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  1. Rory


    So many restrictions to have fun playing a videogame on an online server tbh :/ 

    1. Para


      Without change, the number of people actually wanting to get in game has declined quite a lot. I've seen a lot of peak times and weekends where the server does not even fill up, and i'm not talking about very recently. Maybe it's time to change some things as without some new additions things are not looking good. 

      Before these changes, it was not fun in game at all. As somebody who does not play a bandit, my only option when not hiding was to have a 1 minute conversation with somebody or get robbed. So... I don't blame these people that want to go up north, it makes sense for these people to actually avoid the areas where robberies are constantly going on. If all that happens is half of my interactions result in "Put your hands up" can you blame people for avoiding others. Can you really blame people for playing the way they do, or not even playing at all?