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  1. Ollie grew up in a small town called Bray right outside of Dublin, Ireland as a child he would work his family's farm and go to school. When he was 17 years old he joined the Irish Defense Force and served 4 years before being dishonorably discharged. He stayed around Dublin doing odd jobs and handyman work until he met up with an old friend from school. He was a patch holder for the Irish Hells angels he quickly brought Ollie on as a hang around and eventually a prospect. Ollie was a prospect for four years before getting patched in. About two years after he got into a shoot out with the local Outlaws and had to flee Ireland ending up in Chernarus He met his wife and was their during the outbreak his wife died and Ollie has been surviving ever since.
  2. Like every Elite Soldier I will Survive a Helicopter crash and be the only Navy Delta Recon Marine alive.
  3. Kurto

    United Islamic Front [UIF] [Recruitment open]

    Looks interesting like to see how its Executed.
  4. For me I dont really like when people claim a country and dont have an accent. I dont care if its a bad one you still get an A for effort and since Chernarus is a fake country it shouldnt offend anyone. also talk to people who RP as Chernarussians and ask for tips. I play an Irish character and got some tips from an Irish man and it has improved greatly. Before I sounded like I was a Leprechaun now I sound like I'm from Dublin. So it helps try to do one and after a while you'll get better its alright to have a bit of English in there as your mother was but it would also sound more Russian. If your father was in the picture. good Luck with whatever you choose!
  5. Ok so it seems that some of you all haven't had a good bandit experience, and that's sad but you cant let a few bad eggs spoil the whole thing. I know all the groups I'm associated with are great at bandit Rp. From what I've done/seen, However there is a solution for this. A report, If you feel you didn't get good Rp from your captors put up a report and make sure you screenshot stuff and record it if your capable. A lot of the get rid of the 15 min rule is ridicules because Imagine you get initiated on and run or shoot back and you have to go for something you can't log out if they get rid of the 15 min rule I've been in case where I had a emergency and had to wait the 15 mins before I could go. It will lead to a lot of bogus reports about combat logging.
  6. Welcome Lad glad you joined this community.
  7. Kurto

    A Call For Help! {OPEN BROADCAST}

    "Ollie Sitting by a dead body hears the girl and begins to smile to himself." Alright Listen hear love, I can help you you should go to Novy I have friends there and we can protect you. If you don't believe me I can come to you But whatever you do don't listen to these fucks they don't know what the hell there talking about. I have plenty of food water and protection. The dead are not to be feared they are merely an object to get past. There not to smart, so if you're a smart girl you can easily Hide from them. You should also look for a weapon of some kind as there are very dangerous people in the world now, But don't worry little dove I can protect you. If you want to reach me ask for Rocketman "Just before Ollie's transmission ends you hear a blood curdling scream followed by a roar of laughter."
  8. Going to Haunted house some where in Louisville KY and hopefully gonna get Laid.
  9. Moving to Texas In the next few years and one of the reasons is. I can be in a Helicopter, with a machine gun hunting boar. Texas is the shit.
  10. I carry a Mountain Backpack that way I can wear whatever clothing I want and still have space for Supplies Right now I'm rocking a green sweater gray cargo and green mountain bag and a shit load of pumpkin.
  11. *Ollie with a look of surprise hears the broadcast and begins to speak* "Oi Mister CDF man I don't know why you're back but we don't want like your kind." "You couldn't help us in the beginning so why are you here now?"
  12. luanne Galloway although short was intense and had fun.