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"Imagine getting forced archived for killing people that shot us."

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  1. Been so long since I sent a pic to @Kordruga and im sure he misses my T H I C C and B E A U T I F U L self so its here just for my main man
  2. fucking baba aint letting the cutest man besides @Kordruga to be online for me then 20 minutes. freedom from baba, so sad I gave all my beans to turkey honey
  3. Welcome back to my boy @LorcanxD and his boys, hope to see y'all IG soon, much love and good luck! <:)
  4. All im waiting for is a purple plate carrier so I can finally live my full purple life. Text is great and all, but have you considered colors?
  5. too bad this is dayz and a totally finished game. You get kuru from eating any amount of human flesh in this game. ITs great fun.
  6. Pierre was born in a self-sustaining community near the town of Chibougamau in the province of Québec. He was home schooled and was taught from a young age to plant and hunt to help out in the community. The leader of the community was, for a lack of a better term, a cult leader believing in the power of flesh and blood. Every time an elder would pass away, a great celebration would occur and a feast would be organized, the elder being the main meal. After a few years, the cult was short on elders, more and more and more accidents would happen to younger people. At a certain stage, our young man was took in by the cult leader and helped him in making these accidents happen. Slowly but surely, he mastered the art of accidents. After a while, the leader himself passed away and a feast was arranged. This is when things went bad for the community. Without any real leader, the community started to fall apart and whispers of what was happening there started to reach ears of undesirables. This quickly reached people on the inside, and soon after a few members of the community left for a new country to avoid repercussions. The landed in chernaruss and started a new community in a remote corner of the Black mountains. Since then, the apocalypse started and their numbers slowly dwindled.
  7. well me and @VegasRP would most likely be down for that, so dm me the info and I'll let you know <:)
  8. This sure sounds like a roleplay idea that would be an addition to either server. Good luck and hope to see a thread up soon <:)
  9. Baba please i play game baba pleaaaaase
  10. Holy shit this is as good as my profile, and let me tell you, my profile is around 100% need a horse that goes 80kmh otherwise this game just isnt for me anymore. Plus the game is already as scuffed as it it. Might as well put a few laughs in. +1 from me chief.
  11. Man I missed kinda like you that whole ass roleplay encounter. Im kinda sad. Good roleplay boys proud of you
  12. Step 1: Go to soup Step 2: Get some cooked food in my pants Step 3: Never get cold Step 4: Do again from step 1 when I die. temperature is fine as soon as you got like a whole ass cooking pot in your pants, which I always have. But otherwise I do hate the rain as its almost constant. Make Livonia sunny again.
  13. podcast sure a thing that I listen yes haha did not skip hehe only here to get beans from nozzy hihi good podcast but wheres my invite
  14. yes cuz my nose cant be that runny all the time
  15. sure was roleplay today from the usual @Apollo @Dew @StickRP @VegasRP @Nik @Shroud @JamesRP @Blake @Wendigo @Kordruga @Ronnie @TurkRP @burRP @PhoenyxxRP @RiZ @Dodge @KpopKilla @Bobby @God @FireDude @FaeRP @Lucas and whoever Castle is
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