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  1. Oh my lord what the... Good luck fellas, hope this group goes well! ...yeah For sure U guys Can do this Kerfuffle ? Cant wait for the abominable wave of UwU as I press f11
  2. Janett Fromagio was born in Stary Sobor in Chernarus to an French father and a Russian/Chernarussian mother. Her father moved them to France as a child, though the family did take regular trips back to Chernarus to visit extended family. J always looked forward to these trips, excited to visit her country of birth. At the age of 22, J got hired as an intern for RP&T Enterprises, a law firm, in France. Her trips to Chernarus became rare, unable to properly secure time away from her career. The work kept her too busy, no matter how much she longed to return. She became known as a sharp,
  3. technically speaking its already in game, but it's not a command, just you typing what you emote. Doing * instead of / kinda not that bad to me but hey, that's me anyway, see how vote goes.
  4. welcome welcome hope have fun bye now
  5. ? miss the days but all them bullets be kinda ?
  6. Had to @FaeRP to even be put on the roster. Smh. Lets get it tho : )
  7. forgot to type this yesterday before my time had come but good rp @SassyRP @VegasRP @Shroud @RiZ @FaeRP @God @JimRP @Mademoiselle @LumenRP @Poster @Lucas @kalyri and whoever else was there @CaosAndEffects was there too
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: As stated in the report, rule 4.6 says that an ally can only be part of an approved group. That's stopping my char from getting any payback from what was done to her closest friend and ALLY. As you can see in my char's backstory, her ally was shot and killed by Hutch. I dont see why thats not a valid kill since that's the closest thing to an ally my char has. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Dont let @Hofer handle this appeal. He was looking at the report so much but di
  9. good roleplay @VegasRP @Kordruga @Shroud @Nik @YAKMOUTH @Elmo @Bobby @Blisna @Laelia @SassyRP @Max Simons @Apollo Oh i forgot @God and some other people but that's it I hope and think.
  10. @Eddie Not my video, it's what the recording software captures from what I've been told. @Max Simons is the man who had it.
  11. I'd like to also point out that @MrBee went full NVFL mode after Hutch was killed
  12. We are roleplaying at Sitnik and soup while Vegas and others tell us over radio they would go ahead and collect payment for a deal that was made between an associate of ours and one of their members, Ryan Rivers. While vegas and all them are double micing everything at some point they stop talking, not responding to our questions. After the situation we had at Sitnik is over, we go over to their last known location, aka WP compound, and the first thing I see when I arrive is @VegasRP body laying on the ground. I ask a few questions and roleplay insues followed up by an initiation. After a bit
  13. what about the time I spooked you wtf man cmon bruh put that shit in too
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