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  1. Were you in contact with Judge in TS? No. I did not even have TS open. In fact, I did not even know judges name or what he looked like until we met up after the shooting at the edge of town.
  2. Me and another guy (told me his name was rueban) were heading northwest to try to meet up with his friend. We run into Thaddeus, who informs us that we're in the wrong city. Then we get jumped by this group of guys who have us put our hands up and then frisk us for radios. My character had none. Then we are led inside and I'm placed in a corner of the building, next to Thaddeus. my character mouths off a bit to his captors and gets punched out. After waking up, he is put in a corner and told to drop his backpack. Unfortunately, I was experiencing a bug which did not allow me to drop my backpack, so I told my captors such OOC, and they said it was ok. Then he frisks me for weapons, and finds none. Then they began talking to me about how this was "their territory" and how I was trespassing. They were talking about ways they could "mark" me to make sure they recognized me, when judge runs in, shotguns them both in the back of the head, then gets shot himself and falls unconscious. After a while he gets back up and runs. The survivors move me and reuban back to a small nook, then after a short time let us go, telling us to go west. At the edge of town, we meet up with judge, who after some conversation, goes with reuban to loot the bodies while I continue west
  3. -Acquiring Signal- -Signal Acquired- -Beginning Transmission 013- Jorah- "Well. Just had me a nasty run in with some bandits. One caught me and 2 other guys on the road somewhere. Creepy shit with a clown mask... Told us all to get on the ground, and I complied. Figured, as i had nothing to give, I would be left alone. Well anyway, one of the guys calls out his brother, and one of the guys that as with me stands up and pulls out his mp5 and starts pointing that at us too. Called themselves the 'Donohey' brothers or something... any way the guy I was with, poor sap, gets shot as he runs away, but i don't know if he died or not.... The only reason I'm still here is because I had nothing to give them, so they let me go. Anybody who's out there who hears this, watch yourself. Those guys are nuts.... -Transmission 013 End-
  4. -Acquiring Signal- -Signal Acquired- -Transmitting Message 012- Jorah- "Dammit. Lost a bunch of my stuff back there, running from some armed psycho's. Not sure if they were shooting at me or what, but I'm not going back to find out. was rearranging my stuff at the time, so I left a bunch of stuff on the floor, then my backpack got caught on some branches as I was running, so its torn up lying back there. Maybe I can go back and get it later. Damn...my pistols back there to..." -Gunshots, Indecipherable- "Shit, are those guys still out there?" -Transmission 012 end-
  5. -Acquiring Signal- -Signal Acquired- -Beginning Transmission 011- Jorah- "Aaaanndd.... there. Lights are back on and ladies and Gentlemen we are back in business. Took a bit of work to find some more batteries. And a bit more work to install them. Stupid me sealed the frikin' case I put the first ones in shut. Had to figure out a way to open it with out breaking the case. I failed. Case as smashed to shit afterwards, so I just taped the inner workings to the side of the Black Box. Hopefully it won't get to jarred around and break. Haven't met anyone recently. Well....no one healthy anyway. Found a corpse of a guy a bit ago. That's where I found the batteries. The guy's been shot to death. Barbarians. I suppose its a better way to go than being bit...or...however this disease is transmitted." -Transmission 011 end-
  6. -Acquiring Signal- -Signal Acquired- -Beginning Transmission 010- Jorah- "Finally met some sane people today...well....person. The other guy looked pretty out of it. Sick with something. Didn't really wait around to find out if he was sick with IT. The still healthyish guy seemed to be radioing for some help when I approached. Looked like I scared him, but he was friendly enough. We struck up a few trades. I tried desperately to get his radio, but he insisted that he needed it. And, with his friend was in there, I found it pretty hard to argue. I did manage to set him up with a half full box of antibiotics i found on a body (while trying not to think about how close I was a couple of days ago to being that body) and he gave me some bullets for my 9mm. He also gave me a bit of food, told me they had plenty, and gave me a few survival tips. Like never drink from stagnant water. (found that out the hard way.) He said that he had some other people coming by to help his friend and asked if I would like to join them. I declined. I had already tested my luck approaching this group, not going to push it any further. I sort of wish I had gotten his name, but I didn't give him mine either, so I guess we're even. -Transmission 010 end-
