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  1. A lot of groups these days don't last longer than 2 weeks, etc. Not enough time to make a difference on the server. Obviously a lot of groups I see in the group forums have been there for a good while now, and I don't mean those. But why make a group when it's gonna get approved and then not continue? How can people make alliances and friendships or even conflicts in game when they can assume the group is going to die out after 2 weeks and everyone's gonna change characters again. 😕 Not a dig btw, just an observation recently.

    1. Voodoo


      Fully agree which is why I said a rule should be made that if you create a group you are basically signing on that the group will be around for 2-3 months on approval. 

    2. Watchman


      dean winchester good job GIF

    3. Phoenix


      @Voodoo It shouldn't count If people go inactive for personal reasons, but I honestly think that if group a makes a group and then loses interest in it after a week, and the entire group switches characters and makes a new group, and so on and so forth, that shouldn't rly be allowed.

    4. Voodoo


      Just force it that as soon as you make a character and set it to active you cannot change that character for 2 months simple 😄

    5. Hellspawn


      Longevity is a tough one to pull off. People can lose interest pretty quickly if there isn't something for them to do, but it's also not as hard as people think it is to create your own role-play. Once you give people a bit of direction they usually find it a lot easier to keep on going with a group. It does kinda feel like some groups will archive without any closure though, leaving everyone else scratching their heads trying to figure out where they went in-character.

    6. Phoenix


      @Hellspawn Yeah I agree with that

    7. Eagle


      It's a game shit gets boring internal OOC conflicts ontop of playing the same thing for months ain't fun.

    8. OldSchool


      Feels like making groups for the sake of kill rights and then disbanding so they don't have to suffer the consequences of the rampage they've caused.

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