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  1. Phoenix


    Well... time to prep for the event that nobody signed up for. :/
    If anyone wants to play DJ, we really need music. 

    1. Gowbe


      Well. I don´t want to sound like a douche bag. But a fishing event?  I think that if the apocalypse would happen IRL one of the last things I would do is to apply to a fishing competition. It doesn't really make any sense at all ICLY to go there. Maybe if it would have been a shooting competition or something similar more people would apply for it because it would actually make more sense.   
      And in my opinion shooting things is way cooler and funnier than fishing...

      But yeah. that's just my opinion. I  don´t  know, It might be a success. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    2. Phoenix


      Listen. I was thinking about a lot of different Events I could do, the most obvious one being a fight club which has been done 1000000000000000 times before and is super generic. I chose not to do that. I also knew I wanted to make an event because I wanted the community to have one, since there isn't any Lore Events. 

      I'm not a Loremaster so I apologise for not creating an event that could further the lore, that's someone else's Job. I wanted to bring an event to the community that wasnt so fuckin' generic like a fight club and chose to do a fishing event / flea market. It's not even about the fishing, it's about getting everyone together and having a great time.

      I remember back in 2015 @Volke did millions of amazing events that people loved and were excited for. 
      All I wanted to do was give the community an Event that everyone asked for so badly. Now I put an event out and nobody is excited for it apart from a few people. It's not my fault noone else is doing events, is it? I wanted to help. But apparently nothing is ever good enough.

      Now I'm getting told people don't wanna come to it because it's an event that wouldn't fit the Lore or wouldn't further people's characters or wouldn't further the current Lore. Again, I ain't a Loremaster I'm only trying to help.


      Also it would be nice if we would stop taking IC Events so overly fucking serious, forgetting we're a gaming community and actually do some IC Events that won't make fucking sense but will be a whole lot of fun. 

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