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  1. When the server is too neutral so it keeps crashing 🤷

    1. RoverBeast


      When you don't have diamond so you gotta sit in a 30 man queue and never get in 😭

  2. Today rocked. Thanks for the stellar RP guys Been loving the RP at and around the hospital and everyone who's providing some great story arch's. @Voodoo @Eddie @Roman @DrMax @Ingvalid @Lamb @Searoz @CJ @MaybeleleLR @Alkis @Conor @Imagine @RoverBeast @Miamomoh @Ouromov @Brayces @Dino @Watchman @Cormac01 @Buckly @groovy azu @silvermoongaming @Nic Sterba @VodkaWolf
  3. The black magic of Mulholland Drive
    Swimming pools under desert skies
    Drinking white wine in the blushing light
    Just another LA Devotee

    - Brendon Urie ❤️ 

  4. Welcome to the group @Miamomoh @Lamb & @Searoz it's amazing to have you guys
  5. I didn't accuse him of breaking a forum rule. It was baiting from an IC standpoint. @Realize baited me to contact them so they could use it against us. Just because I have someone's frequency doesn't mean we're allies or friends with them. Like @Voodoo said above. I'd appreciate if we could continue this through discord where it all started before it got dragged out into the public to farm beanz. I was under the impression that we had a decent conversation about the situation going on discord, but I guess it always has to be posted publicly to call someone out infront of the entire community. You already told me all this over discord before anyway. I don't want our group thread to get cluttered anymore. Thanks for the feedback. "Otherwise you're viewed as a neutral party, which is unacceptable"
  6. So you admit to baiting. I appreciate your honesty. You come to my camp stating "Have you seen 503? I need to speak to them" I said "They were here a while ago but I can radio them to come back" Radio'ing someone doesn't mean we're not completely neutral. 80+ people are on our frequency, so I can radio whoever I want. We don't have a problem with 503, so I radio'ed them because you wanted to speak to them. I ask you if you if you're on good or bad terms with 503, because I don't want to radio them when they're hunting you down. I don't just give people over to them, so I asked. You told me you're on good terms with them. I radio them. You then tell me "Nato are putting up a roadblock by gliniska and they just robbed me too... You'd think Nato would be the good guys here" So I tell the 503 exactly what you told me, because you wanted to speak to them. Then I went afk for a couple minutes and when I got back @DuquesneLR is at the camp and @Realize - you were gone. I asked if he had seen you and he told me "He ran up the scaffolding and then he just sorta disappeared.. Guess he didn't want to be around me" meaning you saw him and logged out. Nice. I am done with this drama. I am not sure why this had to be publicly posted on our group thread when I literally talked to @AndreyQ over discord about the situation and even apologised. Yet, you still felt the need to publicly shine bad light onto us. Yes I get it I should've handled it better IC, but baiting us into talking to 503 just so you have a reason? Come on man.
  7. Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year and I told her a stevie wonder LP would be sweet. She shut me down with "I didn't raise you into shit music. I raised you into classic rock. I'm not buying you a stevie wonder LP. Pick something better" 


    1. Mademoiselle


      Y i k e s

  8. I RP with items that are not ingame because only using the items that are ingame heavily restrict roleplay. It only further's roleplay to emote items out. Especially for medical rp.
  9. wrong Phoenix, don't remember you coming to topolin yesterday Unless Im wrong. And Lettie usually hangs with @PhoenyxxRP
  10. "Anyone wanting to come to the UK to work must have a job offer with a salary threshold of £25,600 – though a salary “floor” of £20,480 will be acceptable in special cases where there might have a skills shortage skills, such as in nursing"

    What kinda fucking bullshit is this? Imagine getting a job offer of 25k in the UK? LOL

    1. Mademoiselle


      If only, I barely get £7,000 annual...

    2. Brayces


      Sounds like they're opting for Skilled Labor only. Some places in order to obtain a work visa you need to be considered a "skilled worker" in which you have a job offer, certificates/degrees, practice in the field, etc. 

      But it's easier to set a salary cap every year instead so ... 😕 

      Bye bye free movement. 

    3. Phoenix


      It's gonna fuck a lot of people over...

    4. Phoenix


      @Mademoiselle on a good month I get 800 in retail.... It's not exactly like the UK has good pay lmao.

    5. Mademoiselle


      Yeah £600 a month 😭 retail too. Send help.

    6. Eagle


      Your wages are low dafuq I do a simple job and get 3k a month.

    7. Brayces


      The cost of living is different in different places.

      For example Min. Wage in Cali is 12.00 USD per hour while in Arkansas it's 9.25 USD per hour. Cali is stupid expensive to live in where in Arkansas it's more affordable. 