  7. -Acquiring Signal- -Signal Acquired- -Beginning Transmission 009- Jorah-"Well. Whatever I was sick with has passed. After nearly a box of antibiotics might I add. I guess I should be happy that it wasn't THE Infection. But regardless, this has been one of the most miserable couple of days of my life. So. What have I got after that ordeal? Well.....An empty 9mm pistol. Used the last few bullets of an infected who found one of my hidey holes. I've got half a can of rotten tasting beans. I should probably eat them soon before they go bad. I found a can opener. And a bottle of (Hopefully) clean water. I've also got a nice thick coat and pair of pants, and an old motorcycle helmet I found. the visor is nearly shattered though, so I'm only using it for emergencies. I also found a small backpack, though, considering my supplies currently, its empty. Oh. And I still don't have a radio. Damn this place to hell. -Transmission 009 end-
  8. -Acquiring signal- -Signal acquired- -Beginning transmission 008- Jorah- "I'm lucky those two guys left. My hands have been so unsteady I don't think I could have been very effective anyway. I shot that one guy, though I didn't mean to. He's lucky too. If my hand had moved just a bit to the left, the bullet woulda' hit him right in the crotch. Don't think they would have forgiven me then. I-" -coughing- Jorah- "Dammit. Need some antibiotics, though I didn't find any before those guys showed up. Booked it out of there after they left. At leas-" -coughing- Jorah- "At least now I know some people are still out there though. Didn't want to hang around those guys though. They looked pretty desperate. And desperate people with weapons make bad decisions. I should know. I did by recording my last transmission. Should ha-" -coughing- Jorah- "Damn. Need antibiotics, but I don't want to go through another town. Gonna have to brave the elements again. At least I have a coat. Maybe sleep will help...whatever I have." -Transmission 008 end-
  9. -Acquiring Signal- -Signal Acquired- -Beginning Transmission 007- Jorah- "Dammit I feel terrible. I got some food and stuff from town though, and I'm not throwing up anymore. Lets see....Got...two cans of food, both look good...some soda and a Coat. Also found a few rounds for my 9mm, and some bullets for a gun a don't recognize, but I'll keep them anyway. I'm holed up in a house in....crap...um... theres a... a big tower... maybe a town hall or something. I haven't seen many of the infected ar-" -Unknown- "-Indecipherable-" Jorah (whispering)- "Oh shit... thats not infected." -Unknown- "-Indecipherable- the last place has been picked clean, somebodies already been here man, I'm telling you." -Unknown 2- "Of course somebodies already been here, there's not that many cities in the damn quarantine zone. the point is to see if they left anything behind." Jorah (whispering)- "Dammit, theres two of them....how the hell-" -Unknown- "Shh....did you hear that?" Jorah (whispering)- "Oh fuck." -Uknown 2- "What?" -Unknown- "Heard someone.....that building.." -"Unknown 2- "that one?" -Unknown- "Yeah......Hey! you in there! Can you hear me?" -Unknown 2- "They're not saying anything." -Unknown- "Well I heard him....Hey buddy! You may want to show yourself or we may have some problems." Jorah- "Fuck you! Leave me alone!" -Unknown 2- "No need for that, we just want to be friends! How's about you just poke your head out so we can see you..friend?" Jorah- "ah, i see. we're friends are we? Then lets depart as friends. You leave me alone, I leave you alone, we leave with no problems. simple." -Unknown 2- "you think we should just-" -Unknown- "Fuck no. Alright buddy. Drop your weapon and get the fuck out here before we do something drastic." Jorah- "Fuck you!" -Unknown 2- "Dammit, Man lets