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  1. Jimmy Quin pov okay so me and my fellow group members come across zak and exange rp with him for about 7 minutes we start trading seeing what one another wants to offer we noticed he had a red beret on his head and it caught our attention he said he was there to learn more about the dead. we were a bandit group looking for trouble if I shall say. we were exanging rp I belive more than enough for the state of being, my allie said in-game "do you have a clear shot" and immediately zak started backing up before that happened I was circling him asking him questions what brings him here how is he does he have any allies what's ur name. after my allie asked another allie if he had a clear shot zak immediately took cover in the bunker so then we drew our guns told him to put his gun away and put his hands up i immediately handcuffed him searched his gear took multiple things such as his main wepon he had multiple weapons i left him with all of them besides his main and took all of his ammo so he couldn't shoot us as we leave. he had a melee weapon to defend him self with and food and water after we left we all split up for a bit i went with a allie to a nearby town so he could get food..
  2. Okay so I need to get into the teamspeak but I cant find the link to get to it and I tried dayzrp in the server list and still couldn't find it can someone please send me a link please.
  3. Ok so i have only played dayz rp for like 2 weeks the last couple of days i have been banned because of an case because game mechanics i didn't know i had to relogg when getting out of a truck so there was a group that we initiated on. i got 2 separate reports and that got me a total of 10 days banned and 20 warning points 7 dayz + 3 days 10 points + 10 points it was all really a mis communication and being new to dayzrp i really don't want to get perm banned for my next warning all i ask is that you hear me out im okay with the 10day ban which i think that alone is plenty but could you please consider taking of 10 points cause atm i'm scared to even go near people when i play to avoid messing up well that's all i got thanks for hearing it and i hope i get 10 points taken off.
  4. Rayland276

    S1 - KoS / Bad Initiation - Green Mountain

    I was the person who killed the man with the bandanna and as you saw i had confirmation in my opinion it was clear that we where initiating.
  5. Rayland276

    S1 - KoS / Bad Initiation - Green Mountain

    Yes and you can clearly see by the chat logs that he was warned multiple times before being shot i do not believe i have broken any rules there may have been some miscommunication on my half because of the truck glitch and i honestly had no idea that you needed to relog or that a truck was the cause of it.
  6. Okay so i believe there was indeed a miscommunication, i was under the influence that me and the people i where with told him and the men he was with that we have engaged where one member had said ingame typing that we initiated in 3 different areas around the compound so i said ingame to put your hands up and i didn't see anything but i have been told he had is hands up before i said that but when i pulled the trigger i did not see hands up and i had a clear view on him and i have spoken with jesse in ts he claims i did not wait 15 seconds and i did and members of the group i was with have video evidence that it was an initiation i didn't see his hands up there are multiple videos which will be uploaded on this report so i'm gonna wait until then to continue in my defense.
  7. Mr Quin. You seem like an interesting fellow, I will discuss with the Rangers to set up a meeting with you. Who knows, you might just come across a small group of bush-ninjas. (Will send you a pm with any details soon) Regards, Ranger Frost.
  8. Jimmy Quin, Hello I am trying to make contact with fellow survivors, I am an American mercenary who was hired by the Russian government to assist the Russian army in anyway possiblbe. I am hoping to meet some people who know what I have been through and have had similar experiences in combat. I am loyal and do everything in my power to protect my Friends and Family If anyone finds this I hope to hear back.