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  1. Also I am sorry this had to happen the way it did because I think you had some settings changed because we were using in gout mic before we met you and everything was fine. Right after the confrontation when we were at the body a guy in a ghillie suit ran up to us and we talked just fine and had a conversation. He said he was just passing through and that his friends met a deaf guy up hear the other day so we just thought that was him and we felt bad about it. After he told us that he when're on his way. Do you or your friend have video of the situation? If so, please provide any that you may have. Sorry I was not recording but I do not know if Cameron was recording.
  2. First off I do not know how I should respond because I am new here but this is the story. Me and Cameron had been talking in game and only in game for 30 min so that is how I know our mic worked. When we were running up to the compound we heard a shot so we went to investagate. When we arrived we had our guns out but not raised and we both announced our arrival and asked if anyone was still there. We kept that up for a little longer than a min and then we whent into the tower asking if anyone was in the tower the whole time we were going up the tower. When we got to the top we spotted a man running back behind the building so for 2 min we were yelling down to him watching him run all around, then Cameron whent down to go talk to him and I stayed at the top. I knew the guy should have heard us because I could hear Cameron when he ran to where the guy was. Then I came down and the two of us were telling him to put his gun down so we could talk to him, but he kept his gun out and kept running around. Keep in mind he never said a word to us or listen to anything we said. Then he started to run and we followed him into that house you saw in the video and we were still trying to just talk to him. Then you see the rest in the video. Right after Cameron said wait one sec and he said he explained our situation to some admins and they said we acted in the right manner. This is my side, I can see that he could have been having problems with his game but it just seems to me he cut out the main part that took over 5 min of us trying to talk to him.