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    edgy Phoenix

    Storytime with phoenix

    My nan went into the hospital today to get her breast cancer removed (It's her 5th one within 30 years) anyways, surgery ended up being cancelled but that isn't what this story is about.

    Whilst my nan was waiting with my mum in their room for the results of some test, there was an old old lady next to her on a bed and she had just had her breast cancer surgery like a few hours before. She hadn't gotten out of bed before or walked or anything. She suddenly stands up, walks over to my nan, takes both of her hands, looks her in the eyes and says "You are a fighter, and your time hasn't come yet". My mum was completely speechless and my nan didn't know what to say, so my nan being my nan she just said "Do you like the food here?"

    Anyways, TLDR I guess things really do happen for a reason, because my nan could've died tomorrow in the surgery. Infact it was pretty likely because of something wrong with her heart that wasn't known until today and that woman told her it wasn't her time to go yet. Fuck that went deep. 

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