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  1. Phoenix


    just drank from my dr. pepper can and felt something long pointy and metally in my mouth. spit it out to find a needle.

    1. Para


      Lmao what... how does a needle even get into a bottle of Dr Salt?

    2. Phoenix


      I dont know I am just glad I didnt swallow it. Kinda paranoid as fuck now.

    3. Para


      Tbf I studies a case on my course where a woman in the 1940s ended up having a decaying snail in her bottle of beer. Quite the lawsuit 😄

    4. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      Its not the worst lawsuit the brits have cooked up though eh?

    5. Rover


      Jesus. I used to work in a brewery that bottled canned beer among other things, I don't have the slightest idea how that could ever find its way in there without someone intentionally doing it before introducing the cans to the bottling line. Thats about the only point it could have wound up in there, before the can was filled and closed.

    6. Phoenix


      Well.. It's not very likely that there were 2 in it, is it? Because I am so paranoid that my trachea now hurts as if I swallowed a needle. Literally paranoid as fuck. I'm just sitting here telling myself I would've felt it go down or felt it in my mouth. 

    7. Rover


      There are so many safeguards and precautions in place that are supposed to prevent this exact thing. But having worked near it... I mean its not hard to get around if you know the safeguards.


      Pour it in a clear glass! >.> I'd be paranoid too.

    8. Mexi


      That’s fucked..

      Call customer service, they’ll ship you some free shit if you don’t take it further/ to press lmao.

    9. Rover


      Definitely keep the needle and don't send it to ANYONE, just send them measurements/photos. They'll 'lose' it.

      If you contact the bottler they'll go through every piece of machinery and see if it came from that. Never happened to me, but I heard stories from others in the field.

    10. Simatho


      Take a picture and complain to the company. You WILL get something in return 100%.

    11. Phoenix


      Yo! Update on the needle situation.
      We emailed coca cola who make dr. pepper apparently (didnt know this lmao) and they will get in touch with us hopefully soon. Told us to keep the can and needle and not throw it away. 
      We might be in for a damn nice free supply of dr. pepper apparently.

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