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  1. I was in a V3S maybe.. 20ish minutes prior to the incident, all the Regulators were, but those specific to the initiation, yes we were.
  2. Gamemaster Cid, I was told you would like the full video, the link below entails the full video which was a 10 minute clip. I starts with me in a hidden spot in a tree watching our flank but I move into the compound after a few. http://plays.tv/video/55ac4683bbd2d4012c
  3. Gamemaster Cid, I was told you would like the full video, the link below entails the full video which was a 10 minute clip. I starts with me in a hidden spot in a tree watching our flank but I move into the compound after a few. http://plays.tv/video/55ac4683bbd2d4012c
  4. This is John Titan. I was running with this group of guys who came back to retake Green Mountain. Once we rolled up we took the Green Mountain Compound. All members on scene were inside the compound. Myself and another member held the gate to stop anyone from coming in or out. One member in a cowboy hat (Eric Crowe) attempted to leave. We told him several time to stop but he continued to walk and run away without speaking or writing in chat. He was told if he did not stop he would be shot, about 13 seconds later after several other time of telling him our hostile intent for failure to comply, we engaged in combat. He is a link to the video with audio that shows the story. http://plays.tv/video/55ac2f1f2dba32c1d5 I hope that helps.
  5. Hey thanks for all the welcomes everyone, I hope to meet everyone in game in the near future
  6. Thank you for the welcome Storm and Barsy. I see your both representatives of the 501st.. Hope to see that as a positive for any in game encounters lol
  7. Thank you Whip, your help along with Tosh and lots others got me through! I'm excited to enter and emerse into the dayzrp world!
  8. My whitelist application was accepted! I'll mostly spend my time on the US server so if you guys roam that world I hope to see you there. Also I decided to go with a name change from my original choice due to the Sur name already in use by several others. My character is now 'John Titan'. Looking forward to your encounter!
  9. I have had to resubmit my whitelist application due to it being rejected due to missing information in my rules explanation =0 . But it gave me the chance to change a part of my story after a member informed me that my name (William Winters) was used by 4 others, Winters that is.. So my character's name is now, John Titan. I've looked it up and no ones used Titan as a Surname yet so there we go. =)
  10. Thanks for the input Tosh! I do enjoy writing, thanks for pointing out areas to improve upon. I want to continue to develop this character for sure and I will have to look into another name if that has already been used. =p
  11. Just submitted my whitelist application for approval. Wanted to post it here for some criticism. Don't be too harsh! Personal Journal Day 1: To anyone reading this, my name is William Winters, and I am a survivor.. [align=justify]Personal Journal Day 2: I started this journal yesterday with the intention of being my story if the worst should happen.. I guess I should start with the beginning. Name's Will, I was born and raised in a small city in South Carolina. Father was a Marine, a good one too. He was hard on me but it helped in the long run. He was disappointed when I didn't join the Corps but I believe he was smiling down from the clouds when I became a cop. I was a beat cop for about 5 years when I was promoted to Sergeant and got married. Made Lieutenant in just 3 years and 1 divorce later...Enough of the past, I guess we can get to the here and now. I was serving on the SWAT team when I was recently given the assignment of Senior Crisis Negotiator. It was a great position, until it happened.. I still remember the look on her face... [align=justify]Personal Journal Day 3: Well another night out of the way, I guess I'll pick up where I left off yesterday. So I needed a break from the day to day police work and needed some "abroad" time and I found it. The IPA "International Police Organization" was funding a group of cops from around the US to travel to countries around the world to both train and learn from other agencies. I put my name on the list and the rest is history. I'd hit quite a few spots in the past few months. Just left Spain and I had 2 more stops 'til I was home. Some Eastern Block country called Chernarus (never even heard of the place) and the final stop was Toyko. So we fly into a small airport and take a ride to some city which none of us even wanted to try to pronounce, just called it Novo. There we meet up with an outfit of Chernarus call OREL. Those guys were alright, they knew how to throw the beers back. Anyways we were travelling the coast South hitting the towns to train in the day and drink in the night. We were almost done with our tour when some reports of riots were breaking out. Me and the guys thought it would be a great chance to see how the Easterns did they're riot control so we delayed the flight out... So damn stupid.. Personal Journal Day 4: I was getting a lil pissed yesterday so I gave up the writing but with all this extra free time I guess why not? So we stayed for the riots. They got bad.. I've seen a lot of things in my day, nothing like this. Someone said it was a fungus, some said some new virus, others said it was God.. I call it hell. I've been on my own for a few days now after our camp got raided in the middle of the night. I woke up to screams and shots.. One of the tents was on fire.. I just grabbed my bag and knew it was time to go. Foods been hard to come by, but I've been scrappin' pretty good. I can't stand this alone shit though.. I need to find my buddies, if they're alive.. If not, ..I guess its time to make new friends. ***The whitelist application said it had to be 1000 characters.. I think this was more like 2000, oops.
  12. o, okay great, thanks for all the help guys just posted it, if you guys wanted to check it out =P
  13. Thanks guys, Could I post my back story in here for some criticism or should I do that else where? Yes Tewudin I'm a cop, but still a rookie =p lol. Elder Scrolls Online is probably not AS bad as most say, but it was a huge disappointment to a veteran Elder Scrolls Fan..
  14. Hey All! Just signed up on the website and submitted my whitelist application. =) Just some quick info on me, I have about 800 hours in DayZ SA, I run with a pretty big group of guys on public servers but I was excited to see a Role Playing non-kos server and became a hopeful ! Been a gamer since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I've RP'd in the past with Star Wars D&D as well as some RP experience with Elder Scrolls Online. My background is 7 years Army and I'm currently a cop in my local area. I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys and girls out there and hope to leave a good impression!