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  1. A knife is the key to success... Or sex changes. +1
  2. Had plenty of fun with @Xehara, @Deznam, @Xero and @diesltm (can't find you for some reason). Good jokes and good talk my friends. Also with @ScarletRose and @Roman. What a wild discussion my mans, wild discussions I tell ye.
  3. fog's okay, until you run into a zombie that's legit 3 feet away from you, shoot once, and hear a horde comming your way and they all pop out the fog at once. I know this a survival game, but I sure do believe it ain't called silent budget Russia yet. I mean with this fog it might as well be called that tho.
  4. Mack POV: Me and @Xero were RPing in Pavlovo Mil. When we walking out, we spot two players in the guard shack (however a third one was hiding in there). I go in saying ''Hello im comming in don't shoot'' and as soon as I open the door I get a silenced AK pointed at me and telling me to get out. At this point I'm like okay sure and me and Vegas (Known as @Xero on the forums) asks me if I wanna initiate on them for threatening me. I say sure and I flank around the guard shack, trying to make myself as stealthy as possible. We pull up on the guard shack, with me at the back and Vegas at the front and when I and my ally both initiate, telling them to put their hands up. As soon as we initiate, an old guy by the window with a cowbow hat (dunno which one of you that was) aims his MP5 out of the window aiming at my head. As soon as that happen, I shoot in the fellas direction and I think I knock him out. Afterwards the complete silence told us that they were not gonna comply. After that, Xero shoots the second fella and knocks him out too. After that, I push in, knowing the man is in the bathroom. I see him with his gun raised, pointing in the direction im about to peak. I push and kill him. That's about it.
  5. Smacky got his nicknamed after he became the big dick around n his school. He smacked the shit outta the ones he thought were weak. There was this little fucker, named Louis, that told him he would never be someone outside this school. That's what bully become after they leave their hunting grounds. Dust and bad memories. Well, Louis wasn't wrong about one of those things. When Louis was comming home to his loving girl and their two children, Smacky was there. Fucking his wife like he had for the past 7 months. but tonight was gonna be different. Tonight, he was gonna make sure he knew he'd been doing it before he left this country for good. When Louis came in and said hi, and when his wife told Smacky to hide, like he did a few times before, he did. For a few minutes. He came out of the closest, still naked, like all monsters do. He smilled at Louis and told him ''I'm getting tired of your wife. Afterall, seven months is a pretty long time for your dumbass to realise that your wife's a whore and you can't do shit about it.'' Louis recoiled, recognizing Smacky mere seconds later, and shame came over him, then anger. As he was about to lounge for Smacky, Mack pulled out a knife he'd been holding behind his back. Louis didn't last long after that. Neither did his wife, or his children. He burried them in the forest that served as a backyard, deep enough so that the dogs wouldn't find them. He cleaned his mess and and took his leave with the car the last owners so graciously gave him. He went to the airport with everything he knew he had to have, and made his way to the Recruitment centers. There, he joined the Legion and made it his mission to fuck up as many people as possible, without getting his ass in court martial. He did pretty well for a time, fucking in people's head, their hopes and dreams were slowly corrupted or shattered, but he kept a group of like minded individuals safe from his plans. One day, he received the order he was to deploy near the Russian Border, and so he followed orders. There, he met Jamal and he lost contact with most of his old crew. The apocalypse hit and he stayed where he knew he'd be safe, but cogs started turning in his head. This new would meant new possibilities, new rules. And, oh boy was he prepared for it.
  6. I mean I understand zombies are a rotting corpse walking about, shambling and barely being able to walk in a straight line, but when they see you, they become Olympic runners and marathoners all at one. They also wear kevlar it seems. Not gonna say they should be nerfed, but I gotta have my immersion my man. +1 N-tox P.S. unban me from the minecraft server.
  7. Somewhat spicy and juicy. That'd be me right there.
  8. This woulda be hella nice and prob bring up one of a few rp hot spots for people.
  9. 1-Implicate her in your backstory. 2-Find her IG and built a relationship with her. 3-Make a new character so you can start off knowing a good deal about each other. That's what I did with a bunch of my characters back in the day, should work fine with your wife too. Hope you have fun with you girl IG my guy!
  10. Absolutely. Would be spoopy. Would give you a +10 but I can only give you a +1.
  11. Peeve's POV: I was in the town of Kabanino with my man Vasyl and some other of his friends which I had just recently met. I understand there was some tension in between the two main groups of people. We were chillin in town for a solid moment (couldn't really tell you how long, maybe 25 30 mins?) when at some point a person which I couldn't identify gender wise comes up and tells us about a concert. I go, intrigued at what kind of concert we might have from such an individual. I go next to a double story house, where my man Vasyl was posted. I then hear the words ''Everyone'' said loudly but nothing else, and then I hear Vasyl with a worried voice over the radio, so I decide to take cover. Seconds later I hear shots. A few moments later, one of the men that was with us, an Albanian if I am not mistaken, runs up the stairs and gets shot at. At this point I finally understand that my men are getting shot at, so I take a position to return fire, in a military fashion, doing my best to not show myself. Moments later the pink hat man goes down and shortly after, an enemy takers a shotgun blast to the head. I take shots from a VSD and afterwards there's another man in the room. I go down but I do not know what happened afterwards. I was quite confused as to what happened at first, since whoever initiated did not do a per say good job at doing it, since I didn't hear anything besides the word ''Everyone''.
