 years old. Heartbroken, he set out to find some meaning to his life, some success, some vindication, some anything! But Caleb was lost, without anyone to guide him. He lived in those god forsaken streets for over half his life. Then, at the age of 39, Caleb was woken up by a knock on his apartment door in the middle of the night. Three of his sisters had all died, the last standing in front of him, bruised and bloody. Filled with rage, he left his apartment with a loaded pistol, went to his sister's boyfriend's house with his finger itching on the trigger. Before the other man could say anything, Caleb opened two holes in his body. He ran away from the house, terrified. Terrified of himself. What had he become? A killer? Caleb never saw his sister or anyone else he knew after that day. He just kept running, to different countries, to different cultures, trying to find some atonement for his actions. He became fluent in many languages and met many different peoples. He was transiting through Chernarus, looking for work to keep him fed when the outbreak hit. Caleb took shelter with some other people in a small town in western Chernarus. When the dust had settled, Caleb made his way to the southern coast, searching for a boat to get out of Chernarus and seek shelter in a country that the infection hadn't gotten to yet. Caleb is still on his journey to atonement today, searching for forgiveness.
  2. Born, raised in Sweden! Proud Swede ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
  3. Hello everyone! I suppose this is my introduction post and I hope you treat me well! I hope you have had an amazing holiday season so far, although it's not over yet! I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a cheer for a happy 2016 together! Love, Rea
  4. I tried to seek help in order for me to get unbanned. Those accounts were exclusively made in order for me to get help, not to use multiple accounts. I apparently tried to sign in through my steam account and got banned on account "Reabae2" after I tried to PM a Community Helper. With account "Reathethird", I got recommended to write a ban appeal in a PM I recieved from another Community Helper. I realize my mistakes in creating two accounts after my first one, although I was kind of desperate. Wendsill mentioned something about me signing in through steam in another whitelist attempt on my account "Reabae2" when we were speaking on TeamSpeak. I am not sure what he's refering to, since it was a long time ago. I appreciate your concern, thanks for your insight! It is 100% fine with me if my two accounts I made to contact administrators are banned, but I'd like to get this account unbanned! // Rea
  5. That's strange, but we have no problem with hopping on TS. I appreciate your help!
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Permanent ban for having alternate account; "Shotgun_Gunnar". Cannot access any links. Why the verdict is not fair: Me and my best friend got banned for having alternate accounts with eachother. The only reasoning to why these bans occured is because he registered when he was visiting me. I suppose we got banned because he registered from my IP adress. (further explanation below) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: (I'm really sorry if this is a bit long)I'm fairly new to DayZRP, and I only joined 5 months ago. I played a (mind my language) shit ton on your servers during the summer. However, I had a blast. Some of my most memorable moments from playing DayZ are from these servers. Without getting side tracked, I want to explain as to why the bam was unfair with one of my suspicions as to why we got banned. Since I cannot view any PM's and I haven't gotten any mails, I am clueless to why we were suspected for having alternate accounts. The only reasoning to as why we got banned would be the registration from my IP: I don't know if you guys keep records, but "Shogun_Gunnar" was registered from my IP. The owner of the account was over for a visit and he got interested in joining when he watched me play. I am fully aware that my words alone will not get us umbanned, for which I do hope you keep records of server traffic. Every visit to the server that this account has made has come from this IP, with every visit to the server from account "Shotgun_Gunnar" has been made from an IP in Gothenburg, 397 kilometers away. If you have any means of confirming that we're two seperate people, I'd be happy to comply! I have huge respect for DayZRP and I fully support every decision the administrators make. Although, disregarding all this, I had so much fun. I met some of the most amazing people. I experienced some of the most intense filled actions. All I want is for us to be unbanned. If this appeal gets declined, I'll still support your decision to 100%. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to get me and my friend to get unbanned and resume our fun. What could you have done better?: With the evidence presented to me, I'm clueless as to why we got banned. Although when we got banned, it left a plump in my throat. I should have made a ban appeal earlier but I didn't know this was an option until one of the moderators told me when I tried writing to him on another account I made specifically to get this account unbanned. ( I hope this is how I was supposed to write it. If you have any further questions you want to ask me, you can add me on steam; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177443745/