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  1. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  2. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  3. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  4. Get out of jail card idea

    Imaginary Beans for shark tank meme (sorry, I'm out) I think we should do it as long as the price goes down tbh.
  5. Rory

    The solution is here.

  6. In Viridian - Battle Cry

    Thanks guys! I'm planning on keeping this updated anyways
  7. Get out of jail card idea

    Can agree with this also.
  8. Get out of jail card idea

    This. I think it's a good idea, but lower the prize to 50 or something.
  9. Worst Fears

    I read this as constipated
  10. Worst Fears

  11. Worst Fears

    Yeah I can relate.. Lol I was scared of the Mumins when I was a kid. I was also scared of the grinch, forests and the evil mouse from Redwall
  12. Worst Fears

    Uhmmmm good one. Are you afraid of dying?
  13. The Masonic Knights

    Maybe instead of templars, if they were christian missionaries it would make much more sense.
  14. Worst Fears

    What are some things you're absolutely terrified of and why? I'll start Disclaimer - I'm basically scared of everything. - Mirrors When I was a kid, I saw someone standing behind me when I looked into the mirror in my grandma's house. Ever since I've been terrified of Mirrors, and watching the horror movie "Mirrors" really didn't fucking help. There are some mirrors I can tolerate and some I put sheets over that scare the shit out of me. My grandma still has that same mirror and I never go into her bedroom lol. - Wells Blame "the ring" for frightening me so much of wells that I can't walk past one or look down a well without shitting myself, thinking a girl with long black hair is gonna charge at me and pull me in. - Attics Basements as well but attics are a new level of creepy. You don't know what you'll find up there. - Long hotel corridors I blame the shining. Imagine walking down a long corridor and doors are open on each side. It's dark in those rooms and as you walk past you see something out of the corner of your eye. You keep walking down but there are more doors. It fucking terrifies me. - Bungalows Now apparently this one is an irrational one according to basically everyone I told about this. But my theory is that if someone breaks into your house and tries to kill you, a Bungalow is terrifying because it doesn't have an upstairs (At least, bungalows in the UK) and you can't escape upstairs and hunker down next to the stairs with a baseball bat ready to smack the burglar over the head. In a bungalow, you are stuck on one level with the intrudor. Fucking scary. - Nuns Blame Valak Those are the biggest ones on my list. Do you have any irrational fears that seem stupid?
  15. Rory

    @Ronan you'll float too, brother.