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    Cipher's DayZ Media

    Yeah get em cowboy
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    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Very Cool Kanye Development team, very cool!
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    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

    Stuff looks dope fellas, keep the good stuff coming!
  4. *A grainy digital recorder starts playing, you hear a chair being dragged. A long silence follows before being broken* My name's Oliver Fredson. *You hear the crumpling of clothes and a deep sigh* I've tried to keep track of the days, months and years, if we've been through years yet, that we came through, me and the guys. And *A sad chuckle can be heard* I think I've lost track the moment the military, OUR military, the motherfuckers that were supposed to protect us, left all of us to die in that fucking embassy. *Another long silence can be observed, with the sounds of someone pushing a chair and walking with heavy shoes*. It's all the my fault tho, who am I to blame all this shitfest of a world one a handful of useless bags of shit. I used to be a business man. A good one at that, everything was looking up. My kids were gonna be raised better than me, my wife was the prettiest woman in the world and my friends... Oh my old friends, my real friends, had been with me and supporting me from the start. *You can clearly hear the man sitting down, tumbling with his fingers on the digital package* I had a meaning. I had plans.... I had everything I ever asked for. Business was booming, Europeans were interested in the machines I was selling. The US, and the Arabs were too. Even the Russians, the fucking Russians. Smaller countries too, but fuck all of them, the big players was where the money was at. *You hear the man rummaging through some sort of clothes* But now this shit is useless. *You hear the man throw what sounds like a stack of paper and a handful of coins on a hard surface* Arabia was where the most important, however useless they are now, assets were at. And all the fucking countries wanted what I was selling. To the smaller, all the way up to the biggest boys we had to sell. And that's how I got into the place I figured was gonna be my resting place. The PMCs I had hired told me we needed to get the the nearest embassy, and we sure did. *You can hear the man walking away, and some might ever hear a few deep breaths before the man starts speaking louder then before* Thankfully we had a plan, and none of us wanted to die to those motherfuckers, and most of us didn't. All of us had the will and the NEED to get out of there. And so we did. We fought, we dealt, and we made sure no one would put us down again. *You hear the same heavy footsteps from before coming closer and closer to the recorder, before a soft whispers comes into the microphone* And this time, nobody's gonna hold us down like they used to. See you soon, ''friends''.
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    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    Leaked new bug at 20 secs: Bullets go through players now.
  6. Peter McConnor isn't a man that always was what he is now. He used to be a loving brother and a dedicated English teacher. He came to South Zagoria before any of this happened. He was hired by an international organisation to go to a local school to teach english for the future of that province. He moved here by himself into a shitty apartment, really only having room for himself a a toilet, that was what was supplied by his employers. Whenever he felt discouraged or lonely, he would talk to his mother and sisters, they reminded him of hope and the lives they lived, while supporting Peter to a point where he could sleep each night and not wonder what or when it all turned wrong. After a few months in this new environment, Peter decided to get himself dog, a husky that he named Elie. After all, might as well have someone to talk to whenever he wanted, not that his family didn't do the job, just that the timezone were not the best if you tried to have a conversation. She was one hell of a dog, probably a little too social and nothing really scared her. Something that can be scary for a dow owner, especially in the place he lived in. .He tought it would help him keep in shape he thought, and boy was that a good decision. A few years went by and Peter started to talk less and less to his family, not that this was anything bad, but it make him feel so distant from home... After all this time, the job had became permanent, or at least he thought. One morning he woke up to the sounds of Elie scratching on the windows of his shitty apartment. He heard news of bad shit going down in the big cities, but nothing that scared him too much... although recently less and less of his students showed up to class. He got a call from his boss, if you could call her that, telling him he needed to get out of the province as fast a possible. And so Peter did, he packed his bag and brought Elie. He drove and drove, trying to make his way to the airport or another country, whichever came first. But that was cut short a bit too quickly. A lot of people were trying to get out, and he sure as hell wasn't the first. He waited and waited, hoping the soldiers that were... Inspecting the cars would let him through. However, inspecting wasn't the right word. And he realized that as soon as a wave of people, running ans screaming went pass his car. He looked up ahead and whatever the soldiers were doing, it involved maws, blood, and flesh. He picked up what he could, tried to take Elie but that dog was too courageous for its own good.. Elie was a good distraction, it allowed Peter to get away, but that distraction ended there. Peter ran and ran through the forest, making his way to what he thought was North. He somehow made it to the airport, where a lot of people already were. He waited there for about a a few days, before rumors came saying no one was coming for them, and that the military already started deserting their posts. He took off with a handful of other people, trying to make their way to Russia, hoping it was safer there. That's where most people died. Even if they figursd the infection was contained inside South Zagoria, deep down, most of them knew that it wasn't. And that was confirmed when one night, a group of what they decided to call shamblers came and massacred a few, and injured the rest. While most developed syndromes of sickness, Peter didn't suffer from that. A lucky day in his book. The days that fallowed were bloody, people turning into shamblers and someone having to put them out of their misery. The following nights, Peter had become alone, and upon reaching a city, he knew this wasn't just in South Zagoria. He kept on heading north, but hope seemes to become slimmer and slimmer with every step he took. After what seemed to be a few months, the best course of action was probably to head back home, to some resemblance of the past, the closest thing he could get to home.
  7. Well well well, guess we gotta do me some good campfire roleplay if I ain't wrong. Oh and hi by the way, been a while, ain't it?
  8. @Luckydente @Fox @Bruce Shoutout for you guys for a great night of great rp with great people. I don't know who else was relevent so i'm just gonna name you three. xox
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    Gamblers Media Thread

