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  1. Phoenix

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Luca presses the PTT* I am glad to hear this. Don't give up on something good just because someone else doesn't want you to be happy. Viridian will help where we're needed *Static*
  2. Phoenix

    Death = PK

    Why is this topic still a thing? You can't force an action upon someone even if they die or something. Some people like me and my friends have been developing our characters for months. I won't just throw that away over some stupid reason someone comes up with means I HAVE to PK It should be my decision and MY DECISION ONLY if I want to let go off my character or not I agree there are people out there who don't value theirs, but that doesn't mean the people that do should get punished for that.
  3. Phoenix




    1. BrianM


      Forgot how much I actually liked MGK...

  4. Phoenix

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Happy to have you
  5. Phoenix

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    *She presses down the PTT* We're around now. Contact me on a more private frequency and we'll come meet you wherever you want. We'll also talk about the rest then. *She releases the PTT*
  6. Phoenix

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Luca presses down the PTT* Viridian do not and will not own camp Eden. *Releases the PTT*
  7. Phoenix


    Well deserved promotions @DaRsnn @Xehara ❤️ 

    1. DaRsnn


      Thank you ❤️

    2. Xehara


      Thank you!

    3. Osku


      Xehara sure deserved it but DaRsnn?danny devito no GIF

  8. Phoenix

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Base Building

    @Finn has my vote for sure
  9. Phoenix


    My opinion of the game of thrones season finale:

    1. AlanM


      I enjoyed it to an extent

  10. Phoenix

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    I think it's always been the opposite way around but we'll try
  11. Phoenix

    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome to @Imation11 - Very very stoked to have Kevin Shock in Viridian. This is gonna be good! Big welcome to @Cole & @Inferno453 as well. Good to have you boys
  12. Phoenix

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    Uhm. I don't do this whole soldier communication shit. But I can meet you. Where do you need us?
  13. Phoenix

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    Tell Poppy hi. I miss you guys around. I'm sorry we couldn't fix things, but know I still care about you guys and I'll be there if you need anything at all.
  14. Phoenix

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    When and where can we meet? I'd be down to discuss some stuff! It's complicated. Too much to explain. Change of heart and other stuff. We can talk soon I know what happened to the last doctors. I'm here to stay.
  15. Phoenix

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    *A possibly familiar voice would come over the radio* Hi everyone. Use this frequency to contact Viridian or our doctors if you need anything. We are available at most times. The medical care is available as house calls. We can meet you wherever. If a settlement or group is in need of doctors, contact us here or on a more private frequency. We are also currently looking for survivors to join Viridian. We are here to do good. We don't look for conflict. If you are a medic or there's something else you're good at, or you're even simply looking for a new family, reach out to us. We can meet you at any time or place to discuss this. *She releases the PTT*
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