  12. 10/10 profile pic mate, and hopefully we meet up soon IG. Hope you have fun within this community!
  13. I remember when someone was trying to make that happen in the Matchmakers era, where a contract killer had been hired by a third party to kill someone. The killer went and talked ooc about it and then things were settled and the target agreed upon getting killed if even the killer managed to take them hostage. However, if someone ever wants to be a straight up hired killed, and the target doesnt allow them to PK them, there really isnt anything the killer can do. It's a good idea, but I don't think it would work, just the like public executions = Pk thing that tried to happen recently I think @OxeN was the one that brought up that discussion, but I can't find it. So yeah, that's that.
  14. Gros P c'est un vrai gros gars, genre for real c'est un fucking G, il fait c'qui veut pis il s'en bat de toutes votre shit bande de ptit cons. Faque si vous avez un problème avec ça, ben m'en bat les couilles pis venez pas m'en parler parce que j'vais dire à mes boys de te kick de ma face pis d'arrêter de me faire perdre de mon fucking temps. Pis si vous avez un problème avec legit qu'importe de moi, ben écoute mon grand, moi j'me fou de toi, pis va te choke sur une corde. Aie du plaisir, bande de pd. (Translation: Big P's a real big guy, like for real he's a real G, he does what he wants and he doesn't give two shits about you and your stupid friends. If you got a problème with that, well I don't give a shit and don't come and talk to me 'bout it cuz i'll tell my boys to kick you the fuck outta my face and to make you stop wasting my time on you. And if you got any other problem, well listen to me, smartass. I do not care about you. Choke on a rope. To the pleasure of seeing you, bunch of fuckers.) Now now, to how Peeve made it to the beautiful land of Chernarus, the tale is a simple yet complex story... Where shall we start in that case? Well, why not from the beginning. Peeve was born to two migrants from Mali. He was a the oldest of the 8 children that were born in the Great nation of France. He had a rough upbringing, living in squalor as both his parents had problems finding jobs that were per say legal. Both their stay were not official. After 10 years of the same living standards, the authorities finally found his parents, and they were both sent back to Mali. The authorities however, had a different plan for the 8 children that these fantastic people had raised. Peeve and his siblings were all sent to different orphanages, and Peeve was shortly taking into a military family six months later. Peeve didn't care about his old family, and it showed when, as soon as he turned 18, he decided to join up with the French military, and not go search for his siblings or parents. After 3 years in the same military and numerous deployment in troubled countries, Mr. P decided to join up inside the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr to become an officer, where he was trained to vanquish. Peeve was not quietly accepted into the school, as he was of African lineage, but his adoptive father outstanding military services kept him in, and mostly out of trouble too. Peeve was a born leader, and he passed all the test with high regards from all, including his reticent co students. After his years of study within St-Cyr, Peeve was deployed into the field to lead men of remarkable aptitude. This is where he earned the Nickname Officer P. The French Foreign Legion took interest in him, and shortly after, him and a few of his most loyal compatriots, left to join after they were offered respectable offers from the FFL. The rest is history. The FFL saw extensive success after Officer P joined them, as they kept on having a great leader, or officer at this point. After years of loyalty and success on the field, Officer P was named second in command of the FFL. He was named the commander of the FFL after a tragic ''accident'' happened to his last superior officer. He was in charge of the division near the Russian border when the whole ''apocalypse'' happened. For Peeve, it was a new opportunity, as radio broadcasts got rarer and rarer. Contacts were maintained with the French government, but seeds of ''interesting ideas'' started creeping in General P's head. He sent his legionnaires down in South Zagoria, with a trusted men at their head. Jamal Moore was attempting to establish a stronghold in the province, so that operations could continue, and so that resources could flow. A second ''Nouvelle-France'' was made, and so General P started to send more and more of his men to New-Paris, and even arrived in the province himself, leaving the current FOB of the FFL in the hands of a man he thought he could trust. Shortly after he departed the camp, the escort he had with him tried to assassinate him, but none of them were expecting Peeve to be ready. As soon as they entered his tent in the night, most of them were greeted with a shotgun blast to the head, and the rest with knifes. It was clear, the man in command of the FFL was under order of the French officials, seeing how the radio communications he recently received were denouncing the FFL for actions against the UN. Peeve could not be more happy. With radio communication establish between him and the South Zagorian unit, he made sure his men were under no illusions, they were not fighting for themselves, not for the greater good. Anyone that would not understand would need to be squashed, and a new order must be establish within the Province. When his men of the FFL tried to go back to the Northern FOB, Peeve and the loyal souls with him were ambushed by unknown forces. Mr. P believed however, that the Northern forces had been contacted by a member of his current squad, and he had been betrayed. They took fire and good men died, but the General would not die this day. Instead of fighting and giving up his live, he told Jamal to give the order to fall back, as he knew nothing good would come out of giving up his and his men lives. His remaining men now knew. To trust the Fallen Foreign Legion, as Peeve would call them, was a death wish. Peeve tried to establish that only this squad and a few remaining moles inside the remnants were still to be trusted, and with most of them coming to the Province to reinforce the Vestige. And this, until now, is where Peeve's story ends. (WIP, will add IC events to try and keep people up to date of what's poppin)
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