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  1. * Nicky is talking in a soft tone as he turns on his radio* " Dude could you like , keep your voice down" * The sound of a door opening and closing can be heard in the background as he starts speaking on the radio again * " People will know about us regardless , as we start doing more good deeds . Lets just wander and travel for the time being friend " *Turns his radio back off *
  2. mainly to confirm his intent on taking his defender right , we where on ic Radio in Discord before hand talking IC stuff . That the main reason he added me to it .
  3. He asked me ooc if he was allowed to kill them for defender rights , I told him if it is in the timer then yes . seconding his point of wanting to take action against it . he was muted During and after the situation muted himself after ooc question until he had a radio again . and yes I got tired of all of you pming me asking me about why you got reported "I'm no admin so don't ask me over and over again about things " it got to the point it became harassment and I got tired of it .
  4. Mishka got adopted at the age of two by His Uncle after his parents died in a car Crash . where he got inducted into The Seventh sin a cult his uncle was running . making him obsessed with brighter colors and seeing the world in a different light . after his uncles passing , he started to travel around the world Trying to spread his uncles End of the world Cult to the corners of the world. Being declared a lunatic wherever he went . only Converting a select few , But deciding to travel alone wherever he went Due to not trusting people quickly . and got stuck in Chernarus as the Outbre
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