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  1. Server and location: S1 Zeleno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): IDK, probably logs can tell when I got killed Your in game name: Jack Lemons Names of allies involved: None(I was in discord with the Soup, but they are all on dif char's who I don't know nor I have met) Name of suspect/s: I guess S-Gru Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Jack Lemons POV - So after a long time not playing on Chenarus, I decided to give it a go. I Rolled up to Zeleno to see if my good old friends from Redwood radio are there, but they weren't there at the time being. So I met some random lady that I got a few words with and then we see a guy down the road in full military, we approach the person, comes out his a Russian, the lady hears that and takes off, by hearing him say we got a civilian here with a gun. I tried following her but lost her, as I was constantly being followed by the guy seeming really keen to me. So he does try to semi stop me which I already sense that he wants to either strong arm or rob me, but waiting for his buddies. So then another guy shows up and we're talking, calling me a civilian and I don't have a permit for the gun, pla pla pla. I did make a radio call, so maybe they'll think about it if they rob me "Saying something along the lines if they do rob me, let's later get together and kill these guys then" but it didn't work, as more show up. Then they finally initiate on me. Saying they're going to instantly execute me, but then I guess Roman the good guy offers to interrogate me or something along the lines, so we have like a 20 minute RP Session with him which was nice, me finally understanding why they do what they do IC pretending along. As they're finishing up, saying they will take my picture and freq... then some guy says I should give him a reason why not to shoot me, didn't really have a reason to tell em IC'ly, besides explaining, It's a basic human instinct to act defensive... But nah, they line me up and just shoot me. Which I believe is invalid on their side, never have I had interactions with these people before and the first time just insulting them a little and making defensive claim that I'll kill them If they hold me up/rob me and I get gunned down. Killing me off just killed the entire RP we had, 20 Minute session just thrown away, where's to learn from that. There could have been so many different things you could have done with me , but you choosed to take the easy way and just kill me over a little treath and being an asshole to you before, cause maybe you would have all been gunned down.
  2. Well Hello my dearest @Rover It's been so long sense I've been called into a report again. Here's my PoV hopefully this will be helpful I was just casually going on about my day in the Soup Kitchen, Rping here and there with people. I'm the guy with the tan jacket and tan hat with the strawberry armband, with the large canvas bag. Can't really say much, what I can tell people were having a good time in the camp after some guy tried to kill people with an axe. Some People were running around as midgets that made me chuckle cause it looks funny, people swinging with shovels don't know what to comment. Who knows what's the story behind that, maybe some groups inside thing, who am I to judge. I didn't even hear people talk about the corona cause the camp was loud as always
  3. Now It's time to put the guns down and cook soup full time!
  4. Max Gatewood's POV: I was just casually going on about my day, heard a lot of shots from Sitnik, didn't put that much attention do it cause It's mostly natural. Until I go to the front gates of Soup Kitchen and I see Kent Sprinting at me saying someone tried to just kill him. So with not much thought, I go sprinting towards the town to make sure he's not gonna come to the camp and try to finish the job. With no luck fo finding him, I got a radio message that he's spotted at the camp so I turn back. After looking around for a little bit, he finally made his way back to the camp again. So he was confronted by Me and Merek, then the rest of us show up as well. Merek pointing out he has all the things Kent described besides the hoodie, I was about to continue looking for the guy, so I turned around, then He turned all crazy and started opening fire on the people. But luckily the QRF got in time to put him down and end his Reign of madness.
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