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  1. i think zombies are just misunderstood, maybe they just want hugs but because we go at them with guns or axes they get sacred and have to protect themselves
  2. Just asking if anyone else is also getting stuck trying to get into S1. When I try to log on I am stuck at 'Wait For Host' for a very long time and am not getting in the server.
  3. Groups are a lot more fun to play in. If you have a group, especially a big one, you look more intimidating and people have to respect you for that. Also, in big groups you are given more options as to how you may roleplay and how each character is himself. Solo can be fun but when you meet a big group it's like you're a bambi and you can either be their new test subject or, if they're nice, they may allow you to live or even join in on their group. But, however, Groups are still the best and is why I am constantly trying to get my friends to apply and get on DayZRP.
  4. Thank you so much, the S1 server is crowded to the max since currently only server open but I'll try to get in.
  5. I did not know where else to really post this issue but in the DayZRP US server, it continually resets and so no one is able to play on it. Is this an issue or is it supposed to be like this in the morning? if issue then definitely needs fixing because DayZ EU is only other server to join
  6. -User was warned for this post-