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  1. Laffy98


    is there such a thing as white list apeal. ive applied 4 times without getting in and now it wont let me aply enymore. my resoning for the apeal is that it tells you to explain the rules using your own words and not copy but after applying 4 times it seems like copy paste might be the only solution.
  2. 30/32 now. but the thing that is annoying is that its not stable. if it was stable and i was 100/150 it would be no problem cus then i could calculate the time it would take by the sinking numer. going up and down is really annoying.
  3. update i went down to 14/16 but now im back up to 22/24
  4. i was 15/16 now im 20/21
  5. i added my aplication to get whitelisted but i keep getting pushed back. is there any special reason for this or is it a glitch in the system.
  6. Laffy98


    Theres only 1 rule page. Just read it... and you'll see it. http://www.dayzrp.com/rules http://www.dayzrp.com/rules-mod thats two rule pages. ive been back and forth now
  7. Laffy98


    ive been sent to 3 difrent rule pages now and im pretty sure i know the rules now as well
  8. Laffy98


    ive litterally read the mod rules word for word out loud both from the top down and the bottom up but i cant find the rule passphrase. it could be my dyslexia making it extra difficult for me but i have serius problems finding this passphrase. any helping hands or pointers would be apreaceated since i know you guys wont tell me.