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  1. Worst Fears

    I read this as constipated
  2. Worst Fears

  3. Worst Fears

    Yeah I can relate.. Lol I was scared of the Mumins when I was a kid. I was also scared of the grinch, forests and the evil mouse from Redwall
  4. Worst Fears

    Uhmmmm good one. Are you afraid of dying?
  5. The Knights Templar

    Maybe instead of templars, if they were christian missionaries it would make much more sense.
  6. Worst Fears

    What are some things you're absolutely terrified of and why? I'll start Disclaimer - I'm basically scared of everything. - Mirrors When I was a kid, I saw someone standing behind me when I looked into the mirror in my grandma's house. Ever since I've been terrified of Mirrors, and watching the horror movie "Mirrors" really didn't fucking help. There are some mirrors I can tolerate and some I put sheets over that scare the shit out of me. My grandma still has that same mirror and I never go into her bedroom lol. - Wells Blame "the ring" for frightening me so much of wells that I can't walk past one or look down a well without shitting myself, thinking a girl with long black hair is gonna charge at me and pull me in. - Attics Basements as well but attics are a new level of creepy. You don't know what you'll find up there. - Long hotel corridors I blame the shining. Imagine walking down a long corridor and doors are open on each side. It's dark in those rooms and as you walk past you see something out of the corner of your eye. You keep walking down but there are more doors. It fucking terrifies me. - Bungalows Now apparently this one is an irrational one according to basically everyone I told about this. But my theory is that if someone breaks into your house and tries to kill you, a Bungalow is terrifying because it doesn't have an upstairs (At least, bungalows in the UK) and you can't escape upstairs and hunker down next to the stairs with a baseball bat ready to smack the burglar over the head. In a bungalow, you are stuck on one level with the intrudor. Fucking scary. - Nuns Blame Valak Those are the biggest ones on my list. Do you have any irrational fears that seem stupid?
  7. Rory

    @Ronan you'll float too, brother.

  8. Rory

    If you come to Severograd, don't take any vegetables out of the tents. First of all those tents aren't ours, people keep putting them there. Secondly, some idiots keep thinking it's fucking hilarious to spray disinfectant onto every piece of food in the tent, people have already died from it. Just a heads up kids.

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    2. RogueSolace


      @Aiko How is it a rule break? Just curious for future reference :)

    3. Rory


      @Aiko we tried that when people cut down all the trees around the pub in cherno every single day. 
      We never caught anyone.

    4. Aiko


      Its a invalid kill, just like KOS in a way. Its almost the same as putting a unpinned grenade in a bad in hopes of getting someone killed from it.

      Yey, Buddy told me about what happen. Just making sure people knew that if caught it is a rule break.

  9. Completely forgot to put this up last night but massive shoutout to the guys and gal's I RP'ed with yesterday Squad @Darion @Galaxy @Bubblegum Love you guys. Hanging out with you is always hilarious. Props to Calvin for the Party Popper thing, I died @Coreena good medical rp @MatthewFC Hope you had a good time RP'ing, I enjoyed patching you up! @Ronan <3 @SkinVest I absolutely loved the group development yesterday. It was the most amazing RP we've had in a while and I've really been enjoying this group. Love you guys. @Sivister Having fun with the whole storyline. Just don't bring him back please, we blew his brains out, it wouldn't make sense for him to be alive. I much more enjoy seeing ghosts tbh. @Amerdan Been enjoying getting to know your character more and more. I'm sure you'll be a great fit! @Ronin47 Welcome to the group, enjoying your RP dude
  10. Hello Chernarus.. [Open Frequency]

