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  1. Born in the North of England, and joining the Military at 18. John trained to be a Royal Marine and deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. when the infection started to take hold of Russia he and a squad of other Marines where sent to do recon for the British army. On deployment to Chenarus John was separated from the rest of this squad when their plane was shot down and he believes the rest of the Commandos were all killed in the insuring chaos. John looks for signs of them all over chenarus on his travels and reports down key notes on the infected and the country of Chenarus as a whole so when he may remake contact with someone from his leadership hes prepared.
  2. Galahad was born in a small village along way away from Chernarus, in England. He was from a small family just him and his 18 year old brother, his mother died when he was 9 and his father worked for the local estate so he wasn't home much because of this him and his brother because very close and helped each other with every obstetrical in their path, they became adept in cooking, cleaning and general maintenance. Galahad and younger brother George decided to join the same business together when they both left education, they became security contractors for a firm by the name of ION and were trained in firearms, survival and combat medical procedures. When the war started in Chernarus ION where hired by the US to guard supply routes and facilities. When based in Chernarus, Galahad met a girl by the name of Kate while based in a small military medical facility just above Kamenka on the south of the mainland. She was their with the UN on peacekeeping and medical detail and they decided to stay in contact when when ION's contracts finished with the US, Galahad and his brother were then sent to Takistan and then Altis after that but always staying in touch with Kate seeing her when they were both on leave back in England. When the outbreak started Kate was deployed to Chernarus with one of the first medical teams. When communications went dead with the whole country only a few days later Galahad and his brother took matters into their own hands, they called in a favour with ION and where parachuted into the country. This is where Galahad and Georges story starts and turns into a living hell as they search for kate and their battle to survive.
  3. From my POV as Galahad I was talking shit to the guards to try and wind them up and make a mistake as I thought their leader would want to talk to me, I was wrong and I died because of my cockyness but before that I got to ask them why they robbed us, also IC, they responded with a range of answers; 1) That we had already shot at them so they were getting revenge? The server had literally just restarted and we had been dealing with Pinky just before that. 2) Again what Evan has already said, shits and giggles... 3) They robbed us because we? were scavengers and we were stealing from their land? What ever the reasons be it fabricated or just stupid I feel that they didn't have any good reason to rob us after the server just coming online and frankly I feel they have proven no enjoyment/Good RP from this sitation
  4. 'Ungrateful..? Who the fucks this kid' Galahad presses the transmit button Listen to what I say carefully fucker, I'm the kind of guy that would happily die for my brothers or die trying to avenge the fallen ones, I've lost everything of worth in this world already loosing more just adds to the bounty I want paying back and this piece of shit Russian was to fucking stupid to put a bullet in me when he had the chance. He pauses I swear are you all one big inbred, Commi, fuckwit Russian family!? Do you only understand the boot? Do you all need to be put down? Do me a favour when I find Petrov make sure you're giving him that fucking sensual hug you crave so badly off him so I don't waste bullets killing you to. In fact scratch that I only want to repay the debt I am owed. You would die for nothing and I believe all men should die for a valid reason so why don't you just leave mine and Petrovs business alone.? Your death isn't necessary, don't make it, for your sake, many have already died why do YOU have to as well. He takes his finger of the transmission button. Honestly I though I was the insane one.. Fuck me... Russians He throws his radio in his bag and gets back to changing his gasmask filters. Galahad hears another voice over the radio and listens in You killed her husband how the fuck did you expect her to handle it?! Just move on, brush it under the fucking carpet and forgive you!? She was distraught and oh pardon me you the holy saint of South Zagonia tending her wounds?! How about the mental image of one of you cunts shooting her husband next to her! You fucking cunt! Shots can be heard over the radio and it goes dead for a few seconds.. *Static* Not dead yet don't worry, imma still come for you. Transmission stops
  5. Galahad looks at his Radio with a sadistic smile and holds the transmission button down "Petrov, Petrov, Petrov... you silly silly old Russian fuck." "Did you really think I would cower away like a child.. you killed my friends and expect me to be your fucking spy?! Eat a dick" He takes a gulp of vodka. "I'll be seeing you Petrov, I suggest sleeping with an eye open, you're not the only merc with an agenda anymore!" He stops holding transmit button then remembers. "Oh and anyone from Zbor or The Saints listening to this, I've got some info you might want" "Have a safe night Petrov, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other soon enough" He throws his radio in his bag and gets up "Let the hunt begin"
  6. To be perfectly honest our group was far to big and alot of teamspeak chatter was happening from my point of use with Rose crying and everyone trying to communicate it turneed into a shit fest quickly. I tried my best to rp as some of the others did but it was to loud to notice, feel free to jump into room 19 on ts to talk about it. our main group is on most of the day so feel free. Sincerely Galahad.
