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  1. Totally fucked up!

    I stumbled across this thread and found myself flicking from page to page, clicking that play button every time I saw it for what's been just over an hour! I couldn't stop after reading/listening to the first entry, I just had to carry on and on until I finished them all. The way that you write your entries and, of course, the way that you read your entries aloud is truly phenomenal. I haven't tried this, but I can't imagine the read being as good without hearing you read it aloud. It's all just that much more emotional and meaningful when you hear it being read. With all that being said, yeah, you've got another fan here. Hope you do more!
  2. What are your RP tips?

    An additional tip in terms of developing: don't give up when bad things happen. Everybody, and I mean everybody makes bad decisions that will, of course, have their own repercussions. Whether it be that a group you were a part of abandons you out of shame for something you did or if it be that you have to role-play a long-term injury such as a missing eye or, well, you get the idea, you've got to remember that it's all development. You may think, "oh, people think I'm an idiot now so I'll just make a new character"; well don't think like that because if you show that you can develop and keep on role playing the same character, no matter what happens (of course there's some exceptions, I.E. you killed a whole group or something stupid like that), you will be respected both out of character and in character a lot more than if you give up and start over at every hurdle.
  3. To the "bush people"

    Unless they shot you there's not really a problem to be honest mate. I mean, yeah, they threatened to do something that could potentially clash with some rules, but the fact is that they didn't do what they threatened to do. A threat, merely verbal is not clashing with any rules. I know sometimes it's hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones when they say something like that, and I don't know if they were just threatening you or if they were planning to keep their promise, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt personally.
  4. What are your RP tips?

    Although I am yet to properly get into DayZRP and don't exactly know a whole lot about DayZ in general, I do know about how to realistically role-play and I think possessing the ability to role-play realistically and well on one server helps to do so on all RP servers, no matter what the game. A starter, and something that everybody who role-plays should do is picking out a character that you can somewhat relate to, although role-playing yourself is a bad move. Never role-play yourself. However, role-playing a character who's background story, aspects, hobbies, interests etc. that you can relate to, whether it be through experience or just interest (something you're interested in, such as mechanics) is the best starting point, especially for a new role-player. Once you play more, you can explore other possibilities. As a few people have said, trying to stay in character all of the time is also good. Once you start rabbling on OOC you're just losing interest and you lose sight of what you're actually playing for: to role-play. Yes, you want to make friends and yes, you want to mingle with the community, but remember that there's a time and a place because once you start playing, you're role-playing. Don't mix shit up. Socialise when you're done RPing. Development is also key. Don't start a character that you role-play knowing everything about everything. For example, I start a character, John_Smith who knows exactly what is going on around him, knows where everything can be found and is a master of all trades. No, you don't want to do that. Instead, make a character that knows little about what's going on and that's basically clueless. Obviously you need to add in things here and there but just keep it simple. For example, I start a character, Jane Smith. She knows nothing. She knows that shit went down and that it's all going to shit but she doesn't know what those "things" are and she's scared. She needs to find herself some water, she needs to find shelter. Once she's found that, she needs to survive. Needs to build up the courage to go out and look for people. And with that said, it's best to go looking for people when the time is right FOR YOUR CHARACTER not because you're bored and want people to play with.
  5. Hi, I'm new!

    Thank you all. I've had a look around at The Lore and what not and I plan to check out the stories players post shortly. Had a bit of money left over that I didn't necesarilly have anything to buy with so I decided to go aheaded and give a lil' donation. I know that every bit helps! Hope to see some of you guys soon.
  6. RP in public server..

    It all depends on the server and the players at the end of the day. You can't fault a non-RP, semi-RP or hell, even a full blown public RP server's host/staff for the amount of KoS that goes on. Bare in mind that most public servers have limited resources and most do not have a website or forum board, thus the players aren't having to play by any set rules (aside from hacking) and they aren't having to follow any set guidelines. You get the odd player actually wanting to role-play, even if it's just to grab some of your stuff, but the majority of the players on public servers are out to kill. My first day playing DayZ a few days ago, I was on a public server. A guy approached me and used his mic. to communicate with me. He basically held me at gunpoint and told me to drop him some food. After that, he wanted my tent and then I was free to go. Then my next encounter was me being shot. It differs. Events like these are what brought me to want to actually join a private role-play server because rules and guidelines are enforced more. I have no doubt that my expectations will be met once I am added to the whitelist.
  7. Hi, I'm new!

    Hi, I'm new. My name is Nathan and I was born and raised in Manchester, UK. I have only recently bought and started playing DayZ Standalone and I am eager to try out DayZRP. I am currently waiting for my whitelist application to be accepted and once it is I will be playing whenever possible as role-play is something that deeply interests me personally. I hope to meet some people here and there and I hope to become a member of this community.