    *As she switches through random frequencies, rory comes across this particular one. Listening for a while until pressing down the PTT* Max? Yeah, Max. I'm Rory. My group Viridian runs a Bar and a Hospital in Severograd. It's a town on the northern highway. There's a lot of good people up here in this town and a lot of bad, I'm not gonna hide that fact. But most of us stick together and are a family. We have free healthcare up here and a place to be around other people. Feel free to make your way up but be careful on your way. *She releases the PTT*
  11. When broken pieces find the missing addition to their puzzle, the world that once bled in obscurity can look so much brighter. Let's talk about our dreams, our challenges and the darkness in our lives. This is a memoir about family. - A tale about society's flaws and peoples mistakes. About right and wrong, failure and reassurance. None of us are the same. None of us knew that what we had found in eachother, would one day save our lives. Our personal battles I remember it as if it was yesterday. The barn was shimmering in a deep orange as the sun set over severograd. I was holding my shotgun, flashing my eyes over to David as he held his rifle against the back of Jeremy Noivac's head. "What are your last words?" David asked, his voice clearly shakey in pitch, nervous over what was about to happen. Jeremy sobbed once before replying with "I have a son in berezino. Tell him I died a hero". I look away. The gunshot still rings in my ears to this day, wakes me up in the middle of the night. We buried him under the enormous old oak tree infront of the barn. We all took turns digging the grave with the rusty shovel. The dirt was still a little moist from the rain the night before. Fall in this country seems to be gloomy and dark and that is exactly how I remember the day we took someone's life. The first person I had ever killed. We said a prayer, eased him into the grave and pushed the dirt back over top. I reached for my old, rusty hunting knife and began carving his name into the cross we put up. Sometime passes and we continue our lives like we did before. Jeremy had been an enemy for a while, so we weren't devastated he was gone. He was going to become more and more of a problem. He had badly influenced the youngest in the group, Razz. We knew that he was going to kill the kid. Not literally but metaphorically. Jeremy was the kind of person that could twist your mentallity in a heartbeat. He was the reason we almost lost Razz to an overdose and he also almost killed David by kicking him in the chest so hard that a rib broke and punctured his lung. He would play with your trust, backstabb you and make you believe in his ideologies. All of this seems very oblivious to let someone do to you, but you wouldn't notice unless you were already neck deep in the shit. We stopped it while we could and although I, to this day, do not agree with what we did to him before we decided to end his life, I am going to have to live with it forever. It was my decision. Mine alone. I let my anger out on him. Tortured him like noone else would have. I believed it to be the right thing to do at the time, but today I know I was wrong. I'm going to live with it, even if it's hard. It was the morning of the 20th of September 2017. I had just woken up, walked outside of the Bar, yawning. I heard that David & Razz were awake, so I asked if anyone had seen them. I was pointed towards the hill and make my way up to see an ongoing conversation between the two. It sounded heated. They were arguing about Razz's recent behaviors, his state of mind and his mentality. We had been battling through a rough couple of days of him doing stupid things, not realizing what he was getting himself into. Jeremy gets mentioned in the conversation and bad words are flying between them. "I fucking saw him, David" Razz yells. "We need to get you help razz. Hearing voices and seeing dead people isn't fucking healthy" David replies with an aggressive tone of voice. As I listened to the argument, I began to recall a situation that happened the day before. "You saw Jeremy?" I ask Razz and both of them suddenly looked over to me, quiet. They finally took a break from arguing. "I did" Razz replies. David looked at me confused for a moment before I looked straight to the ground, nervous. "I saw him too". They were stood there in complete silence, staring at me. I remember making no eye contact with either of them and just glaring to the ground deep in thought. The situation I was referring to occured at the Barn north of severograd. The barn we killed Jeremy in. I remember sitting on the second level, dangling my feet off the edge, munching on a pack of pretzels and just sitting there, thinking. I heard footsteps outside so I made my way down, taking a look inside and outside of the barn to see who was there. Nothing. As I turn to look at the old oak tree we buried Jeremy under, I hear them again, coming from my left. I turned around to see the silhouette of a man walking around the corner of the barn. He was dressed in the same clothes we had buries Jeremy in. At least I thought. When I followed and walked around the same corner, I couldn't see anyone there. I searched the entire area afterwards for someone that looked like the person I seemed to have seen. Nothing. When I finished telling Razz & David what I had seen that day, David grabbed a hold of his gun tighter than I had ever seen. He turned around and ran straight towards the barn. Arriving, he threw himself over Jeremy's grave and began digging with his bare hands. All the way through to the depth we had buried him. He stood up, glaring down to the grave. I was standing next to him, doing the same. We both looked down to see an empty space with a single blanket still there. It couldn't have been true. We shot him. We shot him right into the back of his head. I saw the blood splattering everywhere. We checked his pulse and he was dead. Definitely. Unless.. We're all going crazy around here and everything we seemed to have witnessed was just our minds playing tricks with us. We either saw his ghost, someone robbed the grave or.. we never killed him. What if we're in a state of delirium? By Rory Taylor The first time I tried to take my own life was back home in Atlanta. I had just been kicked out by my parents for being different than what they wanted me to be. Sounds dark but happens to be the truth. Life seemed broken in many ways than one. I got booted out of med school for getting a criminal record, went down the wrong path with the wrong friends, was high as a kite almost every minute of the day and struggled with feeling alone all the time. I managed to get my hands on a pack of sleeping pills and did some research on the internet. That night I was certain that I wanted to trade my life for something better. I took the pills and fell asleep. I woke back up. I was close to going with the angels that day but something stopped it from happening. Whether it was my pure luck to take the