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  1. TectonicDeath

    KOS -

    I'm okay with the fact that I died tho, I can see it was a honest mistake because it all happened so fast, I couldnt even tell what really happened so just ignore my thing about the KOS I dont want him to get in trouble for something like that because I probally would have done the same thing in that situation.
  2. TectonicDeath

    KOS -

    I was at Green Mountain up in the radio tower alone just sitting there minding my own business when about 8 people came up to the compound and started talking with each, so i figured I would stay up on top of the tower because they would probably come up eventually so then Billy first came up and introduced himself then One guy came up with a black gorka helmet behind him and went straight out onto the tower, then another person with a ghille came up the ladder and when he got to the top he was shot by billy, this freaked me out cause I had no idea what was going on so I decided to stay where I was with my gun lowered in hopes I would not be also shot and so the guy with the black gorka helmet then got into a gun fight with Billy and the dude with the black gorka helmet ran around the tower and came into the room and shot me dead even tho I was not part of it I was just shot for no reason I was not even looking at him, I also had my gun lowered cause I did not want to be shot but I was still KOS'ed.
  3. POV: I was waiting by the pillbox in a tree as they initiated on my friend Milo and since they never took his radio we talked about if I should start killing them for holding up Milo but we decided not too so I waited there in the tree till you guys left the area then went and joined up with Milo, this is when we began searching for you guys around the airfield and we found you three behind the cafe building the the field so Milo and Ken approached you to stop you as I waited near by in a bush, but I decided to also approach the group of people and since we had KOS right's on you guys for holding up Milo, we decided that we were going to try to knock you guys unconcious hopefully, this is when we each picked a target and fired on them knocking one of them unconcious. This is when me and Ken mistaked eachother for enemies and fired on eachother knocking eachother uncon, after this Milo bandged me and Ken then handcuffed and bandged the one person we had uncon. It took a minute or two before me and ken woke up, but once we woke up we saw Milo telling the person on the ground handcuffed to stop wiggling or be shot this is when he just randomly died even tho we had bandged him to make sure we could quetion him about holding up Milo. Lastly we were not duplicating gear the captains barrack was loot pooped with gear as we call it, it happens all over the map randomly and it just happened to be there last night.
  4. TectonicDeath

    [S2] Bad/Trolly RP, Possible Baiting

    My friend James(OG ChaOs) game had crashed so I was waiting for him to logged back in, when niko ran up into the area I was waiting at so I stood up and started talking to him waiting, well waiting for James to log back in. We stood there and talked for about 5 minutes tell James finally was able to get back into the game. This is when James Started making the weird noises and started to talk to Niko, and since the two were talking I was for the most part silent because I did not want to interupt their conversation they where having, I only made the occasional comment when I needed to say something. At this time we were debating weather or not to hold him up, but since Hatcher said he had to go eat Dinner we decided we were not going to do it, thats when Niko started to walk away and James was blocking his path. Then when we were finally going to leave the area, Zach ran out of the house and told James to put his hands up, and since I was up the street I picked up my gun and went to shoot Zach when Niko took pop shoots at me so I returned to cover then peeked back out and shoot Zach who was holding up James, Zach then ran off to cover and at this Time Hatcher peeked and shot Niko killing him so then we were looking around for Zach and found him uncon to I handcuffed him and we were going to take him off into the woods to talk to him, but Hatcher got sniped in the head so we killed Zach then Tsezar spoke from inside the house and we talked for about a minute and then told him if he came out with his gun on his back he could leave and as he left the area we also ran off and headed to Gorka. And thats the End of my POV.
  5. TectonicDeath

    kos & Combat log s2 gm

    I saw you enter the compound throught the front gate and got around the jail house and once we saw you enter we reposted the message then you enter the same corner with me and i shot you for not complying when we told everyone to put their hands up and not to move
  6. TectonicDeath

    kos & Combat log s2 gm

    Me and my friend jason thomas were inside of the green mountain compound and told everyone to put their hands up and not to move or they would be shot then about 30 seconds later he ran into the same coner that i was in and since we told everyone to put their hands up or be shot i shot and killed him when he entered the corner of the compound. In-Game name Austin Jensen