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  1. Looking for someone who can design 4 small sub badges for twitch from scratch. Don't wanna get copyrighted or some shit. I checked fiverr but every designer on there is overpriced as fuck. (I will pay, but has to be reasonable) HMU.


    1. Banshee


      What did you have in mind? I could try and whip something up for you, free of charge.

    2. Phoenix


      @Banshee something in this style of the middle one with the cat (bc I love cats...)


      doesn't have to be super perfect as I'm only starting out and shit
      has to be from scratch or free to use somehow as nearly everything you cop from google just ends up getting yeeted by twitch mostly. otherwise i'd have some by now. I'm pre good at finding shit on google lmfao.

    3. Banshee


      I'll see if I can whip something up, can't promise if it'll be good or not.

    4. Phoenix


      @Banshee I'm sure it's gonna be great. I'll take my chances. 🙂❤️ 

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