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  1. lil sadist

    Yung Banshee / Banshee's beats thread.

    Nice, I'm using FL too. I know a guy who's just got taken on by a dnb record label (local I think, not 100%) and then a lad who's just starting to get a Soundcloud following for house stuff. Don't think a lot of people jump straight into trap, but I've found that it's probably one of the easiest genres to produce? Dunno if that's just me. I'll upload something and drop a link at some point. Honestly I'm still learning a shit tonne, but my boy's got it down at this point. He's been faffing around with it a bit longer than me. Going for that slightly morbid, bouncy but hard-hitting sound, but that you've prob already gathered. Nah but keep at it bro, honestly motivation's the hardest thing for me, I dunno if you're the same. There's pure opportunity on this scene in particular if you ask me, but it's the not knowing. It's not all about the fame but at the end of the day that's what most people are reaching for, that or at least some form of recognition and you gotta griiiind for it. Not the easiest thing to juggle on top of full-time work but suppose nobody said it'd be easy
  2. lil sadist

    Yung Banshee / Banshee's beats thread.

    Not bad. Drowning got that same chains new shackles vibe ayy How long you been at it & what program you using? Me and my day one have been grinding for a few months now.
  3. Appenin fella, where you from?
  4. I get what you're saying, but at the end of the day not everybody is perfect. It isn't just an issue with DayZRP, it's an issue everywhere, across different games and platforms. Some people are less inclined to roleplay the smaller details and just focus on the bigger picture, or even have set goals that they follow, day in day out. Unfortunately, that's just something that we can't change. It doesn't necessarily boil down to whether the person is putting enough effort into their character or not, it can boil down to a few things: for one, they may lack the confidence to fully express themselves whilst in-character and thus skip things that me and you think are vital. With that being said, there are also the few that simply don't put enough effort in and for that, there really is no cure. All we can do is grind our teeth and ride through it. And honestly, from my experience, people tend to follow by example. So if the majority are ignoring the smaller, grittier and realistic details the rest will fall in line, and vice versa. I can't comment on whether this is an issue with the majority or the minority, but the best way to go about it is to start leading by example with your groups. People will follow, especially now that new faces are springing up amongst the community.
  5. @Shazzzam All I'm getting from the first line of your last post is that you want people to outright "show off" their characteristics, ideology, etc. to make it blatantly obvious that they suffer with or have a disease, mental disorder, characteristic, skill, etc. That, to me, sounds like unrealistic roleplay that's forced on by the player to please others. All of our characters are meant to have incorporated some sort of survivalist mindset and instinct from living amongst a post-apocalyptic world for so long. So, for example, if my character has anxiety or depression, he's not going to show it blatantly as it's a sign of weakness and he knows that. He knows that he's got to keep certain things suppressed in order to survive - it's a case of survival of the fittest. The same applies for other characteristics, too. Some characteristics & traits are only going to be abundantly obvious to your character if you've spent a prolonged amount of time with somebody and have established enough rapport to learn more about them as a person. In closing, if you were to explain yourself a little better, rather than showcasing a "I know better than everyone" attitude, you wouldn't get "jumped on".
  6. 50/50 on this myself. Whilst I'd love to buy into Bohemia's promises, there's just too much doubt due to their previous mistakes. I genuinely hope that they've got their shit together and are going to come through, though. Only time will tell. The only thing keeping me holding on is the fact that Vigor has its own dedicated dev team, but that's not exactly enough to convince me 100%.
  7. Whilst I get where you're coming from, the examples that you provided aren't exactly the best. The concept of what you're saying is correct, though. Rules shouldn't restrict a character's individual ideology or beliefs, as this is something that should fall upon the player and the player alone. Whilst we can all agree that white supremacy, cannibalism, terrorism etc. are by no means butterflies and fairy tales, they're undoubtedly real and apart of the world we live in. For that reason, they should be a part of the world we roleplay in. Roleplaying as a member (or former member) of a terrorist cell can prove to be problematic, as can a raging Neo-nazi who wants to kill every foreigner he comes across on-site. However, if roleplaying as a former terrorist turned survivalist, or even a normal white supremacist is, in my eyes, absolutely fine. With that being said, wouldn't it be okay to roleplay a certain type of character, i.e. a white supremacist, if it was done correctly (and not obnoxiously)? Not all white supremacists are out to curb every foreigner he or she sees, nor do they constantly throw racial terms around. In fact, a lot of skinheads are surprisingly well-cultured (punk rock music, skateboarding, surfing, etc.) and were recruited into gangs or groups when they were young. Most of the crimes that these men and women commit are to do with drug dealing, thievery, etc. The hate crime usually comes out if and when these juveniles land in prison or county jail - this is at least true for the USA. That's just one example, but you get where I'm coming from. I don't want to assume, but wouldn't it be OK so long as you weren't obnoxiously pissing off other players?
  8. lil sadist

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    There's generally two types of "permanent" death types: PK (player kill) and CK (character kill). PK example: John_Smith gets kidnapped by Jack_Shade and John_Smith ends up being killed. John_Smith now has to forget anything he knew about Jack_Shade & co. and will not be able to retaliate. In order to engage in RP with Jack_Shade again, John_Smith must have a brand new reason (i.e. meets them again under different circumstances entirely). CK example: John_Smith gets shot and killed by Jane_Doe and the pair have been at each other's throats for months. John_Smith takes this as a character kill and now must start fresh on a completely new character. Any recollection of John_Smith's character must be abandoned by the player whom created it. With that being said, it'd make more sense to bring the old rule back, in my opinion. The only reason to allow people to come back & avenge themselves would be to avoid unnecessary deaths (people killing others for the hell of it), which is going to happen either way. That's why we have a reports section, no?
  9. Right let's touch on some of this then. You can talk all day about how DayZ 0.63 is trash and how it's a quick buck before the game dies, but you'd be looking at things from a hella biased view. Same goes for saying that Vigor sealed DayZ's fate. They've got different teams working on different projects, not to mention that Vigor is being ran on Unreal 4. They've also gotten more organized and have different devs/teams working simultaneously on different parts of the game and for the first time in however long, they're consistently making progress. Sure, it's tiring having to wait, wait and wait even longer for a game that we invested in years ago. However, each and every one of you knew exactly what you were signing up for when you purchased DayZ all that time ago - we knew it was Early Access and that there were no guarantees. Bad comprehension? Lol. Basically, it's different than it used to be. They've got their shit together. There's still a long road ahead, but we're getting there. It won't be long until they put things in the hands of the community, and that's when it'll improve drastically (mods, etc.). I'm not trying to sound like a fanboy but you know what you're getting yourself into when paying for an early access game. We were aware years ago and we're still aware now.
  10. lil sadist

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    If anybody's interested: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-19-june-2018
  11. lil sadist

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    - User was Warned for this Post. -
  12. lil sadist

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Sounds like desperation. Suppose we'll find out the truth soon, yeah.
  13. lil sadist

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    They were saying that one of the shooters had a red mask which matches the description of the one in that pic (I'm pretty sure, anyway). Shit's fucked up, regardless of what X did in the past.
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