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  1. Phoenix


    Boss: I changed your shifts on these days.....
    Me: Tough luck I've already got plans now since its next week. Should've asked me first.
    Boss: ….
    Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Scarlett


      lmao I hate when they do that and they expect you to change your plans without asking

    2. Phoenix


      Its fine tho because I have an ongoing knee injury and my doctor will literally sign me off indefinitely if I wanted him to. If she wants to push my limits and play games, then we'll play games because I am literally the only one that ever covers her emergency shifts. 😉 

    3. Scarlett


      yeah there is a time when you just have to say no, but yeah your boss sounds exactly how my old boss sounded and I stood up and just said no it got bad to the point I threatened to tell her manager about her that's when she stopped you get good ones and bad ones its just your luck you got a bad one

    4. Phoenix


      I got one good one and one bad one. My assistant manager is alright. She always asks first if I can do those shifts. My store manager will just change things around without telling me.

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