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  1. While getting my gear, he managed to ruin most of it... so fuck him. (he actually did encourage me to kill myself, but others told me otherwise)
  2. Not many of you may know who I am, but I'm leaving because of this shit people have decided to partake in. I was in Stary Sobor and I was in F11 (suicide animation). People came inside trying to keep me from killing myself. It was going alright until someone decided to rob me. That's right. They fucking robbed me. Are you fucking kidding? The reason my character was killing himself was because he was tortured and robbed a lot by other people, and then someone fucking robs me. Like what the fuck? Has the community really gotten this bad? I remember when DayZRP wasn't full of groups that robbed everyone. You could actually have nice in-game interactions with other people. But not anymore. Everyone has decided to become bandits and rob everyone. The robberies become stale, nothing is new to any of them. It goes like this; try to scare them, do some perma-scarring shit, then take all of their gear. Every time it's the same. Just torture them by perma-scarring and that's it. Go to the group page and find me friendly groups. Might be a little bit hard. I'm done with this community.
  3. Ezio012103

    Shut down S2

    That's the dumbest shit I have ever heard. I'm glad that S2 is getting more people on it. Everytime I went onto S1 the ping was horrible and I could barely understand what people said because of the extreme lag. Gunfights were fucking stupid because of the lag, too.
  4. "brilliant masterpiece" Yeah, right. This game was a disappointment. I bought all of the Walking Dead telltale games on PC to get my saves and choices for the new season. It turns out Telltale basically tells me everything I did was pointless. None of my choices from the previous seasons mattered. Any important characters from the last seasons have been killed and now Clementine isn't even playable (what the fuck? I really do not understand this). Javier is very unlikable and so is his family. Clementine is barely likable at all. She is just a generic "badass". Seems like even if you don't want her to be like Jane it's going to happen anyway. Fuck this game. Fuck Telltale.
  5. I already explained this in one of my posts. Basically, I was scared and in a rush because I thought they would kill me. So, I just said, "yeah, I know". Also, I don't think we need excessive OOC in the chat arguing about whether or not they have rights.
  6. The Pirates of the Carribean. Edit: Oh wait. Piratae de Caribbean. There you go. It's in Latin and everything.
  7. "the way you reply with the sarcasm and the "Yeah, You don't" esque comments seem to try and make fun of what people have been saying" No, those "esque comments" aren't made to make fun of you. They are made to point out where you went wrong (in MY opinion). I didn't make this report to yell at you to give me your lunch money or to get a little laugh. Again, no thanks. I also don't have a microphone that isn't broken or compatible with my desktop so it would just be a cluster f**k. Edit: "I just think a lot of the confusion and animosity could be solved with a simple discussion." I don't think there is any hostility in this report. Even if there is any it isn't very much. an·i·mos·i·ty ˌanəˈmäsədē/ noun strong hostility.
  8. "Okay since it getting obvious you lack some respect for people" What? I have read through that whole post, and nothing disrespects you or your people. Come on now, don't try to bring up that to save yourself. "you did not have to try to shoot them down in the way that you did. " Am I not allowed to state my points as well? How did I shoot them down in a negative way? Is it because I actually DID shoot them down?
  9. " you say we don't leave you with a realistic chance of survival?" Yeah, you don't. "You were only a short distance from Kabanino, which has a well apple trees and also near South Barracks, which has a well. You could easily have acquired food and water." That's still leaving me without a realistic chance of survival. I could have been starving, or dehydrated. I wouldn't make the trip to Kabanino, and after you stabbed me twice and shot me in the leg, I was low as hell on blood. If I didn't have a weapon, I would be fucked. "but they were all in agreement they had all the necessary rights to kill you" They agreed on something incorrect. I never was told not to disrespect you. (oh no i said it again) "I do not see any Rule Breaks from this side of the situation if I am being totally honest." Hilarious.
  10. I don't have video evidence. "Because so far, five of us have stated that you said something other than what you are stating in your PoV and your numerous rebuttals, which are not required." Obviously you will all say the same thing. Why would you want your friend to be punished? That would be a dick move. And me giving my POV is required.. "You've repeated yourself maybe four or five times at this point, is it really necessary?" Yes, you need to know that isn't what you said.
  11. I have said this tons of times. You never told me that if I called you an asshole again, I would be killed. I complied to that demand. I flipped you off, but I didn't call you an asshole again. Even if you had rights it seems like rule play. Through the initiation, you barely gave me any RP, other than insulting me or beating me. Then you let me go just like that. I run off, flip you off, then you shoot me with you kos-rights ending any RP we could have had like, torture etc.
  12. Ezio012103

    Terrible Jokes Thread

    Spell "icup".
  13. This is for post #8 in which I pointed out that you all were not going to leave me with any melee weapons to defend myself with. 22:49:14 | Chat("Samuel Jacobs"(id=-)): Can I atelast have a weapon 22:49:17 | Chat("Samuel Jacobs"(id=-)): To defend myself?