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  1. @NorwayRP @Craig @Searoz @Ducky @Watchman @Serf & I think @Kessik Thanks for the RP
  2. Foreigners post lorwipe:

    "I've never been to this country before but let's conveniently run into the right direction because we totally don't have thousands of hours on this map"

    1. OldSchool


      One of the reasons I've been sticking mostly to the coast since the wipe.

    2. Pussy


      Love lorewipes for this reason 😂 

    3. Camo


      My character originated from Chernarus, but wasn't raised here. He only returned for business twice a year, and doesn't really know the area that well, so I like to pretend to not know how to get to places when I ask people for directions ICly.

      I know them feels... 😂😢


    4. Whitename


      Especially since the borders have been closed so it’s not like they wandered in a week ago 

    5. groovy toez

      groovy toez

      Dunno what you're talking about, i'm lost me. 


    6. Miamomoh


      I just understand the gobbity goop letters on the signs and maps. They speak to me

  3. I can just see new people making character pages where they "stranded on a beach" or "suddenly woke up in cherno" or their plane crashed. That's always a good one.
  4. here we go 🙂 featuring epic music by muse 😄 


    1. Maybelele


      Opens DMs

      Ait here we go.

  5. Luca grew up with her family in a neighbourhood named Lakeland, located in Baltimore, Maryland. She spent her childhood like any normal kid. Going to school, hanging out with friends and enjoying everyday to the fullest and wanting to become a Marine Biologist when she grows up. Her mom Joyce was a cardiothoracic surgeon at the MedStar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore. Her dad Josh was originally from England, where he met their mom while she was on vacation there in her early 20s. Josh was a paramedic on duty and was called on scene when Joyce broke her leg in an accident at a local pool. The two found a connection between eachother from the moment they made eye contact, and 4 years later, they got married. Josh moved to the States and continued his career as a paramedic until he quit his Job in late 2019. He found his passion for the wilderness and strived for his license to become a wilderness gude and eventually decided to take his family on a nice vacation to the beautiful Russian State of Chernarus after getting bombarded with flyers by various friends. Chernarus was blooming with tourist attractions after the apparent defeat of the virus that was making it's rounds and offered some amazing attractions and activities. During her freshman year, Luca fell into a depressive state. Her best friend Caleb from middle school had tragically died in an accident at his summer cabin, where he suffered a sudden heart attack while swimming in the lake and drowned. After that, Luca was never the same. Her mind was going in circles, to a point where she became so anxious and detached from reality that she started holding onto internet friends she had made while spending all summer in her basement practicing the guitar and writing songs for Caleb. Those internet friends had strange beliefs and were part of a self proclaimed coven named "Resurrection". She became oblivious to the power these friends had over her, and anonymously joined the same coven after being promised to be able to talk to Caleb again. These people were practicing dangerous beliefs and were playing around with tarot cards, Ouija boards and seances over webcams. At a certain point, Luca became completely detached to the real world and started "talking" to Caleb. Ollie eventually got wind of what was happening to his sister when he heard strange latin mumbling coming from the basement and snuck into the room to check what she was up to. To his surprise, she was sitting in a circle of lit candles, with Caleb's picture in the middle. Her and Ollie ended up having a terrible argument over what was going on and to silence him from their parents, Luca promised to quit the coven activities and return to normality. Ollie kept quiet, and for a while it seemed to have worked. At least that's what he thought. In early January, the parents surprised the 2 siblings with a vacation trip to Chernarus, as an early birthday present for Luca and to get her out of the basement and into some fresh air. First on the list was Severniy. The stunning hiking trails and rock climbing opportunities were too good to ignore. The family of 4 enjoyed a week in Severnyi before moving over to Lake Beloe, and exploring everything it had to offer. When the resurfacing of the virus cut their vacation enjoyment short, the family got pushed further into the east and got the opportunity to stay with their uncle, who was a local resident to South Zagoria and occupied an apartment in Chernogorsk. When riots started breaking out and flights were officially cancelled until the foreseeable future, Joyce suddenly fell ill with an unrelated health issue that was not deemed the frenzied flu. She deteriorated fast over night, ran a fever of over 42 degrees and ended up having a fever related seizure in her sleep and passing away. Josh found her in the morning. In the night of May 31st, riots broke out on the streets and the family was forced to abandon the apartment in Chernogorsk, as people were trying to take them over for shelter. Luca got separated from Ollie and her dad and pushed deeper into the woods, where it was safer at the time. Personality Luca is very outgoing and tries to own up to what she thinks is right. She gets very stubborn when it comes to her own good and doesn't like to listen to adults around her, which normally gets her in a lot of trouble. All her life, Luca has been heavily into skateboarding and cleaned up various tournaments in the United States, even receiving an opportunity to go to Woodward West in California on 3 different occasions, where she made a lot of friends her age. Besides Skateboarding, she loves swimming and has a huge love for marine biology. During her freshman year, she decided to take up classes that would help her in a marine biology career in the future. She was always the outsider in School. The kid who has seizures, that nobody wanted to take responsibility for. So Luca stuck to herself and found her own ways of having fun. She loves learning, and has been studying various different books on topic she enjoys. The most common ones being anything Ocean life related and Medicine. Since both of her parents were in Medicine, it peaked her interest from a very young age and she started observing and learning wherever she could and falling in love with all Medical Dramas that were airing on TV. Health & Mental State Luca was diagnosed with a type of Focal Epilepsy at the age of 8 after suffering 4 reoccurring seizures within the space of 2 days and being referred to a specialist in Baltimore for testing. Her and her family had a lot of support in learning to live with epilepsy and learning the triggers that affect it. Seizures are not that big of a deal anymore after learning to control triggers and taking her medication. She takes Tegretol (Carabamazepine) in the morning and evening to prevent focal seizures from being frequent. She also carries Midazolam which is used as an emergency medication for status seizures. Luca also has Celiac Disease which affects her much less and is very controllably with her diet. Family @Searoz - Josh Rylie (Father) @Imagine - Oliver Rylie (Brother) @Harvey - Alois Vykopal (Cousin) Friends W.I.P Playlist ♪ Muse - Algorythm (Alternate Reality) ♪ David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super creeps) ♪ Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks ♪ This character is powergamable Constent for the following - Anything health related given it is not fatal - Torturing & permanent scarring during hostile RP - Anything not mentioned that does not come under the following: You may not - Cut off Limbs, remove eyes or cut off hair completely during hostile RP - Forcefully permadeath my character
  6. I know its full, but incase someone drops out. Team Name: The Goonies Player 1: @Phoenix Player 2: @Unii Backup gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): We'll make it
  7. Love Muse so much. Need to see them live some day...


