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  1. It's rainbow 6 night on stream tonight. come hang

  2. Thanks to everyone who hung out on stream tonight! So much love and support lately really warms my heart ❤️ 

  3. *Luca presses down the PTT* What's Up everyone. Gen Z have taken over the abandoned old camp at tisy that the doctor's so nicely left fully intact. We will be setting this up as a settlement of some sort and rename it to the Midnight Club We also have a few doctors up here that will be able treat people with illnesses or shot wounds or whatever they may come down with. The Pub will be refurbished as a Nightclub. We'll stock up on alcoholic drinks so we can the good stuff going! Come hang out if you want. We're looking for people to run security. All we ask is that you take beef with someone to the outside of the camp. We're not gonna take part in that. We're just gonna hang out and chill and have a ton of fun. See ya round people.
  4. My own Nap murdered me.. Come hang out 

    Guess how much "fun" we're gonna have today

    1. Voodoo



      No fun allowed

  5. What drama did I just wake up to? 😄 

    1. Watchman



    2. Killstar


      Why should you have to wake up to drama in an online community....pathetic

      super bowl smh GIF by Amazon

    3. Malet



  6. Phoenix

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    I'm gonna write this in bold so people know they heard it here first Jon is gonna sacrifice himself at some point for Danny who'll b pregnant. She will get the throne and then die in childbirth. Ya Ya Yeet. Mark my words.
  7. Yes. Obviously you won't be able to switch characters if someone has 2h KOS rights on you.
  8. If you play on a different character that character is a completely different person and you are not allowed to remember events and names that happened on your usual character.
  9. @AlanM @BrianM You won... But I only like 2 songs and she's still ugly as fuck!

    1. BrianM


      Which songs? XD

    2. AlanM


      HA cant take the piss out of me now!

    3. Jaxon


      Please dont tell me you're calling Billie Eilish ugly

  10. Phoenix


    Gotta agree with this to be honest I don't see this taking off
  11. Hey now that's a cool name

  12. Enjoy this clip from tonight featuring @Watchman @SonOfWatchman @AlanM & whoever the poor guy is 😄 


    1. Watchman


      ayyy its your boy

  13. oof this is some stellar rp nice one
  14. Phoenix

    Second server and automatic locking

    fantastic rolle. thank you!
  15. Last stream before hitting affiliate. Kinda exciting tbh. Come hang ❤️ 


    1. JackZRP


      dropped a big fat follow


  16. Phoenix

    Tally Your Bans

    13/30 = 0
  17. Phoenix

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Meens a lot JackZ, really does. We've only enjoyed our time on the server more and more lately and personally I love running into the boys from 24th. Good and solid rp every time!
  18. Question you'd like to ask: (To a Developer) What inspires you to be a developer and when did you first have interest in doing dev work in the past?
  19. Phoenix

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    You can also just install sweet fx if you want the map to look more vibrant
  20. Glad to see my Twitch Staff Q&A Idea is being put into light...

  21. It's that time again kiddos. Come hang out.

  22. 😄 Meeeeeeeeemes


    1. DaRsnn


    2. Watchman


      Billy Eyelash

    3. BrianM


      See too many times mate.

  23. @Itslit @Swiss Miss @Godders All of you are required to post full and detailed POV's of this situation. What you have brought forward to this report so far does not qualify as that. Please adjust this as soon as possible.
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