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  1. Phoenix


    Shake Shack or Five Guys? Whats better?

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    2. Walnuts


      Shake Shack is more of a hoity toity burger, if you want to get a pristine bunned cheeser go for Shake Shack, they make their own cheese sauce. FIVE GUYS on the other hand is a god given gift for humanity.

    3. JackZRP


      Eat healthy 

      No five guys or shake shack 

    4. Phoenix


      Thanks guys 😄 I was told Shake Shack beats Five Guys but I am a sucker for five guys religiously. I am very doubtful that shake shack will beat it. We got a shake shack opening opposite five guys in the mall that I work in, so I was curious what others prefer basically 😛 

      @Saunders we got shake shack in the UK it's everywhere in London and suburbs where I live 😛 Not tried it yet tho

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