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  1. Literally the best fucking time for shitty quote memes
  2. Phoenix


    Oh god what have you done lol. Jokes aside, have fun with that one
  3. Updated my char page with a friendship chart. Character is new still so not really fleshed out 😄 


  4. Yes I do remember that Golden times. I wish the server was this interesting nowadays lmfao
  5. Since the old quote wall was all over the place broken left right and center, I decided to make a fresh new thread and post the pictures manually so the links don't keep breaking ENJOY 2019 - @Ducky "Mint condition. Never used. Just like my asshole" - @Watchman - @Voodoo - @Watchman Watchman: "IM STUCK" Me: "Stop getting your dick stuck" Watchman: "THE VACCUUM CLEANER" @Watchman - @BrianM - @Peril "Do orthodontists turn you on?" - @Peril - @Watchman - @Kerkkoh - @Watchman - @Inferno453 - @Zero - @Harvard - @DrMax - @Inferno453 - @Watchman - @Zero @Voodoo @Pontiff - @Watchman - @Harvard - @Zero @DrMax - @Watchman watchmalone: rhinoshouses watchmalone: 9f0ifghjthera'ø watchmalone: .,mxdfsgh watchmalone: øæ @Watchman - @BrianM - @Pontiff - @Voodoo @Grim - @Lori - @Voodoo - @StagsviewRB - @BrianM @Voodoo - @DatBlueWolf - @StagsviewRB - @StagsviewRB - @DatBlueWolf - @Voodoo - @Voodoo - @Watchman We had a pet chicken, fyi - @Watchman "My fecking cat keeps drooling when we cuddle, and then she decides to shake her head around, my face is now covered in cat drool" - @Limpan - @Azu "We gota restock poppy shes geting low on zuckini" - @Kattica - @AlanM @Voodoo Luca: We hold classes every saturday at 10am for anyone who wants to learn how to get out of handcuffs when you and your partner are both handcuffed during sex Poppy: That seems like the kinda class nobody wants to go to Caleb: Well, a lot of Chedaki show up @Kattica @Watchman - @Voodoo @Watchman Viggo "I slept in the same cabin as them last night" Luca "Im sure a lot of ball cupping happened" Caleb "It was the world cup" @Derek Steel @Watchman - @Aisling watching eurovision voting me: why's russia 2nd they were trash @Voodoo s dad: they have a lot of guns and nukes @Franny @Watchman "Jo when are you going" Me: "Yes" The daily struggles of being the OG Phoenix Talking about Norway, Sweden & Denmark @AlanM "Aren't they all just the Netherlands tho?" 2017 @Buddy @Combat Logo "Every girl is a little gay. They're like spaghetti, straight until wet" - @Tiviyl "Kuba is on Utes right now fucking his wife producing more babies for the state" - @Major "Map Knowledge: My map knowledge is good I have exploded most of the map" - Random Guy's Group Application - @Honeybee - @Roland - @RogueSolace @Dirty Dan "I nearly cut my dick off with my zipper" - Finn *Winks and knows how badly she wants him* [ URL]//try[/ URL] harder - @Jaxon "Grease my Nipples & call 'em Mustang & Sally" - @Tiviyl - @Jsesse White "It's surprising how you can sound like a fat kid" - @Sophie "You're dealing with Ghosts here, We're dealing with real threats" - @Otter 2016 - @Lori - @LoneStarrr @Lyca - @Kerkkoh - @Kerkkoh - @LoneStarrr
  6. @Phoenix Is Fun - Thank you for thinking I am fun 🙂 That means a lot.

    You heard it hear first guys. I AM FUN! ❤️ 

    1. Osku


      kathy bates lies GIF

  7. It's metagaming to share information between 2 characters. If you were to make a new character, it's a completely new person with 0 knowledge until you gather that knowledge on said character.
  8. Phoenix

