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  1. Charles Stevens was born in Washington, United States of America. He was diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder at 5 years old. Going through elementary school, he had to be put in private classes for repeatedly beating on other students. Years of therapy never seemed to help and soon the issue drove his parents to divorce due to stress, furthering his problems. His mother was killed one day for not paying up to the local dealer who had supplied her with what she took to stay sane. After hearing of her death, Charles hunted down every member of the Dealer's gang and methodically killed them, along with anyone in his path. Out of anger he beat his father to a pulp, afterwards his father turned him into the authorities. After 2 years in a Psych-ward, He coaxed a leaving inmate to break him out. After the successful breakout he killed the inmate and stole a nearby car, which he used to skip state. Later on he worked out a deal with a foreign cargo pilot to fly him to Takistan so he could flee America. After a while of living homeless there, he got into trouble and fled by boat to Chernarus, being unknowingly condemning himself to a wasteland shortly.
  2. Jackson Librar was raised in Atlanta Georgia by his mother and father. His father left when he was 4 years of age, to serve in the Army during Operation Desert Storm, where he was killed in action. When Jack turned to be 18 years of age, he went to pre-med, then chose to go to nursing school. After graduating and finishing a year of residency, he was fired for his aggressive attitude and tendency to forget procedure. It being 2008, The economy had just collapsed and looking for jobs wasn't easy. While at a restaurant he ran across a man recruiting someone for the organization Triple Canopy, and he applied. After a long process, he was accepted into Triple Canopy as a field-doctor and was sent with a group to Bulgaria, where they were hired to protect a speaker's home. Shortly after arrival, the outbreak in Chernarus happened but no word was spread to surrounding countries. So when the Triple Canopy members were told to escort said speaker to Chernarus, they didn't realize they were headed for hell.
  3. *Responds to transmission* " We dont plan on going twards that island, I figured the Regulators still lived there and i doubted they wanted a scientist on their doorstep" *clicks off talk button*
  4. *Starts to respond to what has been said* "It may have been tried and failed in the past but we will be trying tests on the dead etc and its not even just for the cure, we simply want to find out more about what we are fighting. Thank you sire for the lab suggestions". *Shuts off radio*
  5. *Turns on Radio and takes a deep breath before pressing the talk button* Hello? If anyone can hear this I am with a doctor and we are on the search for a lab he can work in. We are trying to do more research on this virus and if anyone wishes to help it would be very good to have more people with us on this quest. *Turns radio off after think of what else he could say*
  6. I'm very excited meanings how I've been a StarWars fan my whole life. No spoilers but I have a family member who is in the movie industry and got to see some of the script, It will be what we have all been waiting for!
  7. *hears the responce and thinks very hard on what he was asked* *turns radio on* Well sir first of all I think you miss understand, its not comfort im looking for, its somewhere where I will not get sick while sleeping because in these harsh weathers it is easy to get sick in cold damp places and being sick in this world is very bad. *pauses again to think* And I slept last two nights ago not that I know why that matters *turns radio off*
  8. *Radio turns on* Ok so im wondering around looking for somewhere to sleep and I hear about a radio station, so I think lets go check it out. So I walk up and see a big ass gate with a sign and other fancy shit..... and here is the best part *chews food* Its empty, all gone. There was a big ass empty tent and a water pump but thats all..... *chews more food* so I decide to go look for town because by this point im not sleeping in some place with freezing cold cabins. Im walkin down a road and find a few houses and decide to go off the road to see what else there was and now im stuck at a shitty castle.... *radio clicks off*
  9. *takes a deep breath and turns on radio* "By now we all know that there is no place safe to sleep or even just rest for a few hours" "After witnessing more and more tragedy i have started to wonder.....is there anywhere where humans are not trying to harm each other?" "Other than hell mountain do people go anywhere to meet and trade because if so let me know....even if so, i can guarentee it is not safe from other humans who make it their mission to ruin lives" *Radio clicks off*
  10. Code: Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here Morals: Help who is in need, Women and children first in survival if possible, Dont Further Injure the unkilled injured. Desires: Life, a ride home, friends.
  11. *radio Turns on* Warrant Officer Collins is there a way I can Talk to you in private? *turns radio off*
  12. *radio turns on* *you hear something hitting the dirt and heavy breathing* This is Jackson Librar I need to speak to the USAF ASAP! *radio turns off*
  13. *Pushes button down on radio* "Anyone out there that needs anything done or anyone done with then let me and the animals, we can be found in the costal parts" *shuts radio off*
  14. You are part of the accused group, he should have stated it to the victim's group. The 15 minute rule is set in place just in case of these kind of situations. Which means?
  15. yeah i had a friend outside also that did not hear or see anything so idk, and i can assure you that i did not see that chat and i was watching u all over the wall before i went in the bush We still have log proof of initiation so either way you still have no proof of us not initiating or causing KOS, never have i Killed anyone without reason why start today eh?