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  1. *Strokes his chin* I could use this... Muahahahaha
  2. On Vacation!

    My account got pruned. So i had to make a new one.
  3. On Vacation!

    Hello everybody! My name is Pierre and I've been a very active member of this community for the past month and a half- Sadly I went on vacation recently and since Im bag-packing all around its hard to get internet service! Ill be back soon nonetheless!
  4. *Lets out a deep sigh and finally pulls out his radio and detaches the ear-piece connected to it and pressed the transmit button* *Radio static* "Why hello there monsieur. You're quite brave letting yourself be known on open coms, I want to know though, how brave will you feel when your men go down next to you and youre left their standing yourself?" *He takes a quick breath* "You see.. while you were walking around heads high acting big and tough.. I had my crosshairs on you.. and do you know what I saw in your eyes? I saw fear and doubt" *He lets go off transmission button and brings his hands to his head* "ça merde, I should've taken the shot.." *Gathers himself and presses on the transmission* *Radio static* "I dont know your name but I know what you look like. I am Pierre Olivier, They call me the bushman and you have killed people I know that didnt deserve to die... I have a bullet for you... Attends-moi.." *Lets go of the transmission button* -end of radio transmision- *Gathers his gear from under the pine tree and proceeds to move farther inland*