  7. My names John Galahad, I was the one talking to Rose in the Hanger and was the one that got them to walk the airfield and wiggle. First of all I'd just like to say I didn't know Wiggling didn't work. I wiggled out of cuffs the other day so expected tape to be easier... I have no evidence as it was last night and I didn't expect to be defending my case on a forum, however I made sure that the pistol in his inventory had ammo and I also put some food and drink in one of their backpacks. If it was gone then 1 of the 7 other people must have been very hungry. I arrived a little later when the 2 guys had already been tied up and begun trying to calm Rose down. We robbed you for food as we needed it desperately and when we had what we needed after all you're shouting and crying I made sure you could get away safe and that our group could aswell. I even brought some random guy I found to watch us rob you so he might help you. I didn't catch his name, some young English guy. we even cleared the airfield of undead so you would be able to cross in peace. I apolguies if something that I did was wrong but I tried my best to make sure the both of you got out alive with gear you could survive with and that plan clearly didn't work but I give you my word I tried. Peace John Galahad. <3
  8. *Galahad sits up against the old urals tire and takes out his radio, he pauses for a moment and then coughs* ~Static~ Hello, Its Galahad I've found my self in abit of *Coughs furiously* bad situation, I got a pretty bad cut from some wannabe robber and I'm starting to think its infected.. I'm no doctor but it hurts and smells pretty bad.. *Coughs* If any Doctors or anyone with antibiotics hears this please.. I need some help.. I.. I don't want to die by a fucking scratch! ~Static~ *Galahad starts changing the bandage on the wound and keeps coughing. And say to himself 'Fuck this I'm not dead yet'*
  9. *Galahad sits down on a tree stump and reaches into his vest, takes out a packets of cigarettes and lights one, He heard the transmission a while ago but waited till he was away from others to reply.* Hello Mayor Haas, My name is Galahad. Your little utopia sounds very interesting to me and I do need a place to call home, I'm along way from England that's for sure. *Galahad takes a drag from his cigarette and tries to decide how to ask without sounding numb* Could you repeat that private frequency one last time? I would be very interested to meet you Pinewood people. And finding out what your little place is like. *Galahad smiles deciding that sounded about right, takes one last drag from his cig, tosses it into his campfire, puts his radio away and startes walking deeper into the woods.*
  10. Fair enough if it was a server side VOIP bug then sorry for shooting you but I can't be held acountable for killing you if it was a bug in game, thats not my fault I just though you were being a dick. Sorry about that. Just one last thing however. The server restarted about 2 mins before and you should know by now that trucks respawn so it obviously not your truck and it was running. Please think and try have a look around if you are going to take a running truck without the intent of stealing it.
  11. https://youtu.be/DhtumOMh3l0 The video.
  12. I looked over the video and was about to start editing it down for you and I noticed that it hasn't recorded my voice so I don't know how useful the video will be? I will still upload it and post it, you can hear other players speak (or not in this case) and see how long i tried to communicate with him. Im not going to edit it down so you can hear that my voice isn't heard at all. Also apologies for the TS chatter while it was going on it was very late..
  13. In-game name - John Chapter. Weapon used to kill - AKM Black. Skin - Full Gorka Summer Pants and Jacket, Green Crash Helmet, Tortilla Backpack, Carrier Rig Vest. I was the person that killed you in game, that was my truck and I told you to get out 3 or 4 times. Then told you once more to get out of it with a slow 5 second count down. You failed to communicate at all and refused to even open the door so I could talk to you which was basically fail RP and it pissed me off.. I threatened you with my AKM and said I would kill you if you didn't get out and you didn't do jack therefore you got shot in the face with a 7.62x39 round. I knew you would report this and that is why I have replied even before staff, I can provide evidence of my initiation if the Admin Team would like but I don't honestly believe I have done anything wrong and I think you are just salty that you died but it was your own fault. I will prepare the video for upload but I will not upload it unless required.
  14. On our behalf we didn't do anything wrong, we wished to take over green mountain and take hostages of a gang that we believed had killed and eaten a person that we traded with when he was on his way up to green mountain so we could find out if they had actually done it. I believe that is was actually bad RP from the guys who we killed. We think this because the whole initiation period lasted just over 20mins and for that whole 20mins we had them out numbered and as Storm said himself out gunned 'we weren't properly equipped for a firefight'. They had no regard for their own lives and just tried to hold out in a building with no hope of escape unless other people arrived. Randy was the guy we had on the inside, he did speak and I believe you can hear him in the attached video. I don't but maybe Storm just couldn't hear him? We initially initiated as I said because because we had reason to believe that they killed and cooked a friendly enough guy I personally had traded with not 20mins before the whole event. When we finally wiped out the whole enemy squad we check their gear and sure enough they had Human meat which makes our reason IC perfectly just. We were just trying to catch Cannibals. When the gentlemen tried to respond to us and finally tried to surrender we were already up the stairs firing at targets up there and when both mine and Deans scopes met DeShawn Grandey he was not hand up surrendering, he was sat on the floor with a weapon in his hands so we didn't think twice about taking him down. I have attached a video documenting all this and I do apologies for the lack of my mic being picked up, I am trying to fix the problem with my ShadowPlay. I do apologies to the guys from the 501st for you not enjoying the RP the 5 of us robbing you had a really good time. (I will post the video as soon as it is done processing.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvf8u5hIKUE ^full video unedited from start to finish, again sorry for not having my mic on.
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