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"It's basically this time of the year again"

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  1. ShrimpRP

    THANKS YOU G19!!!!!!!!!!

    Well we all know why he did it
  2. ShrimpRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Np, can't do my boy too dirty
  3. ShrimpRP

    Real life picture Thread

    Looking straight fire
  4. ShrimpRP

    Veteran members appriciation thread

    i'm a boomer throwback
  5. ShrimpRP

    Staff Feedback: Crimson_Tiger

    Feedback: I won't say that this isn't the right time, but seeing how you're handing out points like candy and then the points you've given mostly just taken away in appeals might mean that the time for green isn't now my man. You seem to try and do mental gymnastic to find ways to just point people and when other people actually think about it, the points are taken away. Although I still respect the energy you bring in Voice chat. Suggestions for improvement: Try and actually learn the role of moderator. By asking GMs and admins if those posts are worthy or anything. So far it seems like this hasn't been the case at all and are just looking for reasons to get your activity up. Don't forget man, it's quality over quantity. Keep it cool, keep it simple, treat the other ''players'' as human beings too.
  6. ShrimpRP

    Failed Robberies Thread

    My man Gary getting done dirty
  7. ShrimpRP

    The Death of Jewboy

    *You'd hear Chaz's voice come over the radio with gunfire and a few explosions in the background* ''Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems we got quite a show tonight at Lopatino Castle. A lot of... huh, I dunno how the fuck to describe what I'm seeing but it looks like well organised rebels from like, I dunno Palestine or some shit. *You'd hear a quiet scream with a heavy Israeli accent* I AIN'T EVER GONNA SNITCH ON THE BOYS!. *Chaz would look through his binoculars from the little barns nearby looking for a flag on their uniforms* ''Yuh, that's the Palestinian flag, and that scream, it reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on who exactly... Anyway, I dunno what kinda man, or machine is in that castle, but nothing is coming in, and if it is, well, it ain't coming out alive, that's for damn sure... Oh, it seems the rebels are regrouping. Yuh, yuh they is. It seems they finna go for a last push, they're still a lot of them.'' *You'd hear a muffles scream over the radio ''You will never touch my Shekels you dirty fucking Palestinians, SLAVA IDF YOU BACKWARDS ANIMA---'' *You'd hear a series of loud explosions through the radio, seemingly Chaz never let go of the PTT* ''Holy shit, that was the manliest thing I've ever heard. Imma try and get close to see what's left of the people.'' *Never letting go of the PTT, you can hear Chaz moving up to the castle, besides his breathing and a few branches cracking.* *You'd hear a gasp* ''Oh no, oh nononono. I can't believe it. It can't be, Oh my lord. Jewboy. Jewboy what did you do. You blew yourself up so they wouldn't be able to take your shekels. I good way to die, but fuck, you dirty Palestinians for taking my fucking favorite jew away from me. At least you took all of them out with you.'' *You'd hear a muffled noise over the radio, and Chaz's voice come over once more* ''Apparently not all of them.'' *A magdump can be heard through the radio before the broadcast goes silent* (Rip my man Jewboy @JewRP )
  8. ShrimpRP

    Jackals Media Thread

    I'd double team @Nik good roleplay thread btw, enjoying greatly.
  9. ShrimpRP

    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Seems like a good ol time, good luck and see you soon!
  10. ShrimpRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed @VegasRP roleplaying as a chad parkour master today. Thank you for the valuable life lesson.
  11. ShrimpRP


    Yeehaw brothers, glad to see y'all back!
  12. ShrimpRP


    yeah dude, just take care of yourself, take some time off. I do it and I dont even need to be banned for it
  13. ShrimpRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Says it the tittle, Strict IC. Find us, make us like you somehow, and you'll be a recruit. Saw it happen twice in the span of 4 hours. Hope to see you soon.
  14. ShrimpRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    I agree, feels good to be the best member of the Furry Club Wolfpack Awoooo
  15. ShrimpRP

    The Time.

    Well, Time to bring back Purp
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