wrong amount of pills or something I can't explain, trying to show me that there was a reason for me to be there, I really don't know. - Some time passed, I started my new life in a completely different country. Isolated from my old ways of living and especially my parents. Chernarus seemed like a new start and even the outbreak and what seemed like the end of the world didn't allow my depression to return. I got myself a new family, opened up a Bar in the town I used to live and work in before the outbreak and things were finally looking up. I was active every day and loved it. Could barely sit still. The wanderlust hit and I was ready to explore the entire country. I loved the nature and scenic beauty this place had to offer, loved to sit down by the beach and watch the waves and explore the forests all around chernogorsk. I was more than ready to get out there and see all the other places. The day we moved the bar to a different location in the town was the day that everything changed for me again. Me and Eddie were messing around on a pretty high staircase right next to the bridge. I was swining my baseball bat around and lost grip of it. It fell down the side of the stairs and as I was about to look behind me, I lost balance and slipped off the side of the staircase, landing on top of my baseball bat, my ankle snapping sideways as I hit the ground. I was in agony. A doctor named Taryn came all the way from up north. I had a clean break through my fibula in my right leg. It was bad. I was put under and the surgery lasted a good while. When I woke up, a bunch of idiots decided to attack the doctor's office we were hunkered down in. I was stressed, scared and nervous. Once the situation blew over and everyone had left to give me some space, I took some time to myself to think about everything. I remembered life before, I thought about all the stuff I tried to push out of my mind that made me upset. I contemplated the reason I was still here and couldn't find one. The town had become a war zone, friends dying left right and center. I was told that I may never be able to walk the same as I used to. The break was severe and the doctor couldn't do more than reconstruct my fibula and hold it in place. I had ligament and tendon damage and was told that I was gonna be out of the picture for a long time. I was so excited to explore the country and get out there. I couldn't do that anymore, not for weeks, maybe months. I lost hope in ever being able to walk normally again. If you go from being active all the time to not being able to go to the bathroom or anywhere by yourself, you start to reconsider things and darkness hits once again. I went to the bridge that night. The one right next to the doctor's office I was operated in. I had tied a noose in a long piece of rope and was ready to let go off all the pain I felt that day. I sat there for the longest time, thinking. I tied the rope around the ledge of the bridge and was ready to grow my wings when I hear a voice shout at me from the other side of the bridge. Some man found me that night and talked me out if it. Told me there was reason for all the bad and that I was still needed somewhere. That was the second time I got interrupted. - The last instance happened not long ago. Sometime mid September. The bar had moved to severograd and I was in a lot of conflicts with myself, my decisions, my feelings, the pain in my leg that I still struggled with every single minute of the day and my feelings for a loved one fading away. Me and Jeremy Stryder had been in a relationship for weeks on end and he helped me get through the first few weeks after my surgery. He brightened every single day. I also knew that I didn't love him anymore and a war was happening in my head, conflicted with wanting to tell him and breaking up with him or living with it and continuing as if I still loved him. Life in severograd wasn't easy. A concentration camp was being built by wannabe king nigley, who was also fighting king Niall, pulling my entire group into their problems. Other people decided they suddenly want to be at war with us for reasons that I still don't understand. Talking could've been an easier solution. I was working full time in the hospital as well as managing the bar, being the leader of the group and trying to make the right decisions. Ont op of that, people wanted to be at war with us, other's wanted to negotiate deals. More and more individuals started coming to the town, wanting to speak to me. I had a lot on my plate. All of that added together with the struggle of finding the confidence to tell Jeremy about my decreasing feelings for him, worrying about Razz who continuously started going down a worse and worse road, having to live with killing Jeremy Noivac and torturing him before his death and my build up in feelings for David, I was done. I was stressed. I was so overloaded with problems and conflicts that I just wanted to let myself go. I went onto the highest apartment building, ready to jump when the door opens and David appears. I was confused and reassured him that everything was fine. He told me to wait ten minutes, he would be right back. I told him I would but after he left, I made my way over to the barn. The barn we tortured people in and killed Jeremy in. I found a piece of rope laying in the corner and began tying a noose. I sat down, holding it in my hands. I was crying but knew exactly that I wanted to leave this world behind. Out of the blue, David walked in on me holding the rope. He talked me out of it and I ended up confessing my love to him and him doing the same. He told me we could fix this and I agreed to giving it a try. Since that day, things have been getting better and better. I ended the relationship with Jeremy and decided to take a step back from leadership of Viridian. I took time to rest up and relax whilst me and David now manage group matters together. Things have been looking up. It is odd to me that every time I was ready to let go, someone or something stopped it from happening. Almost as if I wasn't supposed to die those times. - If you're out there feeling alone or feeling like the world wouldn't care if you were gone, trust me when I say that you have a purpose. Everyone does. There is always someone out there that loves you. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's hard to find. After darkness, there will always be a flame. Don't feel alone. Tell someone that you're sad. Getting it off your chest will be much easier. Trust me. You're strong. This thread will be updated & continued as time goes on We would love to share our group stories & the timeline of In Viridian with the community
  12. Did you get all of these from google because everytime there's a watermark on them it looks different to the other ones?
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    Good goodbye :ph34r:

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      Not as clever as these freshly cut memes tbh

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