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  1. Oiram

    StewieRP's Beautiful Drawings Of Community Members

    This thread is actual art. Amazin'
  2. Oiram

    S1 - RDM - 2019-07-09, 04:34 ish - NWAF Tents

    Unfortunately I do not. @Voodoo
  3. Oiram

    S1 - RDM - 2019-07-09, 04:34 ish - NWAF Tents

    Ctirad POV: I am sitting in a tree with my gun on my back just north of tent city at NWAF, waiting for my timer because of a prior incident. I heard a shotgun shot and look towards it and cant see anything at that moment. I run towards it and see @G19RP's body laying on top of a bunker and a man with a shotgun crouched next to the bunker. I run towards him with my aug out cause I dunno what just happened and he lays down. I stay behind a tree for a bit and I decide I should probably go towards him and ask what happened. I approach him from the north and when I get near the sandbags in front of me, he crouches and aims his weapon at me. I keep running and hide behind a bush and I see him shoot towards me, so i raise my gun and shoto him. Keep in mind, I was standing behind him when g19 said ''keep away or there will be consequences'', I never said anything of the sort. and him shooting at me would be attempted KOS. Video: https://streamable.com/5a5wz dont mind me at the end my record button is windows+g and im not used to using it
  4. Sit was borned to a french woman immigrant named Isabelle that decided to move to South Zagoria after meeting a Chernarussian man that went to the province of Québec for a business trip. Ctirad was raised in the city of Novograd and he had a joyful and pretty wealthy childhood. His mother was a stay-at-home mom and lived to take care of her ''petit garçon'' while his father was off in other countries doing some sort of business that seemed so very exotic to his son: Arms dealer. Life went on, and after high school, life changed quite a bit. His father became more and more distant, becoming more violent with his wife and trying to take his son with him on business trips. His father finally managed to take his son away with him and he started being happy again. Turns out he had started to frequent more nationalist people and realised that his wife was a no good foreigner that put stories and foreign lies in his son mind, and he sought to clear them. Sure enough, being a young man seeking a father's approval, Sit decided to believe him and embrace these new ideologies that were brought up to him and he started picking up the tools of the trade his father did. He came in contact with foreigners, that at first he disliked, but changed his mind when they proved useful to him. As years kept creeping by, Ctirad saw his father give him more and more of a big place in his business, and slowly faded back into the shadows, only giving advice when his son asked for them. Ctirad became a small yet quite influential weapons smuggler for nationalists and people that had money to back up their words, expanded his horizons and went into a lot more types of business. Things almost hadn't changed when the whole infection started, but Sit was an opportunist, and saw the infection as a huge one. He did what he did best, stuck with his contacts, and tried doing some business again.
  5. Oiram

    s2 KOS Vybor

    Well all imma say to that is that you always wear the same clothing. For example, the day this report was posted: https://gyazo.com/79241d3fcfb73d3759de1cc430b64dbc Today: https://gyazo.com/1ea6a63c7f45d9ee8186e4e831b3286b We knew it was you today simply because of your clothing.
  6. Looking good looking good, another lore faction. Hype.
  7. Oiram

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Seems like population attracts population, agreed.
  8. Oiram

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Funny how people think that a large chunk of the population from this community moving to s2 (hence bringing their storyline to s2) wouldn't bring other people to that server. I think it's mostly that, members that are heavily involved with a lot of other people just moved, so other people moved with em.
  9. Oiram

    s2 KOS Vybor

    Ilya POV: I was at NWAF roleplaying with a lad I do not the the forum name on top of the crashed airplane telling him what all the landmarks were called so he would have an easier time. I had my radio muted the whole time until I heard a shot near the ATC and unmuted and asked IC and on the radio if my bratris were the one shooting, they told me no, that they were at south barracks heading towards the town call Vybor. I then told my roleplaying friend that I was gonna be headed that way and if he wished to join me he could. I figured since he was new maybe showing him around a bit might be interesting for him. Anyway, im straying from the topic at hand. I run towards Vybor with my radio unmuted and I hear one of @NorwayRP famous initiation and I figure oh snap its bout to pop off. I continue running towards Vybor with my gun on my back. The next thing I heard is vegas saying that both our comrades had fallen and he believes the town is clear. At this point I was by the brown barn on top so I say okay and that I'll be there soon. At this point I don't know who my friends initiated on but I'm assuming the town is clear according to @Real VegasRP information. I run into town and I see Chip running around and I try to talk to him. I say ''Yhello brat'' but I don't get a response. To be fair, he was accros the street on the other side of the wall and his radio was probably popping off according to the clip above, so he probably didnt hear me IC over his friends metagaming over the radio. I run up to the middle of town, and I see a bunch of poor lads laying on the ground­. At this point I tell Vegas ''Hey brat I saw an old man behind the store with a red shemag and a black jacket, do you know who it is?'' He tells me to keep eyes on him but Im already away from him when he tells me that. I go over the the bodies, without my gun out, thinking the situation is over, to try and find some food (I had yellow hunger and middle white water if I recall properly). After a few moments I am shot at and die, without an initiation and even a heads up. Now, remember, I had never initiated now was I even near that situation when the initiation happened, making the kill on me KOS. I would also like to point this out: https://gyazo.com/300d8af59e14b76656c20b98d9cd6e07 @YAKMOUTH you have a clip of 34 seconds from a stream that doesn't exist? Weird, huh. This only reinforces that there was something pretty bad inside that stream, some would call it metagaming. Also at that point I believe the man that said ''I killed him with an fnx what a nerd'' had already been killed and therefore should not have been to communicate with his friends this information. You said you had no idea what was going on. You heard them say over the radio they had killed me. You were standing over a dead body. Looking at more dead bodies. Your group is official.
  10. Oiram

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Ah shit, here we go again. For real tho, looks pretty great and gives people a new reason to go down south again. Looking forward to meeting you people.
  11. Oiram

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    This looking slick fellas, lezgetit
  12. Oiram

    The Time.

    The Russians call comrades, Im bout to yeet this man's whole roaster. good run good rp take me off now
  13. Had plenty of great encounters with these people, keep up the good work and keep roleplaying the way you do. Great addition to the server IMO
  14. Good vibes mood lez get it
  15. Oiram

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

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