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  1. Shake Shack or Five Guys? Whats better?

    1. BrianM


      Wtf is Shake Shack?

    2. SeversonRP


      Hardee’s all the way 

    3. Finn


      Never had shake shack, so I'm going with Five Guys due to the simple fact that it's probably everywhere because it's so delicious.

    4. Saunders


      we only have five guys here in the uk so i'd have to go with that

    5. Mexi


      Five Guys, had it in Boston and I've got to say they most certainly don't disappoint.

      Get Cajun Fries too.

    6. Walnuts


      Shake Shack is more of a hoity toity burger, if you want to get a pristine bunned cheeser go for Shake Shack, they make their own cheese sauce. FIVE GUYS on the other hand is a god given gift for humanity.

    7. JackZRP


      Eat healthy 

      No five guys or shake shack 

    8. Phoenix


      Thanks guys 😄 I was told Shake Shack beats Five Guys but I am a sucker for five guys religiously. I am very doubtful that shake shack will beat it. We got a shake shack opening opposite five guys in the mall that I work in, so I was curious what others prefer basically 😛 

      @Saunders we got shake shack in the UK it's everywhere in London and suburbs where I live 😛 Not tried it yet tho

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