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  1. A young boy and his twin charlie at just 10 years old are faced with tragedy. Going on a family picnic they are pestered by a sudden crash on the road as ralphie and charlie are told to stay back they watch there two parents walk into a uncomfortable situation. As they approach the car they are quickly pulled in by a walker, at the time we just thought they were humans that were in need of help. Our parents killed right in front of our eyes.. ever since then we have been trying to survive together because thats all we have. My brother and I trust none , trapped in this horror story of a life we fight everyday day and night its been almost 7 years since our parents death and we struggle every single day. Its either trying to get food from nearby towns in high day or stalking prey in the darkest of night. Its been a long journey for both my brother and I. Charlie has saved me multiple times and I do not know what I would do with out him. My name is Ralphie Blue Diet , and this is my story.