    1. Chewy


      LITERALLY I have been listening to them all weeeeeek

    2. Roman


      Saw them live a few years back, they were pretty amazing ngl.

    3. Malthis


      I got to work Security for them last year, was a pretty awesome show. Coolest thing is when this thing comes out of the stage and starts reaching for the performers and gnashing it's teeth.


  8. Love you brother
  9. Nerdy animal crossing post


  10. @Ryan Shepherd Rolle gave us permission after our group had Lore opportunities to go to chernarus for our character development leading up to Lorewipe.
  11. We're on chernarus now, feel free to stop by
  12. Please post this "Evidence" you claim to have about us. Not posting it and mentioning you have a video could be classed as withholding evidence. - This is my last and final post.
  13. I am the owner and leader of King's Ridge and the call was made by me and backed up by the rest of the leadership team @ItsChocolateMan @Harvey @Searoz & @Imagine. They all act as co-leaders ingame and ooc, any decisions they make will also go through. It was stated in our open frequency after your encrypted message, that @Harvey is co-leader. You probably didn't read it, which isn't really my problem. EDIT: Before I silence myself from this report unless further questions are asked I will point out one more thing. The Rules state the following: Using OOC Knowledge, Without IC Reasoning or ill intent - It was RP'ed out "burning" the equipment that was unnecessary to King's Ridge - That was the IC Reasoning Number 1 - We did not want the equipment to fall into the wrong hands and be used to cause more Mayham at the prison after King's Ridge would leave the country - That was IC Reasoning Number 2 - And for the OOC Reasoning, we simply believed that the amount of stuff they had was absolutely disgusting. And having received OOC confirmation from the Leader that we could have the prison, we made the decision to distribute all this lovely hoarded gear that has no roleplay purpose to our group back into the loot economy.
  14. Hello. The Rangers and King's Ridge had been on bad terms for a while before the initial attack on the prison due to a lead up of events that @ItsChocolateMan can better explain, since I wasn't part of some of them at the time because I was irresponsibly inactive However, Here are screenshots of the rangers shittalking on our radio coms on multiple occasions: Following all those events I can't really explain well, we then attacked the prison after we got information IC that one of our members voices was heard inside the prison, being kept captive. We snuck up as quiet as we could and began building a watchtower outside of the prison to try and get onto the roof and then drop an initiation once the tower was up. They eventually heard / saw us building and initiated on us, we then re-initiated for kings ridge as well as the dynamic mercenaries that were rolling with us and the fight began, where we eliminated every target and took over the prison. The IC Reason for King's Ridge taking over the prison was because we didn't want hostile groups using the Prison to stash crazy amounts of loot and use it to imprison and enslave people anymore, which 503 did, then the cartel and then the rangers after those two groups had left the prison. We are a group that wants to do good. in our eyes, the prison does the opposite. If It was in our control, hostile groups wouldn't be able to cause mayhem inside the prison anymore. The amount of loot we found after sieging the prison was absolutely disgusting. The Rangers & prior groups owning the prison had horded nearly, if not EVERY gun, ammo type and military grade equipment on the loot table. I believe @Unii or someone else has a video going through everything they had and someone might have screenshots of it. None of that stuff would've benefited King's Ridge in any way. So we stocked up on what we lost during the firefight and left the rest. Made a radio broadcast announcing the prison was now in our control and even received OOC green light from a Ranger stating they were moving to chernarus, we could have it. What happened after that I cannot comment on, as I wasn't part of taking stuff out of cabinets. I was informed we were RP'ing out burning their stuff, so they could not use it against us or any other survivors out there. The OOC reason for doing it was the fucked up loot economy this had caused. As mentioned before, please speak to @ItsChocolateMan as he was directly involved in every event leading up to kings ridge becoming hostile with the rangers as well as the "cleansing" of the cabinets / storage in the prison after successfully having held the prison for days. Sidenote: Half of this loot probably wasn't even hoarded just by the rangers, but potentially by the cartel who took the prison over from the 503, and the 503. The insane amounts of loot most likely had been gathered over a period of time by 3 different groups. I strongly believe that a Rule should be implemented against hoarding insane amounts of Loot. Because what we saw was absolutely disgusting in every way. It has no roleplay purpose whatsoever.
  15. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

    celebrate happy birthday GIF by Nora Simon

    You're a great friend and I hope you have a wonderful day! 

    1. Phoenix


      awwww thanks eddie :3

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