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  1. Cory was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico but moved to Dallas, Texas when she was 8 years old. Her teenage years were far from perfect. After losing both of her parents in a car accident at the age of 14, she became an orphan and started struggling with opioid and substance misuse. She eventually managed to pick herself back up with the help of a close friend of hers who was motivating her to follow her dreams. He ensured her that life was far from over and that her future was bright and got her through the toughest 2 years of her life. She eventually fell in love with medicine and started really enjoying past time studying whilst going clean. It gave her something to do and a way to cope with her problems. She managed to finish her senior year in high school with extraordinary passion and got accepted into Harvard Medical School. She found a Residency spot in Emergency Medicine at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, studying Diagnostics on the side to become a Diagnostician. After finishing her residency, she enrolled into a fellowship for Cardiothoracic Surgery at the same hospital. In early 2020, Cory and her best friend went on Vacation to Lopotevgrad, Chernarus. They also visited a few other cities to tour such as Kirovograd and Miroslavl. News of their flights being cancelled from the frienzied flu pandamic forced them to move further to the east and hold down at a friend's house in Chernogorsk until further notice. When Riots broke out, Cory got seperated from her two friends in Chernogorsk.
  2. 2015 hello @Major Tom I remember BHM. Much love to that group!
  3. Huge shoutout to @Sylvester Todd and @OGpatch37 for the amazing roleplay running from olsha to bere
  4. edgy FireDude incoming

  5. edgy Fae tho

    1. Mommy


      Maybe soon™️ 👀

  6. I personally don't have a problem with any of you and there is a few people in groovy that I can call my friends. You are ALL stellar RP'ers, but as mentioned the ski-resort Idea in my complete personal opinion seemed like a way for you guys to let out anger. It's okay to have a rough period and make mistakes, you'll always get through it
  7. tenor.gif.9b2b0d03bd11506cfe537b626a3a8c08.gif


    1. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      you the man

  8. Luca is a train wreck just as much Think we'll get along
  9. time for a new profile song tbh

    1. DrBrain



    2. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      dope ass song

  10. We definitely got closer and I'm super excited to train Cillian in CLS so he can be a combat medic in the group, since your medical RP last night was awesome and we keep getting injured somehow Definitely need more CLS trained.
  11. Jaaaaaaaaaaamie

    1. Jamie


      Stop clogging up my profile, people will miss the  r e a l  content

      jk x

  12. I genuinely don't know who they were, there was a lot of privates with big mouths
  13. Enjoyed the RP today from @ItsJet @Fae and @Drbeans but man I gotta say, some of your privates have one hell of a mouth on them and don't get anything you're telling them.
  14. @IosephusQ - Your medical rp is out of this fucking world. By far the best one I have ever seen. Props to you! I love the roleplay and I enjoy hanging out around your place and getting to know your character @DrBrain - Loved the rp and the fucking laughs Look forward to more!
  15. I'm a sucker for a good beat, and this definitely fills the criteria.


    1. OwOldSchOwOl


      That 80's gated drum reverb. 👌

    2. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      *loses number*

  16. You can write on a note by dragging a pen over it, it'll allow you to write whatever you want. Just make sure you keep it within RP guidelines and don't write trolly shit basically.
  17. The amount of fucking people that can't say your group name is actually hilarious Everytime I'm in game someone is like "The Tesspotts just came by" or "Did you see the Sepotts earlier?" Or Teapots, Pesstot, Tepsov, Tresspotts, Tripods Keep it up bois!
  18. If you want to become a storm chaser just move to Oklahoma and bring a lawn chair. 


  19. Upgraded my headset game from Hyper X Cloud 2 to Hyper X Cloud Alpha S. Thanks for helping me set it up @Duke@eDgY ScOuSe & @Grim because I was too stupid to press buttons to make the sound good 😄 

    1. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Buttons hard 

  20. Real internal hours last night @FireDude - That was very fucking emotional and needed. Jesus Christ. Thanks! @edgy Daemon - As always top notch and wholesome as all hell. Wouldn't trade it for the world @edgy Dingle - Best step dad in all of chernarus. Also most overprotective!!!
  21. holy jesus my name.... what have you guys done to me? @edgy Daemon @edgy Dingle @edgy Foley @edgy Krook @edgy Lyaria @edgy Maverick @edgy Wolf @edgy Wynne

    1. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Super necessarycowboy bebop smoking GIF

    2. edgy Wolf

      edgy Wolf

      What needed to be done.

    3. edgy Wolf

      edgy Wolf

      😈Season 2 Episode 20 GIF by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    4. Maybelele


      uh oh oops GIF

      Olsha going to be surrounded by people in ponchos 🤣

    5. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      That’s a much better idea than gas masks and swords 

    6. ZedLR


      pray jesus christ GIF
      Lord save me

    7. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      God can’t save you or anyone else 

    8. Watchman



    9. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      I genuinely think its just a phase lmao

    10. Marik


      It better be 😞

    11. ZedLR


      Quality meme @Watchman

    12. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Not a phase. Straight fucking edge. XXX

    13. edgy Maverick

      edgy Maverick

    14. Hofer


      *makes new list*

    15. edgy Wynne

      edgy Wynne

      wish u would step back from dat edge mah frennn ~

    16. Duke


      *puts on his future list*

    17. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      *burns every list*

    18. ZedLR


      *kept backups*

    19. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      *updates group goals to burn all paper they come across*
      preventing more future lists

    20. ZedLR


      *Makes it digital*
      Tim And Eric Omg GIF

    21. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      *launches an emergency attack on photocopiers in the region*

    22. ZedLR


      *NordVPN activated*


    23. Watchman


      why is this still going REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    24. ZedLR


      So we can ping your ass  ; )

    25. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      *focuses all attention to watchman*

  22. wat is happening xD 


    @edgy Daemon @edgy Dingle @edgy Wolf

    1. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      Something wholesome ❤️

    2. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      just good boys

    3. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      should've made the goodboy's gang not the edgegang 😄 

      goodboy Dingle 

      goodboy Daemon

      goodboy Wolf

      goodboy PhoenixLR 


    4. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      not fucking edgy enough


    5. Eddie


      Good, edgelord eddie hasn't been taken yet 🤣

      edgelord GIF by AOK

      Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Now we are talking! 

    7. Mommy


      Its not capitalised and its upsetting me.

    8. Wbtrex


      That is part of the point, I suspect.


    9. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      @Wbtrex the only POINT is to out nihilism Lev with edge 

    10. ZedLR


      thinking emoji GIF

    11. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Super necessary 

    12. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      oh christ

    13. Wbtrex


      @edgy Daemon

      That's impossible.

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