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Not sure how this thread isn't being used Appreciation time @Watchman - Honestly at this point you know way too much about me that I could ever allow you to leave, okay? But no, for real... You're my best friend and I appreciate the shit out of you. You mean so much to me and you know this. We've been through so much shit together that just made us stronger. Thank you for everything and thank you for existing bestie @Voodoo - I know we don't publicly speak about our relationship often because we like to keep it private, but I honestly just need to give you a massive shoutout for still being with me after 8 years considering the amount of times I nearly killed you by setting the house on fire or punching you in the face at night. Not sure how you're still with my derpy ass, but here we are I guess @Buddy - I fucking miss you, okay? For real, come hang out some time. You were such a big influence on my life at one point and now you're doing you and I miss you. Time zones suck ass too, so the times we do get to talk are usually at like 3am. I honestly miss the old gang. We fucked around so much and google hangouts was always the shit You deserve the happiness you're having with your girl, dude. You really do. I hope it keeps going strong. Remember Im always here when you need a friend. @Franny - My German sis. I remember the first time we met you in game in GenZ and you were so shy and adorable, we just HAD to adopt you. And now here you are! I love talking to you about cats and I love your cat videos! You're a great person Franny. Don't let anyone tell you differently. @Ducky - You know how the story goes... Didn't get along at first, two very opinionated people who would just clash left right and center. But here we are. I'm glad we became friends and I'm glad you're allowing my stupid ass in your group I hope I don't disappoint and I hope you see that I'm not as bad as I seemed, because I sure see that in you now. You're a great guy, even tho danes are weird. But that's okay! Thanks for being a good friend @ToeZies - Somehow we both thought that we hated each other, without anyone actually hating anyone at the end of the day. That's honestly fucking hilarious to me. I've seen what kinda person you are a lot recently and it means so much how you care about your friends. They can always count on you and I am glad I can talk to you to if I need to vent about shit. Thank you for that. You're pre cool, Jack @Peril - Oh hey, My Knee twinnie. Sorta anyways. You're doing great kiddo, hope you know this. I love chatting shit with you and hanging out in game. You're a great guy and I'm glad you're around in staff. I know you're gonna go far! It's good someone can relate about my fucked knee as well, so I can vent even more about that! @Harvard - I miss you. Where are you? You were like a brother to me at one point and you've just sorta stopped hanging about. It's a shame, but I hope you know you can always talk to me if you need to. Nothing's changed, I'm still here for you. Same goes for you @Aisling. Reeeeee you guys are missed okay? @BrianM - You're a good kid and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and I am glad you're my friend. Thank you for everything. @Imation11 - I'm glad you're around whenever I need a therapy session But for real.. You're a great guy and you're very kind and care about everyone around you before yourself. That's a great deal, and I hope people tell you enough that they appreciate it, because you really deserve that. So incase they haven't, I'll be the one to say it here. @Eddie - Another one that I fucking miss. You're such a wholesome dude and you honestly deserve the world for your kindness. We all miss you, eddie. I hope you're well and you're gonna be coming to hang out some time again.# @Randy - My vent buddy in staff. You've been a lot busier lately since getting red, but I hope nothing's changed. I enjoy talking to you and venting about stupid shit like we always used to. It was kind of our thing @Roman - Somehow the only times we talk are after we've seen each other in game, which is funny But every time we both just compliment each other's RP and it's great, honestly. That's kind of become our trademark now If I'm being honest. I know you're a solid dude and I appreciate that you message me after RP thanking me for it. It goes a long way, not everyone has the effort to do that. @AlanM - We don't talk much anymore but I appreciate the time we had together ingame and ooc. I hope you're doing okay and know that if you ever need me, I'll be here b. Honorable mentions - @Kaiju47 @Fae @Banshee @Inferno453 @Osku @Simon @Derek Steel @Saunders @Realize @Hofer - My staff buddies. I'm glad to be in staff with you guys. You all do a fantastic job and I like the friendships we all have with each other. We're honestly a solid team at the moment
  9. which 1? @Franny @Watchman @ToeZies @Ducky


    I vote watchman 😄 

    1. Franny


      Sure it's not you ? 😉😛

    2. Phoenix


      I'm not that weird ok? 😄 

  10. Phoenix

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome bestie @Watchman
  11. Phoenix

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    oh boi. good luck.
  12. Phoenix

    S1 Kabanino NVFL/BadRP

    @Burak has been temp banned and may remain temp banned until the report has reached a verdict.
  13. Felt really really bored, so just decided to book up a midnight screening of once upon a time in Hollywood. dragging @Voodoo along too.


    1. Inferno453


      Wow, so you won't even consider inviting me huh? I thought we were best friends

    2. Voodoo



    3. Phoenix


      I mean they say reach for the stars but dang Inferno don't like.. reach that high lol

    4. LumenRP


      Woman when is you streaming?

    5. Inferno453


      @LumenRP I think you might have the wrong phoenix 😂

    6. LumenRP


      Nah she used to stream as well 👆🏽👆🏽

    7. Phoenix


      I did haha. I kinda stopped.

  14. Phoenix

    • Phoenix
    • PaulB

    Ayeeeee, there he is 🙂 

    1. PaulB



  15. I'm bored af

    1. Hofer


      Ban me

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