just go, we don't know what he's got-" -Unknown- "Hell no. We're out of food, nearly out of water, we need what this guys go-" -Gunshot, 9mm, 3- -Unknown 2- "-scream- Oh god! Jesus!" -Unknown- "Oh Crap! You ok man? Jesus..." -Unknown 2- "No i'm not fucking ok! That bastard shot me in the leg!" Jorah- "I said leave me the fuck alone! I won't miss next time!" -Unknown- "Fuck you!" -Unknown 2- "Mate, we need to go. this guy doesn't have anything we need." -Unknown- "Fuck that, he shot you! We can take this guy!" -Unknown 2- "Maybe, but we don't have the supplies to waste on this guy. we don't know what he has or-" -Gunshot, 9mm, 1- -Unknown- "right, right. we're going you fucking son of a bitch." Jorah- "Jesus christ...." -Transmission 007 end-
  10. -Acquiring signal- -Signal acquired- -Beginning transmission 006- Jorah- "So cold....dammit.....need to find shelter of some kind before tomorrow. Gets to cold at night to stay outdoors without a good coat. Which I don't have. Water wasn't any good either. Drank the first bottle before I realized it had things floating in it. Felt myself getting sick before I finished it. Already threw up what I still had in my stomach twice already. Now I'm just dry heaving." -cough- Jorah- "which leads me to yet another problem. No food. No food, no water, no shelter. Dammit. Still wary about going into town, but I suppose it would be better to go before I'm driven completely by desperation. Though that-" -cough- Jorah- "that probably isn't far off. I need help, and the ironic thing is, I have a radio, but being in a forest, with no landmarks, unable to read the road signs, unable to receive directions, it's next to useless. Dammit. Going to take a rest. Make a decision later." -transmission 004 end-
  11. -Acquiring signal- -Signal acquired- -Beginning transmission 005- Jorah-"Jesus Christ it's like a war zone down there. Between the infected and the crazy psychopaths murdering each other, cities and towns are practically a death wish. Not going near one of those again. While that does restrict my supplies, it's better than being eaten or shot to death while I sleep. Looks like it's going to be a while before I find a 2 way radio. Or anything for that matter. Getting thirsty to. I think there's a river down the way, but it's running. I think. Hopefully that will clear out any disease sit has in it. I hope. Still hungry to, though it enough to spend my last two 9mm rounds on a deer I saw today. Things probably infected anyway. Damn it's cold. Should I take stock of the situation? Maybe. Figure out what all I have tonight. Maybe even record a auto biography? I mean.... If this thing is just a one way radio. Which I think it is. It might be useful for somebody to know who I am. Or at least who's doing a terrible job at organizing this FUBAR survival attempt. Later. Need to find somewhere warm before night falls completely. Wish I could make a fire. Damn it's cold. -transmission 005 end-
  12. -Acquiring signal- -Signal acquired- -Beginning transmission 004- Jorah- "The cities aren't safe. Too many infected. Thought I heard gunshots but I'm sure as hell not going back to check. I-" Unknown- "-indecipherable-" Jorah- "Holy hell are those bastards still after m-" -transmission interrupted(internal error)- -transmission 004 end-
  13. -acquiring signal- -signal acquired- -beginning transmission 003- -power restored- Jorah- "-ould work....let's see. Yep. Little lights are back on. I don't even know how this battery pack I improvised works, but it does. Hopefully for a while. Damn I need an actual radio. Haven't had any contact with an uninfected human since the crash. I don't think it's having an effect on me yet. Other than the fact that I'm talking to a box. I am hungry though. All the towns I've been to have been picked practically clean. I found an old an of tuna yesterday and was able to get the lid open, but nothing since then. I was able to keep my water bottle so I've been filling up at pumps and wells and stuff. How long can you go without food? Hm. Wish I paid more attention in boot camp. I'm pretty sure they taught how to build an improvised radio. And how to read Russian. Damn it. That's another thing. I can't read any of the signs around here. I have no clue where I am and a I don't have a map. Unknown "-indecipherable-" Jorah- "oh shit." -transmission 003 end-
