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  1. (OOC) Hello all, i know ive been gone a good bit, life interrupted. been in and out of the hospital. im not sure where to post to get re-whitelisted. but i would appreciate it very much if some body could direct me to the right thread. or if an admin could re-whitelist me. thanks in advance for any and all responses. hope to see you all in game
  2. thanks so very much... just take in to consideration that i am pretty medicated these days lol. but thanks for the kudos
  3. As you walk the spans between Electro and Cherno, you see a peculiar site. a camcorder sits in the road. as you approach you see sitting next to it, is batteries and a small folded note. picking it up and hurrying off the road, you find a safe place to see what you've found. The note, which appears to be written in blood and stamped with the authors bloody thumbprint as a signature, simply reads. i have a purpose now. putting the batteries in the device, it sparks to life. as you hold it, you realize this must have been a keepsake, for it is in perfect condition. The screen sparks to life, and 2 young girls that appear to be twins are sitting in front of a birthday cake. the cake reads Happy birthday Sam and Kate. the footage blurs out a moment, and then rolls black for about three seconds. A ragged man, dressed in cammo gear and covered in dried dirt and blood sits for a moment before speaking. a look on his face that is full of anger, yet calm and almost sad. My name is William Porter, i am leaving this as a declaration. the story i am about to tell you... may change how you see the world that we are left... and maybe you will understand what i must do. these are the events, that have led me to this decision. My pack was heavy... Earlier, I had come across a stash of supplies in an old hunting shack, canned food, medicine, even some beer, it was too good to pass up. the supplies, covered in dust, showed signs of being unattended for some time now... i didn't feel bad for taking them, as the owner was most likely dead. as i tied my old hunting bag shut, i heard a loud crack followed by a guttural moan... i was sure i had lost the infected at the crossroads, but they had somehow found me. no... not me, they were walking west of me... something or someone else had caught their eye. I slung my pack quietly to my shoulder and hoisted the load into place, i slipped my other arm into the strap and tightened it firmly. slowly i picked up my fully kitted and camouflaged AK-74 and raised it to my shoulder, before clearing the door and pieing the corner to the west. peering through the scope i tracked the sound through the treeline. the setting sun was peeking through the trees... it was hard to make out anything very clearly... but i saw a man... looking my direction from the crest of the hill. did the glint of sun on my scope tip him off, was i too loud grabbing the supplies? i shifted to the other side and brought my eye to the glass once more... nothing, just the shambling freak trying to follow the elusive individual uphill. something came over me. i needed to follow him, to see where he was going way out here. i cut the woodline up the side of the hill, harder than i expected with all this food... i broke the crest, weapon raised... but all that remains is the carcass of the infected, with one single and clean cut to the face... small edge too, he had to have gotten close. all of a sudden... i felt a crack to the back of my head. what comes next was recorded by... him. A crackling fire roars, the wind whips wildly through treetops as a coastal storm rages outside. the sound of pacing feet echo into place. the camera out of focus, tries to auto correct the images. it comes to rest on a man tied to a chair, the same man from the beginning of the recording. he opens his eyes slowly... a deep voice begin to hiss from the darkness just out of sight. "your kind sickens me... you and your so called morals and humanity. they don't apply anymore. nothing of the old world the was remains. there are two kinds of us that remain, all others are an illusion. there is the meat and the meat eater". stepping from the shadows, you could see him now. wearing a black hoodie and a white clown mask. he knelt in front of the man. you could almost feel his grin behind the mask. the man in the chair tried to move, but... was restrained. the masked man leaned in close... the man in the chair reacts as if he could feel breath on him through the slit in the mask. "I know who you are... i know what you did" i saw your picture on the mantel. she kept looking to it you know... as if expecting you to burst forth from the frame to save her and your children. what... did you REALLY think SERGEY was alone." He unfolds a crumpled photo from his pocket. and drops it on the ground in front of him. the man in the chair looks down and instantly snaps his head up. "I"LL KILL YOU...YOU SON OF A". The hooded man swings the pommel of a large knife into the temple of his hostage with a sound crack. the man in the chair goes limp, as he is knocked unconscious. the masked man then walks over to the camera and kneels closely to it, causing it to go out of focus. "death is to easy for you missssster porter, no... you get to keep the knowledge, that you met the man who killed your family, and FAILED to do anything other than bleed. i want you to know that you had your chance, and i slipped through your fingers. may you and all the other sheep, find your way to the den of wolves, and be eaten". The man reaches up and turns off the camera. I awoke back where it started... in the old hunting shack. head and arms throbbing, i sat up to see the photo stuck to the wall by my own knife. So, here i sit. recovering as best i can from repeated blows to the head... yet so very clear now. i know what i must do. [align=justify]He lifts an old rusted sledge hammer into view. he sits for a moment, staring at it. then looks directly at the camera. [align=justify]"I'm going to kill them all"... [align=justify]he reaches up and turns off the camera, and the screen goes black.
