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  1. Phoenix

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    Thank you! We've been building up so much story recently, this just feels right.
  2. Phoenix

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    Yesssss we up here! Hype Loving the rp with these guys lately
  3. Phoenix



  4. Phoenix

    Building the ED [Open Frequency]

    *Luca presses down the PTT* I'm a Trauma Doc with knowledge in Ortho, GI and training in Cardiothoracic currently. I can help out, although my people are settling in a different place with our own hospital. I run a frequency with many many people that has already helped a lot! I mainly do housecalls, so I can travel wherever if you need another hand. My servives are free of charge. *She releases the PTT*
  5. Phoenix

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    looks lit good luck. Wasn't new dawn used before tho?
  6. Phoenix

    Text Role Play

    Many text rp'ers are trained in typing fast. It should take less than 30 seconds unless the line is long.
  7. Phoenix

    Text Role Play

    The amount of people degrading Text RP on here makes me really really sad. You have clearly never met an outstanding text RP'er, or if you have, you haven't given them a chance. You can put so many emotions, details and feelings into a single line of text that can really shape the RP. I remember a time when I myself was a text rp'er in 2015/2016 where 90% of the community were completely supportive of it and gave compliments to you for good text RP. This is really disappointing. Like I said... It makes me sad.
  8. Phoenix


    This fucking queue hasn't gone down 1 spot in 10 minutes... BRUHHHH

    1. Luke



      Number 15, burger king foot lettuce.

    2. Rover


      Oh no. I just watched you get in and get kicked 😞

      sad doctor who GIF

    3. Luke


      the office crying GIF

    4. CamoRP


      I joined at the queue of 35, that was like 30 mins ago, LOL... I'm at 6 now...

  9. Phoenix

    Long queues

    Raise server cap again tbh. I'm tired of coming home from work at 11pm and not being able to play for a couple hours bc the queue hit 40. Yesterday I called @Voodoo from work telling him to boot up my pc and put me in queue while I'm driving home. I came home and still had to wait half an hour. It's ridiculous.
  10. Phoenix


  11. Phoenix

    • Phoenix
    • Voodoo

    Should've taken GM 😉 

    1. Voodoo


      Training wheels first

    2. Phoenix


      What training wheels? 😉 

  12. Phoenix

    • Phoenix
    • Buddy

    Miss u 😞 

    1. Buddy



      I dropped into your twitch page Thursday after work hoping to catch you playing!!! Are you not streaming as often now? I give you massive props for doing it... the metagame risk is way to strong for my taste 😕

    2. Phoenix


      @Buddy not anymore. been working a lot and the times I do get to play I kinda just wanna play without having to worry about entertaining other people 😛 

    3. Buddy


      faaaaaaaaair, im glad you're still able to enjoy yourself on the side though. Gotta make that doh!

  13. Phoenix

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Okay, so due to IC Events the group's gonna be shelved for a while. James was basically the guy who connected the previous Lore of Viridian, with Rory and Russia, etc. Now that James is gone and gave it over to Luca, IC'ly it just doesn't feel right. We don't have a personal connection to the group itself as James did. We want to create something for ourselves that feels more personal with deeper meaning to our actual characters. We'll still play together dynamically until something can be created that feels more personal to our characters
  14. Phoenix

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Updated roster & Goals. Welcome to our new med student @KobraKidd & Welcome to the newest member of the fam @Catstyle. Good to have you both
  15. Phoenix

    Reminder to everyone

    No offence bro but acting like staff isn't the way to go about this... They're probably not even gonna see this at all.
  16. Phoenix

    Looking for Trainee Medics (Open Freq.)

    *She presses down the PTT* Hi everyone. Friendly neighbourhood doc here. If you're looking to become a medic or first responder, or are interested in the field of anatomy and medicine, we're currently looking to train more people and take some under our wings while we do our daily routine housecalls & curbside consults. Contact us on a more private frequency or on here to arrange a meeting if this is something you'd be interested in! *She releases the PTT*
  17. Phoenix

    Metagaming changes

    Yes please. This promotes realistic RP over OOC Comms etc. I like this.
  18. Phoenix


    When someone that doesn't know you at all IRL thinks they know your best friend better than you 😄 

  19. Phoenix


    Dislocated my arm by trying to pull @Voodoo out of bed by his feet because the lazy piece of shit didn't wanna move 😄 This crap literally only happens to me ever. 

    1. Eddie


      That's sounds like it hurts..... get to feeling better soon 😉 .

    2. Phoenix


      thanks lol!

    3. Firemoiselle


      Well done. Well bloody done

  20. Phoenix

    The Wolf Pack [Open Recruitment]

    Only just saw this. Looks aight. Goals are a bit generic and need SMART goals. There also can only be one Phoenix.
  21. Phoenix


    This is fire


    1. ToeZiesOG


      Listened to this yesterday, so good.

    2. Firemoiselle


      Sickest beat drop fukin ever

    3. Kaiju47


      I seen NF Live. Hes dope af. 

    4. Phoenix


      @Kaiju47 he's fire.

  22. Phoenix

    Server ping 140

    Which I find still ridiculous by the way, some people can't play at all.
  23. Phoenix

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    depends which char you're on I think Grachi would just bring too many enemies no offence hahaha
  24. Phoenix

    Viridian Media Thread

    a class filming.
  25. Phoenix

    Walk-in-Clinic Days (Open Freq.)

    *She presses down the PTT* Hi everybody. We're trying to make regular walk-in-clinic days happen around here, but we're gonna need some help for that. If you're a medical professional or even just a combat medic who can deal with gun shot wounds and knows basic vitals, contact us so we can get you a more private frequency and meet with you to discuss this frequency. Anyone in need of medical assistance, contact me either here or on a secure frequency of your choice. I will update everyone as soon as we know set dates and locations for the walk-in-clinic days. Also obviously looking for security to keep tabs on the surrounding area. All treatment is free of course, as healthcare should be. *She releases the PTT*
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