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  1. Phoenix


    When someone comes to your office for a gunshot wound, you are emoting and he isn't reading any of them :( 

    1. Taryn



    2. Fil Vandren

      Fil Vandren

      I had talked to a guy about that. Some people who are newer don't have their chats on, and refuse to turn them on...it just ruins the fun of the rp, am I right..?

    3. Lyca


      When they refuse to turn them on and ignore text rper and emotes... its simply Bad RP.

      Just try to talk to them, or come to Staff help or report them. 

    4. Phoenix


      I was like *Inspects the wound* //what do I see - and he's just stood there talking other stuff and then I ask again //what do I see? - and he just keeps talking and then looks at me and says "So what's wrong doc?"

    5. Fil Vandren

      Fil Vandren

      Yeah, definitely had his chat off.

    6. Lyca


      Did you message him afterwards or talk to him about it?

    7. Karma


      This sadly is not a new thing, even prewipe people were CONSTANTLY doing this. and then would ask me why i was being so quiet.

    8. Fil Vandren

      Fil Vandren

      I always keep my chat on, and always pay attention to it.....I even textRP for one of my characters, are they're basically a mute. So this ruins my fun there....but I have also had someone be like this, they turned their chat on, but not before ranting at me that I'm being an OOC hater first. I don't know what's up with some people. But I'll quit my rambling....

      I meant as, not are.....I hate my brain.

    9. Buddy


      Calling in @Markus to post his POV shed some light on the situation ;)  

    10. Markus


      Hi, I am sorry about this.
      I have not seen any of the messages, that is why my reaction was off..

      Please excuse me for this, this will not happen anymore.

    11. Buddy


      No one is upset with you about it you're okay! Player messages in game show up in the bottom left corner in white text; Server or Admin messages in red text. If you have them disabled, simply press escape while in game and then click on Confifure and check off all of the boxes you see in the Game tab :) Messages will show up for you then!

    12. Markus


      Ah alright, thanks for the information. 
      I will look at my settings to see what is wrong.

      First and last time, still learning... I am sorry again.

    13. Taryn


      @Buddy Confifure. 

    14. Buddy


      Hey now, i'll confifure the hell outa you :trolle:

    15. Taryn


      Threaten me with a good time. Lol

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