  14. -acquiring signal- -signal acquired- -transmitting message 002- -Warning, battery life low. To support continued use of this device please connect to a power source- Jorah-"-ansmitting? Why the hell is it transmitting?" -attention, sharp movements may damage internal components- Jorah- "this thing was smashed to shit in the crash how the hell is it still functioning? I don't even know why I dragged it along. This thing isn't going to be any worth in a trade....wait a minute. Transmitting? Transmitting to what? Hey! You border control sons-of-bitches! If you can hear this, we had a deal you bastards! One helicopter in, one helicopter out, no problems but you had to go and blow a fucking transport helicopter with children on board out of the fucking sky! You bastards!...." -warning, battery life low. Please connect to a power source- Jorah- hell. I don't know who this is transmitting to. I didn't even know black boxes could do that. So...it's basically a one way radio. I guess. I wonder if anybody can actually hear me? Could be that the black box is just shot to hell and-" -warning, battery level critical--***--****** -transmission end-
  15. -Acquiring signal- -Signal Acquired- -Transmitting message 001- CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot-"Jorah! Can't You keep those civs quiet back there?" SGT. Jorah Marxson, Infantryman(location, cargo area)-"Doing the best I can sir, Terry Junior doesn't like the Helicopter. Says its making him sick." CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "He's twelve, tell him to deal with it. Him and his rich-ass parents are going to be safe on a ship bound for the states eating whatever they damn well please soon enough." SGT. Jorah Marxson, Infantryman(location, cargo area)-"Hear that boy? Shut up for a bit and we mercenaries will use your fathers fat wallet to get you home safe in no time." CPT. Mark Aron, Copilot-"How the hell did these people survive this long anyway? Much less actually get a radio working to negotiate extraction?" CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "How should I know? All I do know is that his father somehow paid us PMC's a lot of money to extract him and his family out of the Chernerus quarantine zone and back to to good old US of A." SGT. Jorah Marxson, Infantryman(location, cargo area)- "Sir? The boy is getting pretty sick. like, really sick" CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "Well tell him he better not get sick all over the inside of my Helicopter or he's damn well getting thrown out of it. Once we cross out of the quarantine zone we can open the doors and he can get sick out there, but i don't want those trigger happy government Jackasses suspecting anything until-" -Mission checkpoint reached, Crossing quarantine zone- -Unknown- "Unidentified Aircraft, this airspace is prohibited return to the quarantine zone." CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "What the hell? We had a deal for passage! All right you, we have a deal with your government, this is Bellower PMC Transport Helicopter 204-" -Unknown- "Unidentified Aircraft, return to quarantine zone or you will be shot down" CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "Well shit." CPT. Mark Aron, Copilot- "It could be a bluff. To keep up appearances." CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "lets hope so. Jonah! let the civs know that it could get a little bumpy in a-" SGT. Jorah Marxson, Infantryman (location, Cargo Area)- "Oh Shit." CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "what?" SGT. Jorah Marxson, Infantryman (location, cargo area)- "The kids really not looking so good. Like, dying not good." CPT. Phillips Hills, pilot- "Shut up for a second Jorah we kind of-" CPT. Mark Aron, copilot- "Shit thats a lock!" CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "SHIT! This is Belltower Transport helicopter 2042, disengage lock! repeat Disengage lock!" SGT. Jorah Marxson, Infantryman (location, Cargo area)- "Phillips?" CPT. Phillips Hills, Pilot- "We have women and children aboard! Disengage the lock you bastards! Disengage- Jorah-"Oh Jesus christ my leg..... Hello? Anybody still alive in there? Phillips? Mar-...Oh my god....um....this looks salvageable. I think...." Jorah-"Might be useful in a trade I suppose. Man, my shit got ripped to shreds an-" Jorah-"Hello? Kid is that..." -Unknown- Jorah- "Oh my God..." -Transmission 001 end-