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  1. I think telling people "I am a good/bad person" is a good enough way to simply explain why you're doing what you're doing. "Why did you give me this can of beans?" "I AM A MORALLY LAUDABLE INDIVIDUAL AND UPSTANDING COMMUNITIY MEMBER WHO'S DUTY IT IS TO HELP THOSE IN NEED." okay... that's a little much compared to "I'm a good guy, I like to help people." In real life I consider my self a good person, and I don't really think I have a reason to do good, I just do... The same goes for hostile RP. "Why are you robbing me" "Because I want your shit, fuck you I'm a bad person, that's why" I think that's also a perfectly justifiable reason. Do you want the person to go on a 12 minutes story about how their wife was murder because they decided to be kind one time? Are you going to try and talk them out of stealing your shit? I somehow highly doubt it. I would like to add, I do agree things sometimes because stale or repetitive with all encounters going into 3 categories: 1) Players who are super friendly and literally just trying to give food away. 2) Players who are super hostile and only want to fuck with other people for their own entertainment. 3) players who don't give a fuck about you, offer minimal RP and slip away when they get the chance. I think player #3 is the worst. If you don't enjoy my RP or are bored, or have somewhere to go, at least have the decency to say that. The majority of my encounters have been people giving me really awkward hellos, shitty elevator talk. They're there for 30 seconds and suddenly just decided to dip, not allowing roleplay to grow or develop. Finally, in an effort to breath some fresh air into RP, my friend and I have started roleplaying as two really frail and naïve foreign exchange students from Brooklyn who generally just say really absurd and stupid shit. We tend to carry all worthless supplies so if someone takes the time to rob us, they will find nothing of value too. We literally carry around books, vitamins, alcohol tinctures filled with water, and absolutely worthless shitty clothing.
  2. My first character was a gopnik thug who joined a drug dealing gang, so not all are military. He was a mostly friendly guy who enjoyed smoking cigarettes and offering shots of vodka to new friends. The current, and second character is a Colonel in the Indian army who is working with the UN and Doctors without borders, so I guess I am guilty as charged there!
  3. I previously rolled with the group Skryty, those were some good times. I haven't played in a few months. I currently roam with lococableguy, we are playing as friendly UN Soldiers that worked with Doctors without Borders. We are also from India and always try to make India proud in our actions. Hopefully we run into you, we mostly roam aimlessly looking for players, offering help, and will even escort you as you loot, look, and travel. I look forward to running into you, hostile and friendly alike!
  4. I'm in Elektro. I've met 2 people, and seen 1 more here. There's also PLENTY of zombies, contrary to what everyone is saying. Elektro is FULL of zombies, I assure you.
  5. Stellaboy

    I am back, anyone remember me and still here ?

    Cant say I know you. I look forward to meeting you.
  6. Stellaboy

    Where is everyone? [Open Frequency]

    A man hears the inquiry through heavy static. He tries to push the talk button, but its jammed. Using both thumbs and all his strength he gets it to budge. "Heloo hello? Can you hear me? Me and my buddy are at the outskirts of Elektrozavodsk. What do you trade?
  7. Hello. So I am back from a 3 month long break, and I have a question. I have noticed that now community members have pages dedicated to their characters, and if you click on their "active character" name, it shows you a detailed page about the character. How do I create one of these? It used to be an option where I can just set whatever in-game name I was using, but I can't seem to find this either! Any help is appreciated!
  8. This is a dead horse that has been beaten quite thoroughly... I would be fine with it if it was confined to Tisy and ONLY Tisy. No NWAF, no other locations, but purely Tisy. My reasoning? Well Tisy is very much in the north where the Russias are shooting anything that moves... I think within the fences of Tisy, all things should fly, especially bullets, but this should ONLY apply to Tisy. I justify Tisy because it's so damn far from everything else, that it would mostly be a waste of time to go there anyway, so if you're looking to die really quickly, go to Tisy. I really don't care either way, but I would be upset if this idea was applied outside of Tisy.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! Also Javad Karimi (lococableguy) is back too, but I don't believe he has made a thread for it yet.
  10. I got greatly invested in RP, until Desolation became a thing. When Desolation ended up dying off I lost all motivation to play DayZ. Naturally .60 did great to revive my enthusiasm for this game. I look forward to meeting all you in character!
  11. Quality group. I will miss it dearly. o7
  12. Looks incredible! Best of luck. Hope this works out well for you.
  13. But don't people notice you're in the side-arm stance? On Desolation you don't casually hold the pistol at your side like on SA
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