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  1. DayZRP has completely gone to shit.

    While getting my gear, he managed to ruin most of it... so fuck him. (he actually did encourage me to kill myself, but others told me otherwise)
  2. Not many of you may know who I am, but I'm leaving because of this shit people have decided to partake in. I was in Stary Sobor and I was in F11 (suicide animation). People came inside trying to keep me from killing myself. It was going alright until someone decided to rob me. That's right. They fucking robbed me. Are you fucking kidding? The reason my character was killing himself was because he was tortured and robbed a lot by other people, and then someone fucking robs me. Like what the fuck? Has the community really gotten this bad? I remember when DayZRP wasn't full of groups that robbed everyone. You could actually have nice in-game interactions with other people. But not anymore. Everyone has decided to become bandits and rob everyone. The robberies become stale, nothing is new to any of them. It goes like this; try to scare them, do some perma-scarring shit, then take all of their gear. Every time it's the same. Just torture them by perma-scarring and that's it. Go to the group page and find me friendly groups. Might be a little bit hard. I'm done with this community.
  3. Shut down S2

    That's the dumbest shit I have ever heard. I'm glad that S2 is getting more people on it. Everytime I went onto S1 the ping was horrible and I could barely understand what people said because of the extreme lag. Gunfights were fucking stupid because of the lag, too.
  4. Need Group Name Ideas!!!

    The Pirates of the Carribean. Edit: Oh wait. Piratae de Caribbean. There you go. It's in Latin and everything.
  5. Terrible Jokes Thread

    Spell "icup".
  6. Memoirs of TeigenG

    It's funny cause I was just looking at that post...
  7. Memoirs of TeigenG

    Lol it's just a joke I play on that server too and it fucks me over with its lag spikes.
  8. Memoirs of TeigenG

    5:22. That moment when someone gets away because you have trouble with a shot less than 8 feet away from someone.
  9. Website Migration

    The old website looked fine...don't know why you all decided to make a new one.
  10. In-game use of TS etc. suggestion

    Today I tried to rob someone (I failed miserably), I was at Camp Hope on my bandit character and was stealing from their off limits tents, or I think they are off limits. Anyways, someone sees me there and I talk to him for a moment. I then say,"Put your hands up and don't make a fucking sound.". I don't want anyone to be alarmed that I am stealing from them or that I have a captive. I then take his radio. After a little bit I am shot dead by his friend. I think that if you are being robbed or in some sort of situation like that, you should have to speak in VOIP of what you said into the radio. In real life, if you told someone to put their hands up and they tell a friend through radio they were getting robbed, you would probably hear their voice. Seems pretty stupid for someone to get initiated on and they say in TS,"I JUST GOT INITIATED ON IN STARY SOBOR!" and then they put their hands up. You don't even have an idea of what they said to their friends.
  11. The Battle of Rify

    Which group you want to join: Vlad's Group. Why do you want to join this group: I've never really used a bad character and I want to start. Why do you want to join this event: It sounds fun. Will you play the whole event (1-1,5 hrs): Most Likely, yeah. DayZRP profile link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-Ezio012103
  12. Billy's lit media thread.

    "Billy's 'lit' media thread" (headphone warning) [video=youtube]
  13. Survival Games Event

    Shit i missed it. I thought it was on the 25th...
  14. Survival Games Event

    Is this melee only or are guns allowed too?
  15. *Nathan hears the message and responds* "I know...what the hell is wrong with everyone? The Clowns go and torture people for no reason at all...just for their entertainment I guess. Some people use the excuse of 'I need supplies so I get it from other people.'. That's bullshit. I've never stole from anyone in this new world EVER and i'm still alive. There are plenty food sources, or you could make your own. There are some apple trees in Kabanino ,uh, some in Vybor, and basically almost anywhere! You need water? Go to a pump that most towns have. Need weapons? Check houses or police stations or fire stations....I mean all you have to do is try to avoid infected. I mean robbing people isn't gaining you anything but ENEMIES. This is all I've got to say." *Nathan throws the radio into his bag then peeks out the window of the house he is in, making sure he didn't attract anything.*