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  1. Chapter 1: Introduction I thought I'd like to split this amazing journey into different threads in different chapters. This story is still ongoing and may end some day unexpectedly so beware of unanswered questions in the near future. Jonathan was a husband to an amazing woman Becca Clark and the father of his son Brian Clark. As the epidemic started to take over Jonathan took Becca and Brian towards the closest evacuation points which was located in Gorka. As they were driving, an unexpected deer jumped in front of the car causing the motor to overheat from it's internals. Jonathan got out and inspected the damage, "Dammit, this ain't going anywhere." Becca exited the vehicle and walk towards me. "Shit babe, this isn't gonna be the best choice but were gonna have to walk." Jonathan grew angry and kicked the motor. "Piece of shit." he squealed. "That isn't a way you treat your beautiful sedan." A raspy man in the distance yelled. "You shouldn't be out here you know." As Jonathan peered down the road towards the sound of this mans voice, he can see the silhouettes of two 5'9 to 6 foot men walking shoulder to shoulder with ak's in there hands. "Look we don't want any trouble we just need a way to Gorka for the evacuation." "There is no evacuation lad. There is no help, no saviors, no hope." The one to the left explains. The one on the right then pursues to say, "We know what we want and it's that sweet honey of yours." "NO! Back of.." Jonathan yells as he is interupted by the hard buttstock hit to his stomach. "No no, you don't call the shots, we call the shots." One says. He was wearing a green face mask, Jon called him Grem, and the other had a black cowboy hat, so Jon called him Ranger. Ranger then says, "Were gonna enjoy this greatly, thank you for your permission, sir." "No!"Jonathan yelled. He gets up and starts to prepare a tackle when suddenly Grem grabs Becca holding what looks to be a steak knife. "No no no no, you do not want to do that. See were not here to hurt you, were not here to hurt your wife, were here to hurt your mind, your family, were here to eat your wife and were here to eat you. So step ba.." A loud ringing in Jonathan right ear goes suddenly as Jon turn to see my 12 year old son standing pointing a smoking revolver at Grem. Grem suddenly jolts his right arm, penetrating Becca's apendix with the blade. She lets out a loud scream and suddenly another ring in my ear. This time, it's not Brian. Ranger shot Brian into his left leg and was attempting to pull his trigger again until Jonathan tackled Ranger and rapidly punched him in the face until there was nothing left to see. He gets up seeing his wife has bled out and died. He moans in a relieved tone as he sees Brian still moving. He runs to Brian and gets to his knee. "Brian imma help u up just let me..." "No, No please dad, I know your scared and worried but I don't want to limp the rest of my life. Dad, I love you but you know I can't make it with only one leg. Take Teddy dad." He hands Jon his teddy bear. "Just run and don't look back. NOW!" Jonathan gets up. "I love you too son. I LOVE YOU!" He sprints towards the woods towards the coast passing out of exaustion in a big town called, Electrozavodsk. Stay tooned for next chapter releasing on 7/19 Hope you enjoyed Jonathan Clark
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    Thank you Community Helper peeps Brad and Whip. Both gave hard effort and told me what needed fixing and what was brilliant on my white-list sheet. Whip is a great helper and now a great friend to me. He took an hour and a half out of his time just to go through my whole white-list and tell me what isn't needed and what is wrong, Brad told me a couple corrections but still responded to me with good effort towards my white-list. I recommend these two for your white-list checkers. Good luck and good hunt.