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  1. Interesting idea... I would say this is closely related to the present suggestion.
  2. Yea im curious about what this new map will be like. Hopefully free to play and not laggy. Do you know if the new map will have merchants.
  3. For me, there is an important difference from what I propose, and "questing." A quest may be something like "Go repair this broadcast tower". Im suggesting we modify the existing game economy in a way that promotes travel. We can add new merchants to create new POIs. We can add heavy trade items and adjust buy/sell tables so there's clear items to export/import around the map. Here's a simple example without adding new or custom NPCs/items. Perhaps the Eastern Trader sells AKMs at a price below how much the Civilian Trader buys AKMs for. A player can take it upon themselves to cram
  4. Yea, there should be a limit presented either by the objects weight, or a fixed stock of objects, creating a system where players can only feasibly transport 1 shipment on foot. The shipments are sold on a first come first serve basis. Perhaps there can be a cap. Perhaps inventories are very low but restock every 6 hours. Alternatively inventories can be high but restock once a month on when merchants move. I dunno just spitballing here, but the possibilities are endless by adding 2 hidden NPCs that change locations monthly - one NPC trader is the supplier who sells expensive unique delivery
  5. Frankly all of this can be accomplished by a unique secret merchant that sells unique items - "Crate of Gun Parts" - they might have a limited stock and weigh A LOT. Perhaps only 20-50 are for sale in a month, and they resell to regular merchants for 5x-10x value? How does this sound? It isn't an explicit quest, but an opportunity for commerce through travel.
  6. When I say quest, it's all going to be pure recurring courier work. Go to an NPC - "Here's the latest shipment of X, get it to merchant Y in 6 hours" - This concept is to facilitate travel & traffic which increases chance of RP. The goal isn't to add NPCs as a source of RP, but rather to promote actions that increase chances of RP encounters. Perhaps when a shipment goes out a global notification is made? Other players know there is an active shipment being transported by a player. Perhaps an intercepted shipment can be sold to a different trader for higher value? The NPCs are
  7. Nyheim? Custom map? Sounds pretty cool! I wonder what this means for RP - no more Chernarus? Roland is Swedish, and the name sounds a little nordic, so I have a few guesses where this map takes place.
  8. Hello, just now returning to DayzRP after a while away. I saw some posts griping about "hub" based RP, saw the map and noticed four major traders. I put two and two together - heres my thoughts: 1. For Context, when I played RP in the past the most popular unofficial areas were Stary Sobor, Kabanino, Vybor - they were popular because it was well known for hostile/slave RP. Still people kept coming here knowing there were high risks and low reward. This string of towns was formed by the community into an unofficial hub of hostile RP 2. For Context, when I played RP, the ZBOR was a maj
  9. Ive been an on and off player. Im returning again this week. I have some questions, such as steps to start playing again, and if groups still encompass "territory" on maps. I see a major focus now is on "hubs," so it'll be interesting to see what this means for Gameplay. Hopefully I see you online! Stay safe!
  10. @Jade Yes, you were the GM that gave me the warning. Any advice on this? Any possibility for leniency?
  11. I would like to start by saying that I am well aware that breaking NLR is no longer appealable or warnable... with that being said I would like to still request an appeal. Here is a post I made about my situation. The night I broke the rules was literally my first time on again in about 2 years.... All I can do is request a caution or warn, I just really want to play... I wasn't maliciously abusing NLR and really was just being an airhead.
  12. @Loco Is an old dayz firend of my mine.
  13. Not a rant - I acknowledge that I broke that rules... got killed in Zeleno by an "armored" zombie... first time back on dayz, never saw one before... I respawn 310m from my body in Zeleno... Mind you I am playing at like 3am or something.... I mindlessly ran back to my body, and then continued on my way (my huge mistake...) Damn, now I am hit with a 3 day ban. I can't deny or downplay the situation. I mean I spawned within 300m of my body and just ran for it without a second thought... I guess the right thing to do would have been to just run away immediately...
  14. Durek was a highschool graduate who ran track. Unfortunately the pandemic hit, preventing him from celebrating graduation properly. Now he is left to wander his homeland and attempt to survive. He lived with his elderly grandfather, who quickly died from the disease. Now he is struggling to find relatives, friends, and family. The only family member he has managed to get in contact with is Albortte Oxjamn. Albortte is his second cousin from his mother's side. Durek was born to a single mother who did not care for him and left him with his grand parents. The only family member he ac
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