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  1. * Nicky is talking in a soft tone as he turns on his radio* " Dude could you like , keep your voice down" * The sound of a door opening and closing can be heard in the background as he starts speaking on the radio again * " People will know about us regardless , as we start doing more good deeds . Lets just wander and travel for the time being friend " *Turns his radio back off *
  2. mainly to confirm his intent on taking his defender right , we where on ic Radio in Discord before hand talking IC stuff . That the main reason he added me to it .
  3. He asked me ooc if he was allowed to kill them for defender rights , I told him if it is in the timer then yes . seconding his point of wanting to take action against it . he was muted During and after the situation muted himself after ooc question until he had a radio again . and yes I got tired of all of you pming me asking me about why you got reported "I'm no admin so don't ask me over and over again about things " it got to the point it became harassment and I got tired of it .
  4. Mishka got adopted at the age of 2 by His Uncle after his parents died in a car Crash . where he got inducted into The Seventh sin a cult his uncle was running . after his uncles passing , he started to travel around the world Trying to spread his uncles End of the world Cult to the corners of the world. Being declared a lunatic wherever he went . only Converting a select few , But deciding to travel alone wherever he went Due to not trusting anyone around him . and got stuck in Chernarus when the Outbreak started
  5. Me and methias talked it out On ts , And wish to close this Report thank you
  6. Is that better charlie ? Been a while since I reported some one I'm sorry
  7. Server and location: S2 summercamp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 29-8-2016 00:25 Your in game name: Alex frejold Names of allies involved: CrescentGent . Ryan Baker , XxOminousxX Name of suspect/s: N/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):About tho be uploaded By ryan baker ( I had fps problems so I could not record my self ) Detailed description of the events: We where on our way to help out our friend ( CrescentGent) When We got found they told us to drop our wepons and put our hands up so I did . Was even looking right at one of them and then they shot me .
  8. IGN: Mishka frejold Age: 19 Country: The Netherlands English skills: 8/10 DayZ Standalone Experience: 750 Hours Roleplaying Experience: 1 year What kind of In Game role best describes you : The Joker ( The funny guy ) Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Animals Additional notes: Have been away for a while so taking things slow right now . Best way to contact you: Ts Or pm Backstory:Mishka Frejold Mishka Got raised by a poor family in Belgium . He knows he got adopted but his parents never told him . on the age of 18 he left Belgium to find a calm place to write his books . He was living in Gorka for 2 years before the outbreak started . Since then he is trying to survive any means necessary . (will be continued through In game events)
  9. * Mishka smirks and turns the radio on * Good day Mister . You mean that was my camp . Its okay Don't worry , Hope you like the gift I left . We will be watching from a far like me and mister wolf alway's do . Also Hope your having a nice day Ours is going Amazing We caught a bird today mister wolf Made dinner out of it , * He smiles brightly with a cheerful tone as he turns off the radio *
  10. * Mordecai listens to the voice carefully and replies * " What a pleasure that would be , but I don't like that you said the word we more people mean's I need to communicate to more than one person. But at last that's your decision to cross a deep ocean potentially drown just to share some beans " * Mordecai turn's his radio off placing some flares down * * mishka smiles and turns on the radio again * Don't worry I made the swim before well I din't wolf did he carried me across . I can't swim to be honest . But seeing a friendly face is worth any danger these day's Don't you agree ? Its just me and mister wolf He is looking after me . He won't harm a fly I promise he is not the talking type anyway He mostly just sits there and watches and protects me where ever I go * he say's cheerfully and turns the radio off *
  11. * Mishka smiles while hearing some one respond and hands it to wolf to turn it on * Thanks wolf . Umm Wolf said Its close to myshkino in the woods . next to a ummm A deer stand Its hard to explain .. Hope I was of any help * he say's with a cheerful voice * * He hands the radio to wolf to turn it off again *
  12. * Mishka turns on his radio Kinda confused about how it works * Umm Wolf is it on ? * low muble can be heard * oo okay . Dear camp people that we keep robbing . We gave you back one of your tents left a white armband just to Leave somthing we din't have a pen on us , so thats why This WOLF HOW ARE YOU CALLING THIS !? * again a low mumble can be heard * He said Its called A friendly warning So lets call it that . * he stops the broadcast *
  13. * mishka smirks after hearing this and Turns his radio * Next time when we are there we will say hi to you maybe even share a can of beans Who knows . * Turns the radio off again and starts eating a apple while watching the sunset *
  14. *Geoff picks up his radio with haste upon hearing the mans offer* "You're allowing me to slit your throat? Well.. Only if you're sure!" *He then sharpens the machete he found in a barn* "I'll be sure to make it a clean cut!" *He laughs manically and you can hear the sound of a stone sliding against the blade as the PTT is being released* * Mishka picks up his radio when he hears the Sharpening of a blade he starts to talk * won't that make it dull again ? its A waste of time if you ask me . * a soft click can be heard when he shuts down the radio *
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