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  1. Phoenix


    Am I the only one that dislikes people using those robot voice changers ingame….

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    2. Noble


      Just saying, if I play a mute I won't actually use anything to talk, I'll be like the Skyrim mainplayer or Fallout etc. No talk just taking missions from everyone lol

    3. Mademoiselle


      If they enjoy rping a girl and doing it, let them do it. No harm no foul, y'know

    4. Noble


      That is not the point she is trying to put across Mademoiselle. 
      She is talking about the people that have dogshit voice changers and sound like robots while there are literally real life methods and better voice options if you do wish to play a female.

    5. Phoenix


      I am talking about text to speech. I've seen like  5 mute females with text to speech In the last 3 months. I feel like 1 person started it and then people thought it was good to do it that way or something. Idk. Personally I find it boring talking to a mute and getting text to speech "NO" and "Yes" constantly in a robotic voice. I'd much prefer if I could actually RP with a mute properly, with sign language and notes and trying to guess what they're saying. That's much more interesting. Like nod for yes, shake your head for no instead of text to speech spamming yes and no constantly. Like I said, This isn't due to 1 person specifically at all - this is what I have noticed. I've seen it overused lately.

    6. HeartlssHeretic


      The person uses an IC recorder or cassette player with pre-recorded lines of dialogue, because his character doesn't have a tongue to speak. it is purposefully meant to sound staticy and distorted. 

    7. HuskyBB


      there was only 1 that i knew of, now there is 2 new ones. Honestly you can say that they should do textrp. But @Korha did that for a good 6 months or so and most people basically refuse to roleplay with people who use notes because they are too impatient. This server is not suitable for textrp at all, people just ignore you.

    8. Noble


      Honestly that is an interesting concept and someone should definitely pull it off. 

      On the topic though I do agree even while I do not get the appeal of a guy playing a female. ?‍♂️

    9. Morytania


      They didn't use text to speech at all. They asked other members of the community who are female to record voice lines for them that they wanted to use. Personally I thought it was a pretty creative avenue instead of the cut and paste "mute, can't speak" character. They went through a lot of effort to get the voice lines made for them that they could use as something to add some more interest to the typical mute character. Just my thoughts on the matter, as everyone is free to think how they like about such things. ?‍♀️

    10. Mademoiselle


      I mean if I could use a good voice changer, I would to play a male lmao but I can't

    11. HeartlssHeretic


      I would suggest, if you don't like certain RP. Maybe find suitable RP to your liking in other places?

    12. Phoenix


      Why do I gotta do that? @HeartlssHeretic ?? Everyone's entitled to what RP style they prefer. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. I know there's people that don't like medical rp, doesn't mean they should find a new place without it ? ???

    13. HeartlssHeretic


      But to openly bash someone's style of RP, is in bad taste imo. 

    14. HuskyBB


      @River Ew medical rp, get out of here you maniac.

    15. Malet


      Only ever met one person using a voice changer on DayZRP couple of years ago. @Dino might remember what I mean and it was straight up terrible ? Not the biggest fan myself.

    16. KorhaSB


      After my main character got her tongue cut off, most people gave zero effort in RP'ing with me on said character. The second someone would approach me and then see that she was mute, they would simply go "I don't have time for this" and then leave. As a solution, I got my own voice lines that I had ripped off games, gotten from people who voice acted for me etc, and set up an entire soundboard assigned to play specific lines. It has staticy and distorted effects to make it clear that it's an device being used to not be mistaken with someone actually talking. I saw someone mentioned it being lazy. Lazy? I have over 137 voice lines assigned to different keys, that 1, needed editing, 2, needed to be voiced or extracted from other sources and 3, I need to memorize every key to know what to press and when to press it to give an appropriate response in-game. I get that hearing the same voice lines over and over can get difficult but there's no way to have an voice line for every response. Either because it's unpredictable what someone decides to say, and because you have an limited amount of keys you can assign. However I still found this to be an good solution to making my character a bit more interesting, and to fix the problem of people telling me "Why would I RP with a mute? I have better things to do than to stand and wait for you to type.". I was skeptical at first however the majority of people who have given me feedback about it have been positive about it and found it interesting or cool. 

      On that note however, I was asked by two others for help in how to set it up, get voice lines etc and I didn't like that at all because this is something that I thought would be really annoying if more people started doing this, and I told them my concerns. And now that I've gotten word about 2-3 other characters doing the same thing, I understand with OP how it can be seen as annoying. But I'm not in an position to force others not to copy my idea. 

      I've been doing this for over half a year, and probably will still continue, both for my character and for my own joy in experimenting on how to do it more efficient and finding better lines to use. And it's become a way for many people to recognize and identify my main character, however I still wish that people didn't copy it as it would most definitely become annoying and maybe even made a rule against if it becomes too big of an problem. 

    17. EddieLR


      I don't mind the way Rae uses the cassette player and the prerecorded text as I find it creative and I really enjoy the RP as it makes sense imo. What drives me crazy is when someone uses a voice changer and they sound like a robotic chipmunk, now that makes no sense to me xD. 

      mash up robot GIF

    18. Elmo


      Text RPers and voice changers are annoying. @Conor can confirm the abuse he gets from me on the matter.

      On another note, snowflake is an insult that should best be left in 2016 where it belongs.

      Keep it civil folks, everybody is entitled to express their opinion, even if it differs from yours ? 

    19. VoodooLR


      Wait robots are now in dayz? Where do they get the power from to recharge? 

    20. Eagle


      Child characters are more annoying.

    21. Phoenix


      @Voodoo all the battery powered pocket equipment we use ? we hook it all together and powercharge robots.

    22. HuskyBB


      @Voodoo Slaves acting like hamsters to charge all the batteries

      hamster GIF

    23. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      The way @Korha handles it is actually quite unique and creative.

      Only recommendation I have is to still use a fair bit of textrp while also using the voice lines (if yuu aren't already doing that.)


      On another note.:

      The stupid clown fish voice filters that some whitenames use are cringe and should be thrown in a dumpster fire. 

    24. Aisling


      @God has a few godly recordings. "Fuck off" is my favorite 

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