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  1. I have seen a lot of things in my time here and seen a lot of people take their group ideas way way too seriously, but I have never seen a group leader doxing people that wanted to join the group and hiring a team of IT guys to do IP checks on them. This was definitely a first.

    1. Rover


      .... Are you serious? I thought he was just spoofing it to see how people reacted.


      EDIT: I went and reread the thread. .... WAT?!

    2. Crim


      Wasn't a GM's account hacked a few months ago resulting in IP addresses being leaded and members being DDOSed? Tad different but just as pathetic and creepy

    3. Malet


      *starts to panic and tosses all his police reports into the  fire*

    4. Lyca


      Don't worry guys... the FBI is on it. 😄

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