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  1. goethfather


    I know I have done something wrong. I talked about the server restart and I can see now that is not alright. I do understand it, and it was a mistake.. Its because I witnessed 2 people robbing a third person, and then the server crashed a little while later. After the crash, i meet those people. Told them what happen, the 2 players who just robbed the third player, just came over to us, and left again. Then i just told the others that I think I just saw those 2, robbing a third person.
  2. goethfather


    Yea sorry about that.. first day in the sever, and as you can see someone told me in OOC about that.. i havent done it since, now that i know about it.. diten think it trough
  3. goethfather

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Request GUID reset //Shark Done. Enter your GUID on the whitelist page.