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  1. Hahaha nice to find a fellow comrade from the other side of the Prut. Greetings from your Moldavian neighbour (well technically I live in Italy but who cares).
  2. Glorious revolution can never die the Red Dawn will rise again. But seriously speaking, yeah but probably more like a rogue faction of the ChDKZ that splintered off after the defeat of the group during the civil war. From what I recall (I haven't been around the mod days or the early standalone moments) the Chedakis were somewhat the bad guys, well I will try to work to create a more grey faction or even a hero one. But first need to make contacts round here....yeah there is that can't be a lone man faction now can I
  3. Ah fresh start, you know what that means lads? Chedakis are gonna be back in town baby.
  4. Yeah it should be actually put in a stable version of the game with no bloody hicups. But adding Perma can add a lot of tension and carefulnesses from the part of the players and change overall how the game is played. But as stated before, I give you reason that it should be added only on very stable game engines....and DayZ isn't bloody one
  5. You know what, perma is actually quite the neat idea. I myself try to play always as Ironman and when my character dies for my stupidity or anything else which is not stupid glitches then it is over for my lad and I built another one. It is annoying, yes, in the long run it will make people create flat and uninteresting character because they are resigned that they will die anyway, quite possibly, but does it make people play a lot more thoughtfully, heck yea. And all in all it creates much more tension, during PVP or any kind of roleplaying situation.
  6. Ehmm I kinda feel outta place round here since because of my laziness I am not very active on forums. But regarding the issues we are having as a community, I just want to point out one thing from this thread. All you people who spoke here are people that invested time and effort in the community and you even supported it, I didn't see not even one whitename pleb (such as me) expressing his thoughts and we make out the majority of the players in this community. Hell most of the whitenames comment only when making bloody reports because reason A or reason B. I love reading and skimming through the forums because it makes me feel part of this community but it seems the community itself is closing itself in a bubble unwillingly while the big majority out there wants only to play the game and be 'edgy'. This are just my ramblings on the issue.
  7. It is quite easy to distinguish between trolly racism (aka edgy kiddos thinking themselves who know who) and realistic well built racism. In the end it stems from the quality of the RP itself and regarding the issue of being offended OOC for IC racism then I suggest growing a thicker skin please, this is the internet. P.S Regarding those lads that are racist IC to vent their OOC racial frustration, I say who cares, those people thrive upon being given attention, ignore them and they will bore themselves eventually and if not well sooner or later it will explode OOC and then the BANHAMMER comes.
  8. Welcome lad to this pretty neat place. I still keep coming back here and I always love it
  9. Ah an artist what a pleasant surprise, I hope that one day we can both discuss the finer points of the works of the likes of Caravaggio, Monet or Pollock. Welcome to the server lad hope you will have a good time.
  10. Ah it seems they are sticking with the Yanks and Jerries only, a pity since the Normandy campaign was just a part of the war and one not that big either but well there is a plethora of documents and info in English to work with. Would have loved to see Russians and Brits (you know those who fought basically 2/3 of the war) but I smell them coming with DLC's. Ah well, I hope they will make at least an average game.
  11. Thanks lads and lasses for the welcoming and don't worry you will hear of me....maybe...someday....not very likely but....yeah no
  12. For me this fantastic community managed to make this shell of an unfinished game in an amazing and fun experience adding so much more depth on how you play a survival game. Cheers on you lads and will raise a cold one in your honour.
  13. I stick with the concept: I died in game? Then my character died too. No matter how he died (apart from glitches) it is game over for him. A bit like ironman mode, this in my opinion forces you to play very carefully and consider your every move thus immersing you in the character even more.
  14. Slav soul is immortal, it needs just the sacred ritual of Shashlik and 100 grams of Vodka to transcend in another body and Doc. Pisces, I will try my darnest to stick around here.
  15. Thanks for the welcome, both Western Spy that doesn't squat full heel and Orthodox Alien Jesus Christ or Saint Pavel
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