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  1. Phoenix

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    Staff can be interviewed and dev's are staff my man Jim's interview was up last btw
  2. Phoenix

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    My boy I'm so proud.
  3. Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs Basebuilding Logs @Ouromov - Yuri Ouromov | POSTED @Mehmet Oz - Samad Hasan | POSTED @Richard Fisby - Borya Petrov | POSTED Furthermore, if anyone has any video evidence on the hostilities that took place, please bring it forward as soon as possible. Thank you.
  4. Furthermore, I also just noticed that your backstory is lacking a lot of details, such as how your character got to chernarus and why. What he did before the outbreak and what happened to him when the outbreak started. All of these things are mandatory. I will remove your temp ban once it's updated.
  5. Hi It seems your new character's first and last name are the same. We recommend you changing that. I will look into your temp ban soon.
  6. The Staff team have looked over this report and have agreed with the wishes to close it. We are very happy that the two parties decided to talk it out. That's always the best step forward! Lastly, I would quickly like to mention to @Randi that you should never ask the hostage takers for your stuff back on an OOC Level. Even if you believe that a Rulebreak took place. In character and out of character must always be separated. If you wish for your stuff back, find the hostage takers In game and try to negotiate with them. With the above said, the following applies /Closed Signed by @Phoenix & @Pontiff
  7. Phoenix

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Ayeee welcome back.
  8. Phoenix

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Okay. That's enough attitude now. Please only post if you have something new to add to the report. Anything else will result in points. Thank you.
  9. Phoenix

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Hi there. I am not sure who told you that it's against the rules to rob someone for their guns. Your gear is never safe. If it was, the game would be boring as you would be able to horde as much gear as possible without consequence. If there is a group out there that needs something, they will take it. As long as they provide sufficient amount of roleplay that furthers everyone's story arc's, there is absolutely nothing wrong with robbing someone for their stuff. Hope I could clarify.
  10. Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs @Randi - Randi Reagon | POSTED @Jasper - Bosco Bakala | POSTED @Shroud - Yegor Krasnov | POSTED @Viking - Taji Tian | POSTED Please also post any unedited video evidence you may have of this situation as this would be very beneficial to the report. Thank you.
  11. Phoenix

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    @Symplekti has now been temp banned until they provide their full and detailed POV
  12. Phoenix

    Persistence Wipes?

    It really wouldn't stop much. Instead make it a group objective to go find stashes and take all their shit?
  13. Phoenix

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    I don't know which game this was from but I was obsessed with it for a long ass time and it gets stuck in my head sometimes. @Watchman might know where this is from.
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