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  1. Phoenix

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    cause TS "costs money" discord does not. I recon that's why it was removed.
  2. Phoenix

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    I guess I just like originality Regardless, TS should come back but I recon it wont. so 07
  3. Phoenix

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    I agree. No need to copy the exact look of our old TS. Just creates drama and ooc problems.
  4. Phoenix

    Vox Populi

    Thanks so much! I worried you think we're an unorganized bunch which we are like half of the time lmfao!! We're all so different to eachother. Some of us are super serious depressed shits and others are personalities that use comedy to relief the whole apocalypse situation happening. All in all there's never a boring day and I am glad you enjoyed the rp!! Sorry, we got into not one, not two, but three situations before that. It delayed itself a shit ton haha. PS: We're always late! Get used to it b. Thanks so much Brandon that means a lot and I can honestly only say the same for you
  5. Phoenix


    Please can we make the whitelist harder 😞 

    1. Phoenix


      Quality over quantity.exe

    2. Eagle


      That would change nothing there is always a wave of idiots.

    3. SWAGRP



  6. Phoenix


  7. Phoenix

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    *Hayden presses down the PTT* Jesse. If you need help at the camp, I can get one of our docs to come up and help out. We do house calls as well. *Static*
  8. Phoenix



  9. Phoenix


    apparently stealing someone's loot haul and leaving unimportant items behind is griefing? ehhhhh ok

    1. yung flare

      yung flare


  10. Phoenix


    my first born @Watchman gets this one easy Its an animated screenshot. Just a bit of light stuff on it, it's still fire without the animation bro Just like think of it without the lighting stuff flying around, with or without that's a damn sweet screenshot and probably would've won regardless of animation or not.
  11. Phoenix

    House in the woods?

    So many memories with that house. It's definitely haunted as fuck.
  12. Phoenix

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    *Hayden presses down the PTT* Will be there in a couple hours. Hope you'll be around. *Static*
  13. Phoenix


    If you ask a friend if they wanna do something tonight and they respond with "I'll see what I'm doing and then get back to you" It's usually key for "I'll see if I find something better first and if I don't, I'll let you know" and you don't need those people in your life.


    1. Eagle


      Maybe your just that boring :trolle:

    2. Phoenix


      I don't have any friends so this problem doesn't include me 😄 

    3. yung flare

      yung flare

      Really makes you think 🤔

  14. Phoenix

    The Ubuntu (Dynamic group)

    We've got 2 reports open already on stuff similar to this and I didn't really need a third. It's tough to see so many people on our servers struggle to stay serious in RP. If anything the whitelist needs to be harder and the mentor program needs to return, but besides that I don't want to be marked down as a person that reports all the time. I'd rather leave feedback and hope it's being taken to heart. Thanks for not ripping my head off, I just wanna help the servers have more quality rp than troll so it's enjoyable for everyone
  15. Phoenix

    The Ubuntu (Dynamic group)

    Hey. Cool to see this pop up. I do have some feedback however and I hope you take it to heart instead of seeing it as salt, which it isn't. I've had plenty of RP with you guys in the past few weeks and last night especially I noticed a lot of immature RP from some members. One of Strika's friends (not sure his name) was walking up to people smooching them randomly, then started force feeding me and 2 of my friends some random pills and when we asked him to stop, he continued. It was super trolly and we wanted to report it at first but decided to write feedback instead. Strika and his friend were constantly punching eachother and the whole situation just seemed like they were bored more than anything else. It's not serious RP, which is why I joined the community. Besides that, we've had some good interactions with you guys. Just try to tone it down on trolly RP and if you see it happen, take those members aside and tell them off so it doesn't happen again.