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  1. Phoenix


    Brexit explained:

    UK: We want a Unicorn!
    EU: You can't have a Unicorn, You can have a Pony instead.
    UK: We voted! We don't want a Pony
    EU: Pony or nothing
    UK: We voted again! We don't want nothing
    EU: You really don't get it, do you?
    UK: We need more time to think!
    EU: Think about what? The Pony or the nothing?
    UK: We want a Unicorn!

    1. Galland


      Some continentals: Hopefully this bureaucratic super state finally breaks down without the money of the Brits..

    2. ToeZies


      Are you trying to say that we voted for something impossible? Or something unachievable or chilidish?  Because Brexit is what we voted for and the only reason it's been delayed over and over is because of people wanting to build favour for their parties and to play at trying to last this out until they can get to an election.

      Sorry the majority of the nation voted to not be part of a globalist regime 

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