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  1. Finally in :D

    'Thanks All the warm welcomes have been very nice. Haven't met anyone in game yet, but i'm still traveling around hoping to see someone .
  2. Recent Travels.

    *listens carefully to his radio cradled in his lap, thinking carefully before picking it up and talking in an intrigued tone.* "You all seem to think human interaction is a bad thing, is this place really that fucked up? I mean there can't just be all evil people out there, has to be some out there who are trust worthy and worth having as a companion?" *Shakes his head, and puts his radio back in his vest as he gets up from the tree to continue his travels.*
  3. Recent Travels.

    *Lays his back against the tree behind him, taking his radio out of his vest before turning it on* "Is there anyone out there? I've been traveling through the last couple of days, through Elektro and Cherno and I have not seen a single person friendly or hostile. It is starting to worry me that I have not come by anything other than one of those un dead freaks. If anyone is out there please respond. *Sighs as he lays his radio on his lap and waits to see if there is any response.*
  4. Locked servers?

    So I go into the dayz servers, and I put in the password and it says the server is locked? Does that mean the server is down or something or am I putting the password in wrong? Stupid of me, I got in.
  5. Finally in :D

    cool cool
  6. Finally in :D

    Also are the servers currently down?
  7. Finally in :D

    Im just trying to figure out the forums and get a good idea of what is what.
  8. Finally in :D

    Ah, well hopefully not all those crazy people are bad people. But I guess ill find out!
  9. Finally in :D

    Just navigating through the forums and chilling . Looking to familiarize myself with the groups so I dont walk in clueless to who is who. Reading radio chatter kind of gave me an idea of certain things.
  10. Finally in :D

    After 2 tries finally got accepted into the whitelist and am hoping to get into the server and play as soon as possible. I have a love for RP, and cant wait to try it out with what seems like a good community. In game my name is "Trent Blades", and I cant wait to meet everyone and have hopefully good memories to take with me