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  1. edgy Phoenix

    edgy Phoenix

    If we don't start showing the devs more love and appreciation, we might lose them eventually. I just want everyone to realize that. Some people  only bitch and moan about anything the dev's throw into the servers. If anything they are doing it to make us happy and have more rp items ingame. At least they try. 

    It's cool if you don't like something or if you have suggestions to make it better, but at least be respectful about it. Some people here really don't know what that means it seems.

    1. Eagle


      Only thing I've seen being complained about is the skin mask? is there anything supporting this scrutiny and hate the devs receive expect for this one poll? 
      Anything other than this one people have praised them for there work.

    2. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      I didnt say everyone does @Eagle but I've noticed it in the past and even more now with this mask topic. 

    3. Eagle


      Neither did I only asking where the hate that is being claimed is?
      Mask topic was blown out of proportion as the maker acted very unprofessional, yeah I said it the one word I hated as a staff.

    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      @Eagle you know for a fact that there has been more than just the poll.  Dont change the facts to support your argument,  change your argument so it fits the facts. ?

    5. Eagle


      I have no argument I simply asked where this hate was?

    6. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin

      If devs cannot take constructive criticism then big yikes.... I see this as the same thing as the loremaster team run by @Major got flak for one of them trying to put there old group (and other weird boy things you know what you did major you cheeky boy castle lore vibes) in the big boy lore and as a result scrapped what they had outta spite and rehashed tammy's old lore


      Also if people are going outta there way to bash and not leave feedback but then thats a bad vibe but I dont see an issue piping up doe 

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