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  1. Chernarus' Got Talent

    Well... so did this actually happen? Because when I met you ingame 5 minutes before 22:00 you just shrugged it off.
  2. Why Severograd?

    I'd hate the triangle to come back. Only bad memories with it. I've played around 1k hours in the triangle on this server and seriously I just want something new. It sucked.
  3. In Viridian - Media

    Thanks @Red for hanging out today!
  4. Why Severograd?

    *Waves Hand* Actually we first had the Pub down at the coast in chernogorsk @NinjaGriffon and eventually moved up to severo since the coast got boring. Haven't gotten bored up there yet and it's been a good 2 months or so. We also opened a hospital up there and we run the Bar, so people come visit and stick around. I'd rather it be in one spot or one area of the map than for people who have limited amount of playtime due to work to have to run across the map for hours to find some sort of RP tbh.
  5. [Game] Rate the In-Game name above you

    James is a little stereotypical and would be much cooler if it was Jaxon tbh 2/10 but I still love ya
  6. Chernarus' Got Talent

    I'd love to come down and watch but I'm caught up in a pretty big surgery on @Lady In Blue Blame her!
  7. Chernarus' Got Talent

    No one goes there
  8. *The following poster has been displayed on a few walls in and around Severograd and can be taken ICly* Note The Event will start at 8pm UK time and continue onwards
  9. In Viridian (Recruitment Open)

    Updates October 2017 - Graphics Rework (halloween update) - Parting ways with @Watchman @Paradox due to Activity or loss of motivation towards the game - Parting ways with @Ronin47 due to mostly IC Reasons - @Eddie Sorella has been promoted. <3
  10. In Viridian - Media

    Had some fun doing a photoshoot with our Pumpkin today @SkinVest @Dirty Dan @Kyle_Jones
  11. [Game] Rate the In-Game name above you

    Sounds German. I'm German. I like! 8/10
  12. In Viridian (Recruitment Open)

    Some cool changes coming soonTM
  13. Rory



    1. Taryn


      This was just playing on the radio at work. Were You listening to Sirius xm? 

    2. Oliv


      Still one of my favourite albums

    3. Rory


      @Taryn I don't listen to the radio :P 

  14. In Viridian - Media

    Butters all the way