    8. Phoenix


      @Eagle Ill move to your country lol

    9. Rover


      Mostly depends what living wages are. 

      I know people that make much less then me that live a much happier quality of life, because cost of living is less. I also know people that moved to the north end of Canada in a shithole for a high-paying job thats easily triple what I make, then they realize a loaf of bread is $12. (about $2 where I live.)

      Lots of littles to consider.

    10. DuquesneLR


      I get 2.4k pounds each month too, if you only get 700 pounds from retail as a full-time then you need to find a new job, or maybe a new country.

    11. Malet



    12. Malet


      Unpaid internship for the win 😄 

    13. Mademoiselle


      Trust, applied for 300 jobs for full time. No access. Always filled by internal candidate.

      £8.31 is minimum wage and then get taxed for that.

    14. Aisling


      Eat the rich

    15. Stagsview


      Are we discussing pre-tax or post tax here ladies and gentlebugs?

    16. Phoenix


      @Mademoiselle Yeah I get 8.50 and its hard to get a full time job in retail unless u are manager, everything else is contracted hours

    17. Rover


      When I worked as a manager in retail for 7 years, I was making $12 Canadian. The minimum wage at the time was from $9.50 to later $10.50 Canadian.... 

      And thats why I went back to College to get a skilled job. 😄 

    18. Eagle


      After tax we get 2k minimum if you go above that you get taxed 40% of your salary lmao.

      First one was in dollars.

    19. Roman


      Shouldn't be difficult with all the overflow of rocket engineers and doctors that immigrated from the middle east and africa that our politicians told us about. 

    20. Watchman


      I made like 1100£ a month washing dishes in Denmark.. nani the fuck

    21. Brian


      People might think its bs having to be a skilled worker to live in the UK, but it stops all the lazy assholes that move to the country and claim benefits to send home to their families abroad.

  11. Wow that means a lot, thanks so much I only recently wrote a guy for our medical team on discord - IV Cannulas, how to start an IV, how to administer an IV Push. - So I was glad to be able to use it ingame a lot today, on like 3 different people. I like playing around with attention to detail to see how people enjoy It without overcomplicating things too much. I appreciate the kind words a lot
  12. welcome @Cormac01 @Buckly to the group Loved the rp with you both so far, you're great additions! We're still recruiting for the following roles: Medical Branch, Security Branch, Civilians Please contact me here if you're interested in joining King's Ridge
  13. Why was this report closed? Mystery asked to close the report as long as all sides agree. Watchman disagreed by saying "No" as you can see here in his reply. This should have been honoured and the report should've remained open. Edit: @Peril it has always been the case that the accused must agree to close a report. Not just the OP. He only has to make a new report if he wishes to counter report, not if he wishes to remain a report open.
  14. Been loving the rp with you guys
  15. King's Ridge will take this hospital gladly Thank you!
  16. That hard work being spending 6h acquiring every type of military grade item on the loot table?
  17. I mean, there isn't such a thing because it isn't a rule.
  18. You don't know if someone is online or offline unless you have them on steam really. We're not gonna go out of our way to check their online status before raiding a base. If there's shit to take, we take it.
  19. Firstly, that made absolutely no sense. secondly, Explain to me why you need a base full of gear when you can run around ingame with just the necessities and no military grade stuff and still actually be able to have an amazing time, meet people and roleplay. We are here for the roleplay, right? So why do people need to horde gear? Make me understand? Do you need your grandfather's 10 AK's to RP with? As an EX GM I know for a fact nothing will be done about offline raiding because it simply isn't a problem.
  20. Don't put your hopes up because it's not going to happen. The admins would have way too much to monitor. It's a game guys. If you can't deal with the fact that people are going to take your shit while you're "asleep" essentially, don't horde. It really isn't rocket science to not horde gear. Just keep what you need on you.
  21. Yay another thread about offline raiding. Because the other ones weren't enough. As far as I see it, if you build a base or stash shit somewhere it's honestly your own fault if you get raided. It just makes the game so much more interesting. If you're offline, take precausions against your base getting raided or don't make a base in the first place. I think it's fine how it is. We shouldn't be keeping tabs on every single person's online or offline status to see if we should raid their base. That is using ooc information which isn't allowed. It's straight up metagaming.
  22. I love watching reports unfold 😄 It's much amusing

    1. OldSchool



  23. I have seen a lot of german's talking in their language. As well as people from other nationalities. The Danish group talks to eachother primarily in Danish. Sometimes even infront of strangers they meet, which is very interesting.
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