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"They said I wouldn't do it"

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  1. OiramRP

    A better tomorrow - DayZRP Movie

    I do miss the Roleplay from The Time. Good video from Mr Moon and it was such a shock to see what happened at the end! Miss the castle RP and all the story lines we managed to create and that are still developing because of the things we brought! Good times!
  2. OiramRP

    Old Timers

    Oh yes welcome back hope to meet you old folks in a close future.
  3. OiramRP

    Racism in game.

    As our glorious leader once said; While I understand why some people might get offended, remember, we trynna be realistic. People would be homophobic and racist, not all of them, but some sure would have survived. Just like when child are still around even tho the climate for it is really fucking bad. Some would have survived.
  4. OiramRP

    The Coalition

    best of luck, looking forward to giving y'all licenses!
  5. OiramRP


    That's no way shape or form what I said.
  6. OiramRP


    Nobody will ever pk a character to people they don't like. Even if the RP is great, they won't be enjoying it because ''No im not roleplaying this encounter, im tired of being held hostage by those people'' mentality is way too fucking present. Sure, you might do it, but you're ONE fish in the ocean, and the ocean is salt water.
  7. OiramRP

    The Whyos

    Good luck lads, good rp today @LorcanRP with them pants.
  8. OiramRP

    S1-Vybor-Metagaming/NVFL- 2019-10-06, 04:54

    I was making an Orkz army for the tabletop 40k game we plan on doing (apparently I did a terrible job) and then I hear @SeversonRP say over the radio ''Two retards down'' and woke up. I spray two people down and I get knocked out with a jug vest and when I wake up somebody took it off of me thinking I was dead, which I clearly wasn't. I hold under the tower trynna saving myself from dying and get shot in the back. Thankfully my boys realise it's me after they see the whole purple setup and leave me on flashing red. Now at this point I have to ammo left in my m4 but somehow I ended with an fnx in my inventory, thanks to the vest swap with somebody and pull that baby out and try and hold a guy that has a jugg vest and a black helmet. Clearly I don't do a good job seeing as I feel unconscious about 5 times being on flashing red blood and health and also my man Norway getting gatted. Anyway, when I wake up I pick my FNX back up and look towards where the man in jug vest was all I see is about 4 bodies. I stay inside the compound, taking back my jug vest from one of those multiple dead bodies and proceed to chill in the checkpoint for a while. Don't worry about me, im no longer on flashing red. No video recording, sorry.
  9. OiramRP

    Zombies from Survivor Games

    Isnt deer island way the hell smaller then chernaruss? Hence the concentration of the zombies on deer isle?
  10. OiramRP

    Shroud's Fantasy MC Community server

    This server crashed my game at least 15 times in the past 15 minutes, for an average of 1 time per minute when I was just looking at the recipes. Highly recommended.
  11. OiramRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great rp from @daemonium today, great journey even tho my friends cant give directions for shit. Otherwise, good walk @Eagle and @Lorcan, always a blast to walk and talk with you two. The boys were interestingly warm to my refugee today, thanks to @Shroud @G19RP and @NorwayRP and of course the sick boi @Hex. I know Im forgetting someone but rip you didnt spark anything in me­.
  12. OiramRP

    like, yknow, nyah! >:3c

    Oh no.
  13. OiramRP

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Time to clap back Yeehaw Partner T'was fun knowing the server while it lasted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. OiramRP

    Sup I'm Garry

    Whats good Garry, nice to meet you, see you soon.
  15. OiramRP

    I'm Back

    glad to be 4th on the list, but lowkey what the fuck how is thrash above me. Oh yeah happy bday be a good drunk
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