  4. The radio sparks to life with a crackle of static... waves can be heard in the background as a mans coughing and wheezing chimes in. This is Bill Porter... (coughing and wet sounds), i just arrived on the back side of the island, my raft went down half a klick out, i hit a sandbar... i had to swim the rest of the way. i'm soaking wet, i will build a campfire on the south west outskirts of the island and dry off and get warm. once i have gathered myself, i will go to the shore by the docks and await an escort to take me into custody. The sounds of a flint and steel can be heard striking each other just as the radio cuts out.
  5. there was a smile on her face once... i remember Jane smiling when Sam and Kate were born... i remember her smile when i got the promotion to internal security for Takorov industries.... i remember her smile when we moved to the Vladov estates in Berezino... life was wonderful.... I heard the sirens outside... and i knew something was wrong... the infected had poured into the city... no warning, no escape.... i ran out of ammo in my .357 and resorted to using a hammer to bash my way through the chaos to get home to them... but, it was too late. the door stood open, blood smeared on the door, porch and floors... this was no infected... this was a monster... there was a smile on her face once... my children.... what remained of them... was trussed up like sucking pigs... Jane... she put up a fight, and he didn't like that.... he gutted her like an animal... some of her meat was still sizzling in a pan on the stove... he... he ate my family... i went to the security office and check the hall camera feeds.... i see you... i got you now... it took me some time, but... i found you... didn't i... oh, i found you... it was in no way slow... i broke every bone i could manage without it being fatal... i used the gore covered hammer... i made sure to infect his wounds with it.... he tried to talk, act tough... but i shattered his jaw. it took him two days for him to expire... of course i was keeping him alive... then it happened, he turned... i sat for some time before coming to a decision.... so i killed him a second time, and left his carcass to rot in the old shed behind the cranes of cherno
  6. Break 25, break 25... anyone on this frequency... my name is William Porter... my 10-20 is half a click south of Beri... i found this radio in an old squad car, shockingly... it still has power. i know in this day and age, people have to do many things they would normally never contemplate doing... but... i may have went too far... i wish to turn myself in to the regulators... law and order is a necessity in these times more than ever before... and i broke that unspoken pact... with a hammer... and with hate. consider this broadcast my confession. i await your response. i will leave this frequency open.
  7. again, didnt KNOW there was a radio chatter page, hence why i asked... im not forcing anything... but spending a full 8-12 hours running the ENTIRE map only to find one recruit on a PACKED server... kinda made it hard. not being rude... im heavily medicated... post surgery... so its a lil hard to focus... i was just saying... i was not being lazy, just didnt know where to post is all...
  8. i asked here because... my story and character NEED it to be regulators... i tried camping the prison to find them.... didnt work... i talked IN game to around 20 folks... most if not all were AWESOME... but they sent me there, and i waited to no avail. so i just wanted to ask here if i can find a member that would meet me in game for the RP... im very new so i dont know where to post im sorry.
  9. because of my characters background, it is important to find a few regulators (preferably someone with rank) to speak to in game... i went to the prison and was there for nearly 4 hours... only met one reg... and he was a recruit who didn't know what to do... just PM me with a time you may be on if at all possible. thank you so much in advance even if you don't respond
  10. im on finally... just took a bit of trial and error... just us server is down
  11. yes... it is S2 us... it keeps booting me... i keep getting reset too i'll just try the other server... the character shouls carry over to US S2 once its fixed i hope... correct? i mean as in another RP host server. EDIT: tried to log on to s1 eu... it says its locked but there are 30+ players finally get whitelisted and this is my first experience with DayZRP... not looking too good folks EDIT AGAIN: it seems BOTH servers are locked now... fun times
  12. as a matter of fact... it shows others in game but when i log in EVEN AFTER WAITING... it only shows me in game and only for a few seconds before getting "no message revived" and im always in a new spot with a new character... i even restarted my PC and game think its an issue with battle eye... gonna try again, thanks for the help all.
  13. i did wait a few.... i waited till i saw players in game before rejoining the server...
  14. i got whitelisted... hop on the server got geared... got booted... logged in, NEW TOON... got booted... log in again... says i cant join server... now its been sitting on please wait forever... any suggestions? EDIT: ok now i can log in, but instantly get the "no message received" as well as im yet another new spawn? both on the server list on this site and on the game's UI server list... says that the server is up and players are on it... why do i keep getting booted... is it the admin?
  15. third times the charm i guess!!!! see you all on soon