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    It's allowed to raid a base when they're offline. Why wouldn't it be? If you make a base, you should be able to get raided. It's a risk that comes with it. In the real world, the people who own a base might be out and about and so the base is left vulnerable. Same goes here.
  2. Phoenix


    It's been a good run guys but we must move on to new projects! Vox's story has ended IC'ly through some intense events the last few weeks. It's been a shit ton of fun and we loved the group! The new project we are working on will tie into the story of vox and will be released next week. I'm excited to do something completely different this time. It's gon' be good! Thank you to everyone who made our experiences with vox so memorable. This group's been a blessing and so have the people in it who are just all amazing people. Thank you!
  3. Sort that out through a radio post if anything, here's not the right place to make trade deals. The jackets are still ingame, just a smaller chance in finding them than other things.
  4. Calling in @Watchman for his full and detailed POV
  5. Phoenix


    Hi JamieBoy Please update your appeal with the template found here. You have 24 hours to do this before this appeal is closed.
  6. Have you tried verifying your game files or essentially looking for graphic driver updates? Those are the most common causes of the game being super laggy all of a sudden.
  7. Phoenix


    Good. It's staying.
  8. Phoenix


    Big welcome to @Franny @MrSaltyFish and yours truly @Osku-chan Glad to have all of you in the group!
  9. This is my homegirl. Y'all better give her all your beanz. Seriously such good stuff, can't wait to see more !!
  10. ahhhhhh @Franny drew this of Luca & Caleb. I'm amazed! Thanks for this!


    1. Pontiff


      Damn, that's awesome ! Aren't they supposed to brother and sister though ? or did I get that wrong ?

    2. Osku


      Holy shit @Franny, that's really good!

    3. Grim


      Damn this is amazing and ponti they are a couple not siblings haha

    4. Franny


      Thank you! I had fun working on this :3 

    5. Pontiff


      @GrimOh well, my bad then. All is good and as it should be. :^p

    6. Watchman


      Big ups! 🙌

    7. OldSchool


      That is so cool!

  11. Phoenix


    thats a lie, come back on your leash lori, we told you not to socialise.
  12. Phoenix


    Sad to see you guys go. PM a Mod + to bring it back! /Archived
  13. Phoenix


    Thanks for taking the time to leave this feedback. As you said, being a standard survivor group can be tough to make unique, but I feel that every rp'er we have in the group gives the whole generic survivor aspect a whole unique twists, all added up shapes the group into what we are and strive to be. I would've liked to see you touch onto our group rules as well. The most important one in my eyes is to "Promote the RP we want to see on our servers instead of looking for it in others" You can take that any way you want to, to me it just means that the general quality of rp hasn't been the same it was a couple years back, so we want to hope that with us trying our very best to provide realistic and good rp, other people may get inspired to do the same and hopefully we can all band together and give the server what it needs. This of course doesn't mean that all RP out there is bad. There are some INCREDIBLY talented people out there and I know our group definitely isn't perfect and we probably fuck around sometimes too, but at the end of the day we do try and I hope we can teach some newcomers the hangs of RP as well. Again thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback.
  14. good watch actually


  15. Phoenix

    Custom text/colours on names are gone

    Seems like a problem browser side as it's normal for me. Try clearing your internet cache.
  16. Honestly this fog has opened up a lot of opportunities for RP. Since it appears at the same time all the infected "mutated" one could RP out that it has a connection. I know it's annoying, but it can be fun if you make it fun
  17. Phoenix

    Le Vestige [Recruitment: Strict]

    massive hype! So happy u boys are back with a new group. I'm excited to see where this goes. Don't archive so quickly please, you guys are super fun to be around!
  18. Phoenix


    It's been vox ingame ever since we were made haha. On the forums it was Vox Populi because that was basically the name, but Vox for short. Some people have started calling us Vox Populi ingame which we don't really go by, so I changed it on here to Vox to make it less weird I guess? Thanks b
  19. Phoenix


    Welcome to the group @Franny Loved your rp so far and I'm sure you'll be a great addition!
  20. *As hayden sits infront of Jonah & Tommy's grave on the cemetary in the field by pustoshka, she takes out a picture of her family. Her mom, dad and herself as a little girl. She watches it for a while, tears rolling down her cheeks. She looks over to the graves and lays the picture down on the ground infront of her. She reaches for her radio and presses down the PTT* This.. This is a message to all my friends... And my family. I know you're all counting on me to keep going and.. as much as I want to.. I just can't. I've lost all my strength. You guys have done so much for me, kept me alive... given me memories I will never forget. *She pauses for a moment* Many of you know that recently my two brothers Jonah and Tommy passed away. They died fighting, just like they wanted to. There was a horde at the gas station and I was trapped in the small building in the middle of it. My family came to help and my brothers lured the horde away into the woods where they got overrun and.. didn't make it back out. We held a big funeral for them, so I thank you everyone who attended it. *She sobs quietly* I miss them. Everyday. More and more. The worst thing is that.. my dad hasn't been around for any of this. When I watched that german kid die in the barn, I needed him the most.. When my brothers passed away, I needed him more than ever before. He didn't tell me he was going to leave. One morning I woke up and.. he just dissapeared. He's been on the radio every so often.. but.. I don't think he's ever gonna return to his family. And don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you even if I knew. *She pauses once more* I am sorry to all my friends and family, I just can't do this anymore. I really.. I can't... I'm so sorry. Sparky.. Keep this family safe. They meant so much to me throughout all of this. I need you to keep Vox alive and lead them on, no matter what. I am counting on it and.. trust me.. I'll be watching. Oskar, you were Jonah's best friend. He would've wanted you to look after his family. Please don't let them all get killed. They can be stupid sometimes but... At least they're family, you know? Rada.. I'm sorry little sister. I'm sorry I can't be there to watch you grow up. You have a big heart, just don't shoot anyone okay? Orson... I know we argued a lot and I'm sorry for that. Your personality is unique and I guess you cope in different ways. I need you to look out for the rest of the family when I'm gone. Please do that for me. James. I know you probably wanted to leave more than once and I don't blame you. I always respected you so much. You were kinda like an uncle to me. I'm sorry I made you mad so many times over and over. I did learn from it. You need to stick around and look after the rest, please. They will be nothing without you James. Kevork. This one is for you. I'm sorry I yelled at you after you shot Kyle. I'm sorry I was tough to handle. I'm sorry I could never give you what you needed the most, but I did try. I hope I could bring you closer to a real family. I know I tried. I'll be watching you, please don't shoot anyone that didn't deserve it. You've got a good heart. To the rest of you. I love you all. Stay strong and don't miss me too much guys. *She cocks her gun* I love you all. Please stay strong for me. *A loud shot can be heard, following by radio static*
  21. this weeb stuff needs to stop plz ? 

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