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  1. Member 2016? Member the good ole days? Member Coldwater? 


    1. Lemons


      Good old times  :P

  2. The Last Light

    Welcome to the Group @Kinks!
  3. The Last Light

    Thanks for the great words
  4. The Last Light Media Thread

    I'll post them later With a little edit
    • Lemons
    • Faith

    I like your profile song a lot :P 

    1. Faith


      Poets of the Fall :P 

  5. The Last Light

    Oh yeah welcome @Helsing as well.
  6. The Last Light

    @DarkStyle Welcome fellow Estonian...now that Shanoby left we needed a replacment
  7. Lemons

    New profile song.

  8. Hello Fellow Community member lemons.

    1. Lemons


      Hello Puncture another fellow member of this Community.

  9. Lemons

    @ExoticRainbow Ahh thanks for giving me a great laugh... Sorry you can delete this 

    Keep being childish, It's funny kids always amuse me..Not really




  10. The Last Light

    Oh god who let this @Irish person In here? We already have one too many... Welcome to the Group tho!
  11. The Last Light

    Fuck yeah!
  12. Well I always like a good read, write something interesting up and I will give it a look
  13. It was a great read I have to admit