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  1. Once a fast talking sales man who was eyeing politics, the man slid into funk of being a social burnout and wandered the globe pre outbreak. He has seen much of the world and picked up on a few things here pre outbreak, one thing he never thought he would pick up off the many people he had met was how to be leader. For a long time Eddie has stayed hidden, after the outbreak he and a few other brave souls formed The Minutemen, tired of being robbed and but to the ground by more hostile groups of survivors. How ever in the end all with most of his fellow Minutemen dead or in hiding Eddie now wanders the wastes a broken man.
  2. Hey now that is a total rip on my thing of throwing a fit dropping to the ground and screeching as roll around when I don't get my way!
  3. *The static breaks* An man of words, but are you of action? A minuteman you may yet be. f you are truly tired I implore you, take up a green armband, and fight. *There is more but the transmission is far to weak to continue.*
  4. *The static seems to burst then gives way to all to theatrical performance* Ah my fellow Wasters, how the time flies when you are skinning pelts, eh? A call has been given, to those whom wait silently, our call to arms. We have watched you, and we have waited, now the people of Chernarus are murmuring. The call has been given, and so it shall be answered. The Horseman have been making trouble so it seems, as have a few others who seek to take the place of ruler. This shall not stand. For the glory of Chernarus, and the freedom of it's people, The Minutemen shall rise again. Take heed oh veterans of the rebellion, survivors of Zybor, and remnants of The Gamblers, Your call to arms is here. Don ye green armbands, Take to the rifles we had long buried, and join me in this great crusade for freedom. So it was asked, and so shall it be. Talon Actual, Eddie Greggory, Minutemen High Command. *An old and crackling song plays as the message spans the air waves, before fading into the night.*
  5. I encourage people to be like me and those I roll with. My toon has lived n game for a full year or more, no death skips, no bullshit, just my wits. Use perma death as a motivator, go out and play, but be cautious, and above all else DIE when killed. Beyond that when writing your toon don't be a peasant. Why make a toon that is so cringy? why not just play a simple man that has just gotten lucky? The best characters I ever met have always been like myself, the toon was just some guy, the gas station attendant, the teacher, the trucker. They don't have ak 101s and drum mags because they don't need them, they carry rifles and pistols, but they have been through so much shit it has molded them from what they were to who they are. It's slower and harder to start off not using military gear, It sucks balls to EARN that m4 instead of just going looking for it. I guess what I am saying is play your toons incrementally. Don't be bad mother fucking Jackson from jump. Be weak, learn, and explore as you would a new soul. You just might find it is more rewarding than being the domineering badass that everyone wants to be.
  6. LastPlaceHero

    Does the new VoIP make roleplay sense?

    I could see the issue in a firefight with the new system, but on the same note, ever tried talking over one fire report? Much less several all in a small time span? As said by op even outdoors and with lower calibers, after as many shots as most of us *My toon has lived almost a year with no player related deaths* You would be so deaf it would hurt. It would be rather cool to have the modes though, imagine Rping someone who took a hit to the head and susiquently cant control the sound of their voice. Just toggling THROUGH ALL the modes AS THEY TRY DESPREATLLY to talk....
  7. LastPlaceHero

    Does the new VoIP make roleplay sense?

    I haven't had any issue with it at all, Infact I see that it has helped massively with the, was that voip or ts issue. Chances are if you are not being heard, you don't need to be
  8. Were you the deaf mute chick? If so that was me with you, sorry I had to go in the middle of everything. At some point the wolves jumped in a window / through the floor. The whole time I am lagging like a mad man trying desperately to be helpful.
  9. LastPlaceHero

    Ricochet Warning for .61

    This might explain why a day ago I was walking around and I heard the thunder of some ones long gun from a distance away. I walk around a bit and hear another shot in the hills, as I am standing there all of the sudden just drop dead as if shot in the head. This may be a super stretch but upon hearing this I think I might just hold the record for the furthest ricochet catch in history. Rip my head
  10. why do I keep hearing the term no working cracks? What do people mean like you can't crack the game and play it ?
  11. Wait what who shot who where? I haven't read my world news today
  12. Empire was pretty damn good and it had guns. most WW1 gun happened to be bolt action so I could see it happening. The amount they toy with fortifications and cover makes it quite possible. I wouldn't see them making to many more medieval games, since you can only do one of two things A. make it prettier or B. make it have more playable factions with unique units and text
  13. Ever have a question about something, where someone went, what happened to X, Ect ect? Ask and find out, if anyone happens to know and wants to tell that is. I'll begin, So anyone know what the happened to Makarov? I might be spelling his name wrong bu I spoke with him a lot till I took a short break, I came back to a new website and not being able to find my old nemesis on the forum. Anyone know what happened to the old lad? I heard a rumor he was permaed but with no outside contact info I wouldn't know how to verify that. Anyone in the know care to share?