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  1. Lemons

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Where are Dr.Lemons drugs? But anyways, I have to say We've always had awesome encounters and I definitely enjoyed every single one of them we've had! Looking to keep the interesting Storyline going!
  2. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Updated the Thread, for future people joining!
  3. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @Joey Parker Hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Lemons

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Jack would have been Listening In, Finally deciding to Anwser, PTT* Well Hello there Y'all Lovely Twat's, I belive I recognize your lovely Voice Missy... Better Be careful on what you say there SugarTits... Isn't there other Battle's that you should be fighting, on what I've heard... Now there's no proper feud between us SO I suggest you do keep that... Haven't you guys like moved around, way too many times for being attacked... Now for the other people here talking about coming down here, we all know how things will turn out one way or another.. Just saying I'm a reasonable man, So I suggest on stop Talking a lot of bullshit and figure this thing out, or never the less if you want to send more innocent people to die for your cause that has no meaning then go a head... Lovely Lovely... *He Chuckles, Static*
  5. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @lunathecat! Hope you'll Enjoy your stay here
  6. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

  7. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Thank You All!
  8. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

  9. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Thank you Lov!
  10. Lemons

    S2- Prison Island- 6/29/2019- AOGM

    Jack Lemons Pov - After already being part of one Siege/Attack on the island against the Vultures, another one took place, Which lasted for quite a bit... I ended up killing a few and Injuring others, then died. Can't add anything to the AOGM as I Died before that...
  11. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @derNils and @Razareth!
  12. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Thank you all for these Kind comments, it means a lot to the Group!
  13. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @KingRP as our Informant!
  14. Lemons

    The Quarantined (Media)

  15. Lemons

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Billy Enjoyed The RP every second with you on the Island, hope it was a experience for you!
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