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  1. I think being a lonewolf equals more freedom. You can stop and observe what you want when you want to and you can also travel at your own rythm. Altough, I've learned that being with a group means that you're safer. When I first started playing DayzRP, as soon as I would hear a conversation, I would go there and interact with people even if i was alone and sometimes, getting robbed was the result. Now, when i'm alone, I take the time to analyze what's happening before interacting with people but this means people might think i'm spying on them if I get caught stalking them. That's why I prefer being with one or two survivors I trust.
  2. I was in Cherno where i was with Jackson Fissure. While we were looking around for supplies in buildings,I heard the engine of a V3S approaching so from far away with the scope of my winchester by looking through a window , i saw a collision between another truck that just arrived in Cherno. I tried to run to the location where the incident happened but the trucks drove away from Cherno so i never got the chance to know what exactly occured.