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  1. Phoenix

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    He passed his driving test like 2 months before I passed mine Great read @DrMax
  2. The hostage volunteered to be a neutral negotiater between all sides. No intentions were to circumvent any rules. The hostage was initiated on after negotiations failed. Edit: A firefight kill is a Miss-ID in a firefight. The reason this rule is in place is because we wanted to allow people who made simple mistakes in the heat of the moment to get a lesser punishment. The report in question was not a Miss ID during a firefight, it was a very conscious decision to execute the hostage during the firefight, making it an invalid kill roleplayed. Just because the situation broke out due to a firefight, doesn't class this kill as an invalid kill firefight. Edit 2: There is no such thing as "no way of telling if they were part of the group or not" They obviously didn't ask the guys affiliation then. Had they done that and found out the guy wasnt part of either group and was just a neutral negotiator, they would've been able to tell that he had no part in what was happening.
  3. Verdict @G19RP - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Guilty Explanation The staff team handling this report have examined this situation closely and have come to the conclusion that @G19RP will be found guilty of the reported rulebreak in question. First and foremost I would like to form a brief summary of what happened here to help everyone understand why @G19RP will receive a punishment. The OP of this report was sent over to the mainland in order to negotiate a deal between a few groups and Anarchy. The OP was completely unaffiliated and acted as a neutral representative as stated in his POV here. The groups on prison Island then begin opening fire onto the mainland, where the hostage takers had members of their group captive. Hostages may only be killed when the captor in question takes fire from members of the hostages approved group or the hostage's allies which also have to be an approved group. In this scenario, the OP was not part of any approved group or the groups residing on prison island and was only playing the part of a neutral negotiator between all sides. Whether the OP was previously affiliated with an allied group of NHF does not matter here as he is not currently affiliated with either of these approved groups. We did not find his name on any roster. A person unaffiliated with the group in question cannot be held responsible for said group's poor actions whilst attempting to negotiate between them. You may only execute a hostage when Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers. Demands from negotiations with approved group of the hostage have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed. A post by @Roland regarding a situation that occurred in the past can be found here in order to be used as reference for this report. Furthermore, the hostage was complying at all times and was never a threat. @G19RP was in cover on the boat whilst taking shots from prison island and a possible sniper on mainland but, as we believe, would've most likely been able to get the hostage to walk over to him in order to further the hostile RP and call in backup to deal with the sniper on mainland. The hostage definitely wouldn't have needed to be killed in this situation. Outcome @G19RP - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - 3 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points Signed: @[email protected] + notes
  4. Phoenix

    S1 Vybor - Crossroad

    Verdict Griefing - Inconclusive Reasoning The staff team have looked over this report and have come to the conclusion that the griefing accusations will be found inconclusive due to the lack of evidence supporting this case. As unfortunate as it is, there is nothing at all we can go off. Position logs show people in the area, but we cannot blindly punish people for something they may or may not have done. We respectfully apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused. With the above said, the following applies Outcome Griefing - No actions taken Signed: @Phoenix, @Derek Steel & @Peril
  5. Brexit explained:

    UK: We want a Unicorn!
    EU: You can't have a Unicorn, You can have a Pony instead.
    UK: We voted! We don't want a Pony
    EU: Pony or nothing
    UK: We voted again! We don't want nothing
    EU: You really don't get it, do you?
    UK: We need more time to think!
    EU: Think about what? The Pony or the nothing?
    UK: We want a Unicorn!

    1. Galland


      Some continentals: Hopefully this bureaucratic super state finally breaks down without the money of the Brits..

    2. ToeZies


      Are you trying to say that we voted for something impossible? Or something unachievable or chilidish?  Because Brexit is what we voted for and the only reason it's been delayed over and over is because of people wanting to build favour for their parties and to play at trying to last this out until they can get to an election.

      Sorry the majority of the nation voted to not be part of a globalist regime 

  6. @Daisy @Watchman @Tewudin Absolutely loved the RP tonight. Thank you guys so much for giving me a reason to play again! Also shoutout to @ItsChocolateMan & @Fae "Do you wanna touch my board?"
  7. Hi ErikJones! I understand your frustration. We've all been there. Having a character or a group of friends that want to do good to the people and create a place where people come to that helps them. What you have to remember is that your characters find themselves in an end of the world apocalypse scenario. There is no law and order and people will be acting hostile in order to get what they want, or sometimes even to big dick. Some people like the hostile style of RP better and like playing characters that are of a more hostile nature. I get that you didn't see the point of them walking in and starting hostilities for no reason, but to those people its the nature of their character. Some people don't want others to be helpful. Some only want to see chaos and death when there is no police or law to worry about. If the entire situation seems overly trolly or just bad, you should definitely either speak to the individual OOC and show them how you perceived their roleplay or in bad cases create a report. Reports aren't just there to get others banned, they are also there to help people understand what they did wrong. Reports can always be talked out too. I hope this answered any questions you have. If not feel free to update your question and we will get back to it. Alternatively you can DM any Staff Member on the forums or discord Phoenix
  8. In the past they have unfortunately happened way too soon, that's what I am reffering to. I don't disagree with them being last resort. A hostage also must behave realistically in a torture situation.
  9. People should definitely not get executed for not giving up information. It opens a lot of doors to creative torture roleplay.
  10. Boss: I changed your shifts on these days.....
    Me: Tough luck I've already got plans now since its next week. Should've asked me first.
    Boss: ….
    Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Scarlett


      lmao I hate when they do that and they expect you to change your plans without asking

    2. Phoenix


      Its fine tho because I have an ongoing knee injury and my doctor will literally sign me off indefinitely if I wanted him to. If she wants to push my limits and play games, then we'll play games because I am literally the only one that ever covers her emergency shifts. 😉 

    3. Scarlett


      yeah there is a time when you just have to say no, but yeah your boss sounds exactly how my old boss sounded and I stood up and just said no it got bad to the point I threatened to tell her manager about her that's when she stopped you get good ones and bad ones its just your luck you got a bad one

    4. Phoenix


      I got one good one and one bad one. My assistant manager is alright. She always asks first if I can do those shifts. My store manager will just change things around without telling me.

  11. Phoenix

    S1 Invalid Execution/Rule play/BadRP Near Vybor? around Server time (UTC): 2019-10-04, 22:04

    The GM team has looked over this report and has agreed on honoring the wishes to close it. Before it is closed however we would like to mention that you do not need to excessively punch a hostage. You can always emote hitting someone or providing torture RP through text emotes in order to ensure that everyone gets decent roleplay out of a hostile encounter that furthers the story and character arcs on each side and they are kept alive. @Joe You proceeded to take @Masonn to the top of the built guard tower and punched him yet again, causing him to fall backwards off the tower and ultimately leading to his death. This would have been a fantastic roleplay opportunity for you to take him to the top of the guard tower and hold him up by his collar over the side of the tower and interrogated him while his life would've been at risk. Instead he was punched once and fell to his death. This entire situation could've opened so many doors into story furthering arcs that all ended up being non existent due to the way you decided to handle this situation. Please be more careful in the future and ensure your hostage is having a decent RP experience whilst being captive at the same time. With the above said, /closed Signed: @Phoenix, @Hofer, @Samti & @Peril
  12. Phoenix

    The Whyos

    Good Luck guys!
  13. @YoMoney Your recording suddenly starts and suddenly cuts out after you die and state "I'm dead". We do not accept edited video evidence. Please include the full recording.
  14. Phoenix

    S1 Invalid Execution/Rule play/BadRP Near Vybor? around Server time (UTC): 2019-10-04, 22:04

    @SeversonRP We require you to write a full and detailed POV of this situation.
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