    Mhmm, I mean, that zombie ass is looking JUICY
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    Ban Appeal

    I was not traveling with the trader at the given time, I was just inside of town but Buddy was the trader I had the most contact with during the situation.
  11. Oiram

    Ban Appeal

    I unfortunately do not have video evidence.
  12. Oiram

    Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because I was not able to respond to the report as I was either asleep, at school or at work before I checked the forum to see what was up. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was banned because I didn't respond quick enough. I'm sorry for such a thing but I really couldn't help it as I did not visit the forum after that whole situation was finished. In the same fashion, when I saw I was mentioned in a topic, which is about now, I went to check what was up and here we are. Now my POV is as follows: I was inside the town outside of the compound when I hear over the radio that they were initiated on. Me, being good friends with the traders and being within 500 meters of the initial situation, decide to help. I exchange a few shots with the hostage takers and then decide I should probably try to get an angle or an entry point to get inside the compound. I also tell myself that maybe holding such positions might be an advantage for us to either try to hold the hostage takers from going outside and so being stuck inside the compound. With this in mind, I hold the western side of camp and see a man going outside of the camp, hacing clothes similar to what one of the hostage takers had I believe. I see he has no weapons out and I ask if maybe they've let go some of the hostages. I was answered by the negative. I proceed to take a shot at the man and he puts his hands up. I land another shot next to his hand so that he either goes back inside the compound or he gets killed. At that point I wasn't made aware that any other men besides the hostages and hostage takers were inside the compound, and I also wasn't made aware that hostages were comming out, which they were not. (Sorry for the double link but I am confused as to how to remove the second one ) What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To not get perma'd from this community as I enjoy playing here very much. I would also like to finish the report that was put up on me and Rich Patterson so a proper punishement might be applied, if any. What could you have done better?: Respond in a quicker manner then what I did.
  13. Agot's POV: First time I met the men at the camp was when I was cutting down trees by myself at noon. The man that came and spoke to me was not the man in the video, and I can't recall his name, beside the fact that he was also a Conmara. After a while, Halven (Halcef) comes online and I tell him about these men. Me and him decide to go and talk to them. When we get to their camp, the only person we see is Uhlren. All around are stumps and the man is in his camp. Halven tries to go speak to him... He does not respond. Halven then proceeds to get off his horse to initiate as he is getting pissed IC. The man then runs to the forest without saying a word. I see Halven running the man over a couple of times and then he re-initiate. Uhlren then starts to cut a tree down and Halven kills him. The second moment was quite simple. Me, Autumn and Pip try to actually have a conversation with the man. The man, as he doesn't respond, Autumn pulls his sword. After that, Uhlren logs off and that is it.
  14. Cole insulted the Fedoras... guess how that ended out for him.