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  1. Rory


    Really debating if I wanna get Civ 6 tbh 

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    2. HALEZY
    3. Nihoolious


      pirate it. not worth 60 atm

    4. Ender


      I have played both 5 and 6. The only real difference between them is the art-style. Its more cartoony and looks like the entire thing in drawn on a map instead of a birds eye view of the planet like in 5. However, the online multiplayer is 90% less buggy and shitty than 5. if you want a more cartoony yet easier multiplayer go with 6, if you want a more real world look and feel to the game yet shitty clunky easily breakable multiplayer go with 5. all an all 6 definitely isn't worth the price tag.